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  1. I have the first gens and love them. Very consistent distance. I have no problem generating spin though.
  2. Here's a little mid-point review. Things are looking good so far. Can't wait to give them some more knocks. First Impressions (500 Words) (10 out of 10) I posted on my first impressions, but here is my score. Aesthetics (8 out of 10) I am unsure how to score this. I am putting it at a 8, but I am not sure how I feel about that right now. I don’t love how they chose to display the ball model, in conjunction with the triple track. I REALLY like the stock ball with the chev logo. I would rather they somehow integrate the ball model into the middle line of the triple track, or put it on the opposite side. The decision they made makes the ball seem a little hastily put together. Second, I don’t love that the number color is the same on both the Tour and Tour x. It is really hard to tell them apart quickly for testing purposes. You have to really focus on the very tiny model print to see the x. If you were always playing the same model, which most do in practice, this is a non-issue. However, There is another qualm with the red they used on the number. It is a different red than the red in the triple track. It is very noticeable. The longer I spend with the balls, the more it bothers me. I wish they would pick one red hue and stick with it. I am only deducting 2 points, at this stage, 1 for the mismatching reds and one for the model placement. Both numbers being red I don’t think is the biggest issue. Just noticeable in testing. Otherwise, the cover feels and reacts like premium urethane. The sound and feel I have liked so far. The Tour x is a little firmer than the Tour, but not extremely so. They both fit in between the Maxfli Tour x and the Maxfli Tour to me. The Chrome Tour x is noticeably softer feeling and sounding than the Prov1x. The Numbers (19 out of 20) I have only done spin and dispersion testing with a PW and 7-iron this far. Here are the results: I am not sure why the spin rates are so low. They are much lower than when I have used a trackman and vs my Ernest launch monitor. I have noticed that the Uneekor is consistently lower than most. Not sure if that is just their overhead system, or if it’s because it’s off a mat, which can skew spin lower, but it at least gives a reference. I also was striking the ball like absolute garbage this day and swinging quite slow, for me, so it’s really tough to judge. It took quite a few shots to get enough decent ones to get a good feel on the numbers. I will be doing this test with my Ernest as well, later in the test, after I do a long iron, lob wedge, and Driver on the Uneekor. All that said, the Chrome Tour x has been a consistently high spinning ball. So far, I would say the regular Chrome Tour sits in a mid spin profile. It does seem to spin lower as the clubs get longer. I worry that could dip too low for me, but we will see. They both provide plenty of spin around the green, which I highlighted in a previous post. I think I could see myself going back to a Callaway ball if the performance continues. On The Course (? out of 20) I can’t rate on course performance yet. The weather in Utah hasn’t allowed for me to get them outside. After I finish spin testing, I will at least do some SIM course play. The Good, the bad, the inbetween (19 out of 20) The good: Very durable cover. The pics below for all 5 balls were after they were used from brand new. The Titleist and Maxflis only saw one sim session with warmup, PW and 7iron, and already have some scuffs. The Callaways have been through multiple chipping sessions, and 2 sim sessions with wedges and irons. Each have the tiniest of little nicks. Totally playable, and I am planning on using the same 2 throughout the rest of my spin testing. Both balls are high performing, compared to other high-end competitors. The Tour x seems to be especially fast so far, as well. The bad: Mostly the ball model placement and color choices for the number and triple track, but YMMV. The in-between: The numbers on both models being red. Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20) So far, the Callaway Chrome Tour line is an extremely impressive update to the Callaway ball family. If you find the right spin rates and performance for your game, these should be in consideration for anyone’s bag. Final Score (76 out of 80 so far)
  3. Today, I wanted to test the triple track feature, as is something I have never used before. It was just a 9-foot, straight putt on my home practice mat, but I compared make rates against my usual line through the ball model, and using a blank portion of a ball. I also was comparing feel and sound against a ProV1x, Maxfli tour and tour x. I went through my usual routine, lining up the ball to a spot a foot or two in front of the ball and checking the line from behind. I hit putts back and forth to the full size hole and the ball sized one. My make rates were as follows: 1. Triple track = 63% 2. Drawn line = 56% 3. Blank = 25% This was interesting for me. I made all but one putt each on the normal hole with the line and triple track, but made more on the little hole with the triple. The interesting part was the blank ball. I noticed all I was focused on was line and totally let go of speed. I left a lot of putts short. With the other two, I felt I could align my putter to the line on the ball and then just visualize the putt and speed. The alignment was set it and forget it. The triple track was easier to confirm the putter matched the ball alignment, though. I also noticed that the triple track gave me feedback on whether my eyes were too far inside or outside the line. My stroke seemed a little more consistent. That, and a more confident alignment, probably led to the more made putts on the small hole. I am excited to repeat this test on breaking putts, which I will do in the next week. Feel Previously I tested feel without hearing to see if I could tell a difference. Today, I had no headphones and wanted to see what all my senses gathered. The Chrome Tour and Tour x were very close. Almost indistinguishable. However, I started to notice a slightly clickier nose and firmer feel with the x. It’s so slight, though, I think you could go back and forth without noticing. Compared to the ProV1x and the maxflis, they were both a bit softer feeling than the ProV1x. The Maxfli Tour x was a little firmer than the chrome tour x, while the Maxfli tour came in feeling a little bit softer than the chrome tour. They seem to sit fairly in the middle. Both good feeling balls. Saturday, I will be testing spin rates throughout the bag, so I can give some mid-test thoughts. I am hoping it will give me a better idea of which ball might be a better fit for me.
  4. I used to play the Chromesoft x, and shifted out, due to durability. I have had no such problems so far. I will be doing some further tests on Saturday and will post pictures of the balls after.
  5. I need to finish setting mine up. I glued the top on, but haven’t trimmed to length and got the grip on. Been too busy. Hoping to get that done this weekend.
  6. A quick update from my putting and chipping session on Monday. I wore headphones with a book playing quietly to see if I could feel a difference without hearing, between the balls and some others I had in my bag. I noticed no discernible difference—except the Kirkland, which felt noticeably harder, and the BXS which felt heavier in a weird way—in this test, off the putter or a wedge. I liked how much easier the triple track is to line up, vs my single line I usually use. I didn’t notice a difference in feel without the headphones on my putting mat at home, so I wanted to try this. I will do another 20 foot putt test while being able to hear, just to see. For reference, here were the balls I had available: ProV1x, Kirkland v3, Maxfli Tour, Maxfli Tour x, Chromesoft X, Bridgestone BXS I then hit chips and pitches of varying heights, on the simulator. Anecdotally, the Callaway Chromes performed and felt like a high-end tour ball. The ranking of spin, from highest to lowest, is as follows: ProV1x Bridgestone BXS Chrome Tour x Maxfli Tour Chromesoft x Kirkland v3 Chrome Tour Maxfli Tour x Now one thing of note, the differences between averages of the highest and lowest spinning balls was only about 600rpm. So, it’s not significant. They all seemed to perform similarly when they hit the virtual green. However, any spin advantage on short shots is always a welcome one, imo. Also, I need to get some more TP5’s, I am out currently, to compare as well. It was the ability to always put the right amount of spin on that ball that made me game it.
  7. I have only chipped, pitched and putted with them so far. Look brand new still. Hoping to do the bunker test if it warms up. That or do an entire sim session with one ball, for each model, and see how it goes.
  8. I am actually testing those as well, side by side with the callaways. They compare very favorably to the tp5, just seem to be a little longer off the tee. We will see which model’s spin profile fits me better and how the two chrome models compare.
  9. You know, I don’t know. Lately I have been looking for the best dtc for my game, to save some money. However, I am always leaning towards whatever the best ball is for me at any price. I would like to see it be on the longer end for me, with a spin range of the driver in the 2200-2600 range. I would love as much short game spin as I get out of the tp5, but I don’t want to back it up to much on full irons and wedges. I guess I want it all!
  10. Unboxing the Callaway test balls came in a plain white package, similar to other test balls, with a hex cutout that shows this is an unprinted chromesoft package. Inside are two sleeves each of Chrome Tours and Chrome Tour Xs. Each have a sleeve of playing number 1 and 4. The sleeves also each have a hexagonal cutout that allows the sleeve under the one for the top lid of the box to show the ball through. The balls look and feel premium, although I agree with others that I would prefer different color playing numbers between the two models. Maybe we have been overly trained by Titleist? Also, I agree with @“Mr. 72” that the differing reds of the triple track and playing number are a little off-putting. I am excited to try the triple track, though. Already seems easier to line up to my starting spot. The first putts on my training mat, I didn’t notice a difference in the hardness. They both felt similar to the TP5 and Maxflis I have been playing. We will see if anything becomes apparent once I get them in the sim. One thing I wanted to look at was the dimple change. I had read that they are now mixing round and hex dimples for the new tour balls for better aerodynamics. The way they are laid out is in a hexagonal pattern with groups of round ones spaced around the ball, sort of like a soccer ball. The majority of the dimples are still hex. I won’t be able to test any differences from the change in the sim, so hopefully I can get these out in some wind.
  11. I agree on the consistent distance being down to the balance point. All my testing thus far confirms that. Also I agree with both you and @cnosil on sending it back. I may reach out to them and do so. I get much more consistent lines when I grip the putter with my left pinky right at the end of the grip, see photo below. Here are my measurements with the ruler behind the shaft to the sole, sitting flat. It appears that I was wrong and caused the issue. I could have sworn my Scotty was 34". That's what I told Aki the length was, but that must have been the length without the grip. As you can see, the SP is exactly 34" with the grip. The Scotty is 34 1/4" and the Piretti is 34 3/4". I think I will ask them to get it to the 34 3/4" length. I still really love the putter. My distance control has been significantly better. If I can get the lines to match, this could be an absolute weapon for me. The issue with the line stability has also been evident when I am doing the MGS 5', 10' and 20' make rate test. The SP is the best lag putter, but the Piretti makes the most because of hitting the line.
  12. I haven't been outside, but I have been working at home with my putting traininer and have noticed something interesting. The Sacks Parente is about a quarter to a half inch shorter than my Scotty Cameron, which is 34 inches. The SP was supposed to be 34. I am sure this is because SP measures to the center of the sweet spot where my Scotty was measured with the ruler behind the shaft. I will get some pics here soon. Regardless, the big problem I have noticed is I tend to putt on my target line much better with a slightly longer putter. I am seeing some slight pushes and pulls with the SP, but better distance control than others. I am tempted to extend it about an inch--I am noticing the best performance for me seems to be 34.5" measured from behind the shaft--or send it back to Sacks Parente to do so. I am loving the natural dead weight putting feel, I just want to make sure I am still hitting my lines.
  13. Funny you say that, because when I saw the email i thought the exact same thing.
  14. That was fast! Already impressed by Callaway. However, I got to say, I was sort of hoping there would be a delay, just to give me a better shot at getting these balls outside.
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