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  2. It looks like I will be riding more due to hip, leg, and foot problems. My orthopedic doc says he doesn't have an easy (surgical) fix and my best bet is to alternate walking and riding the course.
  3. Sweeten's Cove is an hour from here and worth the drive. The club house is a small trailer, the location is a nice quiet country setting. Easy to get to, just off I-24. Grass is pretty good, a little rough around the fringes. Layout is interesting, No parking lot as such, just a field. It's a fairly flat course except for those greens, wow, those greens. Huge, with humps, bumps, and lots of pin locations. Bring some food and drink, the trailer doesn't have much. As long as you aren't looking for some manicured, la-de-dah "experience", you will have a good time at Sweetens. There is another highly regarded nine hole course less than hour west on I-24 toward Nashville on Monteagle Mountain, The Sewanee golf course at the University of the South. I haven't played there but plan on a trip this summer to play both courses instead of playing Sweetens twice.
  4. Probably more difficult for someone who begins playing as a 20 to get to 5 than for someone who begins playing as a 5 to get to scratch. I see it a lot, the kids, who have had lessons since knee high, start as single digits HCs and are scratch in short order. People who are self-taught in the beginning may be 20 hc and really struggle to get anywhere near 5. More likely to be 10-12 at best. If the question is the same golfer going from 20 to scratch, I doubt that happens very often. Most of the folks I know with talent but no training, start in the high teens and might make it to 4-5 but seldom further.
  5. This type courses are my favorites, the big name courses are enjoyable but this is the type I seek out. I've driven across country and found several courses like Wild Horse. Wild Horse was very enjoyable, I was two under after five holes before it kicked my butt the rest of the way. Some of these courses have probably changed but I enjoyed them at least once in my travels in the past 15 years: Wild Horse, middle of Nebraska and Quarry Oaks eastern Nebraska were both terrific. I like both courses at World Woods in Florida along with tons of other courses in the Sunshine state. In Iowa, The Harvester is great, Amana Colonies is pretty good as well. North Dakota has Bully Pulpit is good and Hawktree is better. Old Works in Montana is terrific. One of my favorites was Black Mesa in New Mexico but I hear it is in bad shape...but what a layout! Up in the northeast, lots of good courses but two I particularly enjoyed were Okemo Valley, in Vermont, and The Ledges in southern Maine. Lots of courses around the south as well as in Oregon and Arizona were just as memorable but easier to find. There are many more but these bring back good memories.
  6. I'm getting dialed in with the irons now. I changed the grips out, had the P delofted two degrees, the 8 and 9 by three degrees so the yardage gap is pretty well gone. They are longer, straighter, and more forgiving than my previous irons. They would have done all the loft and lie adjustments at Club Champion but that's just too far to drive when I have a buddy here who is really good at that stuff. Yep, we have to get together, the UGA course would be great, haven't played there in a long time.
  7. For the most part, I walk four or five rounds per week, probably will ride a time or two per week when the heat/humidity gets cranked up, too old to fight the heat stress. The only times I've rode was when the knees were bad and leading up to knee surgery but after each of the knee replacements, I was back to walking the course within six weeks of surgery. On the road, I usually ride unless the course has a caddie program.
  8. Three-way tie for best shots of the day, all putts. After solid putting performance yesterday, today was better with a number of times the putter bailed me out. The three best were: a 10 ft, down hill L to R saved bogie after a stroke and distance penalty, a 15 footer with 3 feet of break to save par after driving it deep in the woods, and an 8 foot double breaker down hill for birdie.
  9. The wind hasn't been too bad for me, it will probably be be windy most days. My S I L and his dad played in 40-50 winds, they have stories about blowing their caddie down and such. I have played in pouring rain, they gave me a waterproof score card that day. But the pencil marks washed off it, all I can see is the impression of the pencil marks.
  10. Yesterday was a perfect day to play here. I had a most unusual round since I usually drive the ball pretty well. To get the game right, I moved back to the blue tees (70.2/133). As usual, when I move back, the first three drives are terrible from trying to hit the ball hard. So, second hole, my drive skipped twice across a lake to the front tee box, escaped with bogie. Fifth hole, drove it through the dogleg into woods, second shot hit a tree and went toward 6th tee, pitch got through the trees and made the putt for par. Seven, hit a tree right found the ball behind a tree on the left in roots, popped it out, hit the green from 165, made putt for par. Eighth hole, hit in trees right off the tee, only able to see the front of the green, pitched it on, two putted from 50 feet for par. Nine, skipped it across water again! Eleven, hit through fairway, hooked it around trees to tough pin and made the birdie putt. Made par on 15 from roots behind a tree right. At the end of the day, I had a solid 79 (42,37) after being in trouble off the tee all day. Strangest day I can ever remember. I do prefer playing from the fairway, maybe tomorrow...
  11. Good mag, the place is special for golfers. I've been twice and probably going this year if I can work it out to get both son-in-laws there at the same time.
  12. Update on my experiences with Club Champion. Finally, I received the irons about a week ago. They were beautifully built and safely shipped. Taylormade P-790 heads with Aerotech i80 shafts 1/2" longer than standard. PW through 4. They are sweet hitting, especially the long irons. Just a little tweaking required now. Instead of taking them back to Sandy Springs, I took the P, 9, and 8 to a local guy, yesterday, who is really good and had the lie adjusted two degrees flatter. That move seemed to be spot on today as the flight went from a hard draw, the past week, to dead straight today. The longer irons may need a little flattening, the jury is still out on that, maybe one degree. I don't mind a little draw on the 4 through 7 irons. A bigger problem is the gaps, I haven't played them enough to confirm the first impression that there is a huge gap between the 8 and the 7. Oh, and I stand by my opinion, get fitted at Club Champion, buy elsewhere. Besides the shipping fiasco, I changed my mind on grips and notified them the day after the fitting. They charged me a little bit for that change but the grips weren't changed. Matt did offer to change them for me or to send me some grips to change myself ( I do my own grips). I declined his offer to evaluate these grips and maybe try something totally different in the future.
  13. Usually walk 18 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and walk 9 on Wednesdays. When the temperatures get into the 90s, I'll have to alternate riding days with walking days. The old body needs more recovery time in the heat/humidity.
  14. Update on my fitting at Club Champion in Sandy Springs. It has been over two weeks and the clubs are still not here. When I was fitted and decided to order the clubs from them, I knew it would be a premium price and expected premium service. I was told they would be delivered to my door was billed and paid in full with my card. Was told they would be at my door in 7 to 10 work days. Last Thursday, I got the email from Club Champion that the clubs were shipped and would be delivered next day. Checked the tracking number, the clubs were being delivered to the store, not to my home. I emailed the store and was told that I should have paid a shipping fee??? No one mentioned a shipping fee, the clubs were shipped to the store instead of my home. How much sense does that make? The email which I received Friday said I should call them and give a cc number for the shipping. If it hadn't been so late, I would have drove the two hours to the store and picked them up then. Instead, I gave the credit card number and was charged $21 and assured the clubs would go out Saturday morning. Now, Tuesday, I contacted them, no clubs still, they told me the clubs were still in the store but would be shipped this evening??? The fitting was good, I think, won't know until I hit the clubs. My advice now, is get the cub fitting but save a heap of money and trouble by getting the clubs somewhere else.
  15. Physically, it doesn't get any better with age with two knee replacements, a severed bicep tendon, bad shoulder, bad hip and bad foot. I still walk 4-5 rounds a week, stretch, and try to watch my weight, but the handicap is up 10 shots in 10 years so it becomes a matter of adjusting goals and expectations. My weekday group of about a dozen guys has several guys recovering from various surgeries, backs, knees, hearts, etc. Now for us, the golf becomes more of a chance for fellowship instead of intense competition. We're still competitive--but it's not the important thing any more.
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