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  1. kingcscott

    Shafts too stiff. Trades?

    Reshafted and now have 6.5’s for sale above
  2. kingcscott

    LH Putters, Titleist Blend Set

    What do the faces of the cb/mb set look like?
  3. kingcscott

    Callaway Rogue 5 Wood Head w/HC

    Oh. Head only. Nevermind
  4. kingcscott

    Callaway Rogue 5 Wood Head w/HC

    Sold? If not, loft? Images? Shaft specs? You can PM me if you need
  5. kingcscott

    Cody Blick

    Just read a bit about it. Pretty amazing. Improvise, adapt, overcome Surely one of the companies will jump on this and get him hooked up
  6. kingcscott

    Project X 6.5’s looking for new home

    I do have a 3i that the shaft can be pulled and cut to a 7i I suppose
  7. kingcscott

    NE of Atlanta

    I am looking for a walking course between i20 and i85 northeast. My buddy lives in Kennesaw and I in Athens. We are looking for something in between that is walkable. Anyone have suggestions?
  8. kingcscott

    5000 mark

    Nicely played
  9. kingcscott

    What are you listening to?

    I didn’t know you were an old jarhead also. Semper Fi.
  10. kingcscott

    What are you listening to?

    Lord Huron gets stuck on me lately. But I did just listen to Joshua Tree in its entirety the Live at Red Rocks on my way home from sweetens
  11. kingcscott

    Fs Mizuno ST180 3 wood

    Is it a stock shaft
  12. kingcscott

    Titleist TS2 & TS3 Fairway Wood Thread

    I U-try'd a TS2 4fw @16.5 degrees from global golf. Took it out today in a short bag. I kept it at the stock A1 setting and don't thing ill need to change it. I Used it from the deck and off the tee and off the tee off the deck. It is Pretty great. It is way longer than my 910fw I currently bag and is certainly a fairway finder. There were a couple bigger than draw but smaller than hooks shots, but that is all me. Great forward launch and should find a place i need to fill in my bag. I need a higher launching club and while I am going to try the Callaway product and a Mizuno fairway I am pretty sold. Ill give it a couple weeks and see what happens. TS2 has a really muted sound and a nice compact shape. I was surprised how quiet it is and although i love the classic Titleist FW sound the muteness of it is refreshing.
  13. kingcscott

    Pics from the course

    Thanks. I am trying to decide how and what to print. It was too easy at the time. There was just minutes of magic. I was really focused on playing and really wish I had stopped and really focused on the images. That being said, the images may not be what they are had I changed anything. #enjoythewalk
  14. kingcscott

    Pics from the course

    IPhone X. It’s just so damn easy. And good enough quality for my needs. I used to be a photographer as my trade and had proper film camera and loved it and miss it. But, like I said this phone works.