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  1. Shoot and missed.... bid on a set of Baby Blades. Maybe next time
  2. I have the original GG and it still works. I think I’ve had it for around 4 years
  3. They are really good. Great even. I just ordered two boxes.
  4. K-bay? I wish I had been a golf when I was stationed there.
  5. member guest booty. Gift cards and an announcement of 30% of bags and I snagged this little beaut. $120 off tag price.
  6. Thank you for the humor. Try Linksoul. They are reasonably priced during sale time
  7. I have worn True Linkswear nearly exclusively except one pair of Ecco’s for the past 7 years and1 pair of spiked Eccos I ordered by accident before I exchanged for the other Ecco’s. I haven’t really had an issue wearing out the sole of the shoe. More wearing the shoes out as I walk 99.5% of the time and put a ton of miles on my shoes. The spiked Ecco’s immediately lost spikes on the first round, were replaced and repeated. They were quickly exchanged for the spikeless and i never had another problem. Well, they hurt my feet, but that was not the sole, but the design. I switched back to True Linkswesr Originals and you would have to kill me to get them off my feet.
  8. Go ahead and order a test pack. They are great balls. I have played nothing but since 2015.
  9. I feel like this company is on its last leg. Anyone else[emoji17]?
  10. Miura 8 for my FunBag Exotics 13* xcg6 3 wood. Wilson 2i shafted to 7i length. 1970’s Accushnet 4i, Scratch 6i, Miura 202 8i, Scratch 50* and 58* wedges. And I always play my Evnroll ER2 no matter what bag I have.
  11. In case you haven’t seen this. You are a badass Adam
  12. Just pop your head in. That’s what I did and they were great. No issues.
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