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  1. Yea, I'll probably only use it for practice rounds. I hate being the guy always on his phone even more than i have to be using my current gps app
  2. I've been thinking about getting a shot scope V2 or Arccos 360 but I can't decide which one and considering the price tag I don't want buyer's remorse. Then I stumbled upon the Taylormade MyRoundPro app. It's a stat tracking app like Arccos, Game Golf, et al. Except for two HUGE differences: MRP is free MRP requires you to track your own shots. I used it for two rounds and it wasn't so bad. It definitely takes some time to get used to but wasn't overly burdensome. Once I saw the post round metrics it was worth it. My biggest complaint is the lack of an Apple Watch app. I hate
  3. I keep seeing that your phone has to be in your pocket for Arccos to work. Can it be in your back pocket? I usually keep my phone in my left rear pocket because i keep score and track stats via an app on my phone. I'm really curious about the Shot Scope but i saw a comparison of Shot Scope and Game Golf in the forum reviews and the Shot Scope metrics seemed really lacking. Does Arccos only having 14 tags annoy you? occasionally i play with a 5W or 3H in my bag. I would get annoyed having to swap out the tags depending on the day.
  4. I have the Pitchfix Twister and the Hybrid. I stopped using the Twister because it seemed like i was doing more harm than good. But after watching videos on their site it appears i was using it wrong! My home course has really soft greens that often tear or leave pretty deep craters and the twister always seemed to turn a partial tear into a full tear. But I was sticking the prongs too far into the ground according to the video. I now just stick to their switchblade model. I saw they also had this cool looking alignme aid. Not that I need another ball marking accessory but it
  5. I rarely meet a training aid I'm not willing to try. So many people are vehemently opposed to training aids yet so many people are also bad at golf. I don't get it. If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. I bought this training aid on a father's day special of 20% off. I've used it a couple of times. but most of the time I forget it's in my bag while i'm at the range. When i did use it I felt that it helped me with club face awareness, but it was difficult for me to make a full swing with it. I ended up hitting a ton of shanks. If you're so
  6. I've had the putt-out for about 2 months now. I personally love it. A lot of good points have been made in this thread but I'm just not putting that much thought into the training aid. All i want to know is can i roll it up the ramp. For me it helps me test if where I'm aiming is where I think I'm aiming and if i'm starting the ball on line. If the ball rolls off to one side or the other of the ramp i know i hit a poor putt. I have only been able to get the "perfect speed" once. So i stopped caring about that. I just want to know that if i'm on the green and i have a putt
  7. Trying to decide between Srixon or Cobra irons. I currently game Taylormade RSI irons and I need to get stiffer shafts. The price of the KBS c-tapers plus installation is gonna run me close to $400. The thing is I can get a new iron set through my job connects for about $500 fully custom. I just can't find a retailer that fits for Srixon and Cobra so I can test them head to head. I really like the look of the Srixon 565/765 but the Cobra discount is much sweeter. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Nothing irritates me more than people playing from the wrong tee box. An earlier comment mentioned the labels we've placed on the tee boxes as a contributing factor and I totally agree. I hate that the forward tees are called "ladies" tees. I was in a club with mostly seniors. These 80 yr old men refused to play the forward tees because of their ego and "not being a woman". I'm 50 years their junior and they want to play the same tee as me! They're hitting driver, fairway metal, wedge on almost all the par 4s! I ended up leaving the club. The 5-6 hour rounds were unbearable Wh
  9. I've been trying to learn AimPoint Express and bought the DVD. My issue has been practicing the technique. I bought a digital level off of amazon but the readings are so inconsistent that I've lost confidence in it. I've tried re-calibrating it several times. For example there will be putts that I can clearly see breaking severely, I put the level down and it'll say 2%. Then I put the level on a putt with slight break and get the same 2%. I also have the Aimpoint Putting Line Gate but it hasn't been very helpful since I can't get the level to work properly. Oddly, according to the AP site th
  10. Saw this thread was getting some action but I've been using a Cure putter since Christmas. I found the old RX6 on RockBottom for about $75 and knew that Lexi was gaming it at one point. I ended up not liking the RX6 because it lacked an aim line. Directional control was an issue for me but the roll i got was always beautiful. Called up Cure to inquire about a trade in and they were kind enough to just charge me the price difference between the old model and the new 2017 RX5 that has aim lines. I LOVE the customization of the putter. I've been tweaking my lie angle and weight to find
  11. You've committed no crimes. If anything I'd suggest always playing from the senior tees that way your handicap is more reflective of a steady trend. I'm a big believer in playing the appropriate tees for your skill level and distance. When I have to play more forward tees than my group I try to get a solo cart. If I can't do that I just try to always be ready to tee off once the folks at the back tees are done. Doesn't slow down play one bit and makes the round more competitive and enjoyable. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Been itching to try out these putters but they don't sell them anywhere but online! I've reached out to them on social media but got no response. The deets: I play 80-100 rounds per year (1-2 per week) Currently a 14 handicap (undergoing a swing overhaul ) Currently playing the Axis1 Joey-C blade but looking for a mallet.
  13. Hi friends, I'm a long time reader of my golf spy and finally decided to join the boards. I've been playing golf for about 5 years and like almost everyone here, i'm obsessed. No seriously, I've made job opportunity decisions based on how much I can play golf! I love to read about innovations in the game and approaches to the swing/golf instruction. I don't believe there's one absolute way to swing the club so I'm always curious about new perspectives or new approaches to explaining old ideas. And don't get me started on new equipment! I'd have a new set every year if it weren't for
  14. Not sure their putters count as "Anser-style" but the Axis1 putters are pretty awesome. Their value proposition is a perfectly balanced torque-free putter. They also put the center of gravity in the sweet spot of the putter face and in line with the shaft. Not sure what that's supposed to do but i noticed that my putts have no skid whatsoever when i hit them and the ball always starts exactly on the line I intended provided i don't hit an awful stroke. I've had only had one for a few days now but i absolutely love it. My only complaint is that the grip is small but i guess it's just a s
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