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  1. Jim, Washington Current Drive specs Titleist 915D3, 9.5*, Aldila Rogue MSI 115 70g X-Stiff, 45" +1.6, 114-118mph verified on various golf simulators are golf shops in the Tacoma area. I have never played a Tour Edge driver.
  2. Diamana BF TX80 fairway wood shaft with Titleist tip. Tipped 1" and measures 41 5/8". Gripped with a black Superstroke grip. Asking $150 shipped OBO
  3. I definitely would use the Big Shot Tuned Golf version. Need all the help I can get.
  4. Jim Stationed in South Korea (US Army) Handicap: +.8 Current ball: Callaway Chrome Soft X I am a high spin player. Had to swap from the Pro V1 lines because I was spinning the ball way too much. Kept working on trying to rwduce spin through swing technique but it never worked out. Swapped between a Srixon, Bridgestone, and finally settled with Callaway. Sent from my SM-G930K using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. I have played both of those shafts. I liked them both. The pype was stout, but it played very well for me. I think I was playing the 70X. I also played the F7M2 in X and it was in the bag for over 2 years until the tip broke. It has been a search to find a proper replacement. The odd thing is that I normally like the 70g category of shafts but this 60g works pretty well. I usually have to be very aware of the transition with most 60g shafts, but this shaft doesn't seem to care too much.
  6. Has anybody ever taken an older model driver and shafted it with a more up to date shaft and it seems like it just works? I have been hitting a 913D3 with a 70X Diaman Ahina. I ended up acquiring a Rogue MSI 110 60X with the RIP I/O tip. I put it in an old SLDR 430 10.5* that has been laying around. I took it out for a spin on the course today and was pleasantly surprised. I ended up hitting it really well. I might end up putting this back in the bag. I seem to spin it a bit less and hit it further and just as straight (which is a plus).
  7. What is funny is to watch all of the butt hurt by others when people make jokes about this event. Everybody is acting as if he is never going to play golf again because of this. While he was playing extremely good golf lately, it doesn't make up for all of the other crap he has pulled with other tour wives and also his well known drug use. I know that I am not perfect, but integrity is a huge thing with me.
  8. Thanks. I'm in. Sent from my SM-G930K using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  9. Your Handicap: 1 Your State/Province: Active Duty US Army stationed in Daegu, South Korea Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance: 118mph and 285-290y Your Preference (F7 or F7+) F7+
  10. The tough part that I have is that if I am a better player with a higher swing speed, most of the time I will have to pay more for a real deal shaft versus the watered down "made for" type that fits the average player. When paying the now regular price of $500 for stock shafted drivers. I guess this is the reason why I hit a 913D3 still.
  11. No kidding. I think this is a bunch of saber rattling. It comes down to the fact that there isn't anything up there to sustain, and the crazy guy wants to try to move his level of importance up a few notches. If he does decide to do something like launch a nuke, at least I won't be feeling too much.
  12. Now that winter is over and Spring has started, I will become more jealous every morning that I am doing PT. The KNs who get to use the golf course are out there every morning. I usually only get to play on Saturday. It is better than be stationed in Kuwait though. I will commend the Koreans on their etiquette when it comes time to play. They will practice for years on the driving range before stepping foot on the #1 tee box. I also enjoy watching the local Korean Golf Channel. They has some interesting matches for show but primarily focus on the KLPGA. These girls can flat out play too.
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