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  1. kingcscott

    Shoe Recommendations for Walking

    They also get free shoes and paid for wearing them. 1 pair a week or a day if they wish. I don’t think it is a good comparison
  2. kingcscott

    Shoe Recommendations for Walking

    I felt the same way for a while. Had some Trues that were terrible. But I got a pair of the new OG’s in green. They are the bomb. True really has retooled their design and manufacturing to a very high standard. I cannot day enough about how happy I am with my new True’s. Give them a try you will not be dissatisfied. And if you are they have a money back guarantee.
  3. kingcscott

    Shoe Recommendations for Walking

    True has a 30 day guarantee you should look at. Their shoes are incredibly comfortable to walk in. As well they perform like a great golf shoe should. Give em a try.
  4. Scott, Georgia Cross Sports jacket, REI PANTS Wet rain, frozen rain, cold rain, terrible freaking rain
  5. kingcscott

    True Linkswear Original and Outsider

    The brown Originals are really tempting. But the new Majors are rally really tempting. Yet my green originals are doing great.
  6. kingcscott

    Got hats?

    some of my favorites
  7. No love for the Sun Mountain Speed carts. It is a great simple cart. It doesn’t fold small but it fit in my civic easily. Now it is in the #golfmobile , My 01 4 door blazer. Everything fits in there. It is a great cart, reliable, sturdy, well designed and crafted. No lose.
  8. kingcscott

    Orange Beach , Alabama glenlakes golf

    Audubon park in NOLA. Short course but full length holes. A lot of par threes
  9. kingcscott

    In search of a Fairway

    I have the KK 60 as I am not a fast swinger but this ticks all the boxes I am looking for. I think I have a new love.
  10. kingcscott

    In search of a Fairway

    So I have been through the TS2 4w. It was good but I should have tried the 5w. The Rogue was a hooking fail for me. Now I have the CBX 5w. It is great. Good shot shaping. Great distance. Flight window is what I want to see. Might have a winner. Plays with free shipping and veterans discount direct from TEE it is a great price point. We may have a winner here
  11. kingcscott

    NOLA trip from Athens Ga

    This trip maybe taking on epic proportions. Athens to NOLA to Streamsong to Key West to Jacksonville. Couple weeks on the road. taking my son to NOLA and flying him back. Maybe meeting my wife in Key West. Epic
  12. kingcscott

    Cobbled Fun Bags

    Thanks Big guy. That is exactly what I’m talking about. I don’t know why I haven’t though if hitting up some thrift shops.
  13. kingcscott

    In search of a Fairway

    As it always happens... a club is delivered 10 minutes before I leave for work. The CBX is dead sexy
  14. kingcscott

    NoSweat Absorbing Hat Liners

    I go between caps, wide brim and none. But my shiny grape usually needs to be covered No hat with sunglasses is my preference. That is once I got progressive lenses in my sunglasses And a lot of sunscreen