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  1. Looking forward to seeing and testing the new release.
  2. Staying with Gen 4 for now, let the dust settle with this release. Not spending that kind of money PXG will list them at first. I like the look though and curious about the tech going into them. More in the details to follow I'm sure coming.
  3. Thanks. My #'s with Gen 4 were so good I hate to say against Srixon (and all others) that I think I'll stick with them for now and let Gen 5 run its course and hopefully come down in price when time is right. With gas being $6 gallon now I don't need the extra expense. Thank you!
  4. When do Gen 5 release anyone know? I’m on fence with these or srixon zx 5 & 7 and need to decide. Thanks.
  5. I personally preferred the Gen 4 over the 790’s because it has a thinner top line but that’s just me.
  6. Saw the PXG Gen 5 Irons on USGA Conforming List! They look nice. Reading 4/1 release? Looking forward to MGC review sooner than later.
  7. Depends on how many rounds. I play over 100 year so every year for me. Check your spin #’s at club champion or pga store.
  8. look very nice and looking forward to testing against SM9 and Mizuno
  9. Testing these along w PXG and others next week. Looking forward to results.
  10. I posted in another thread here on putters and putter fittings. I went through the Club Champion putter fitting few years ago. I play a Scotty Mallet which I've customized nicely for me and after going through the routine i was told I should be playing a Blade style putter based on my swing, head angle, etc. I kept my Scotty, didn't change over to a Blade however, I will say, every time I miss a putt it plays games with my mind every time now thinking I should change to a Blade style. I also have recently tried Bettinardi Blade style putters and have to say I love the feel a lot better than my current Scotty. The problem is, now, if I make the investment and change over, I have no idea if it will make a difference on the course to help me drain more putts. Its torture especially now in the offseason here. Brutal.
  11. I too went through a CC putter fitting few years ago. Was told I should be playing a Blade putter over my current Mallet based on my stroke, angle, etc. I havent changed over (yet) because I spent some money years ago customizing my Scotty which I do like but the problem now is every time I miss a putt I start playing mind games with myself thinking I should change over to the a Blade style putter. I would tell anyone out there, if you go through this putter fitting process wherever you go, be warned.....lol. I recently tried some Bettinardi putters and have already fallen in love with many of them for the feel over Scotty. This is terrible..... Has anyone here gone through a CC putter fitting or any other fitting, changed over to a different style putter than what you've played because of it and has it made a drastic improvement in your putting? I'm curious.
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