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  1. Get sweet baby rays golden mustard bbq, pour half bottle in ziploc, put chicken breasts in overnight. Put on grill, sear both sides 10 seconds baste with the sauce and sprinkle some cayenne pepper powder and let cook
  2. As some one who still picks up and plays 18 on the old Tiger Woods games, Im pumped for this. What 2K did for NBA was amazing and if they can get half of that to golf it will be good for the game!
  3. Brian A

    Golf Ball Art

    Looks awesome, I just dont have the patience or the vision to do this!
  4. Depends on the course and if I'm first out after!
  5. This makes sense, I have a very high tempo and 105+ swing speed.
  6. The TFC 419 X stiff
  7. Negative, it’s only this head. I have G30 3 wood and two hybrids and use my hybrids a lot too never had any issues with them
  8. They’ve all been the stock ping shafts that come with the club (has my local shop get me replacements) Never had any issue with any other club or shaft in 20+ years keep them in a closet inside the finished basement with the bag cover and then a garbage bag over that.
  9. I’ve had my Ping G30SF For about 3 years, each year the the shaft has snapped or started to split (see picture) right above the adapters (after I noticed it I picked at it a bit so some paint/shaft came off.) I’ve never broken a shaft in any other driver before this one (or any club for that matter) anyone else have issues like this? Anyone know why?
  10. Joined! Look forward to training with you all
  11. Never take practice swings, I swing the club enough playing I dont need the extra wear on muscles...
  12. Based on the Jordan documentary sounds like you were playing MJ or this guy learned from him
  13. Carry as many or as little as you like, I dont see an issue especially t the level most of us are at. I regularly carry 15 clubs in my bag, but thats because of MGS and the driving Iron I got on here. I honestly don't know what club I would dump, I have 4H an 4I but I use the 4I almost every punch out shot and the 4H is one of my most consistent longer clubs. Wedges Im a longer hitter so in close I like the options because Im terrible at the "half swings"
  14. Get well @BIG STU I still need to get a round with you sometime when I'm down in Myrtle
  15. Along time ago I "hit" someone. Was a pretty much 90* dog leg left with a valley between the tee box and landing zone across it and green. (par 4) I was young and dumb so I said Im going to try to hit it over the trees and cut the entire dog leg off, based on distance and talent no one in the group thought I could do it. They all hit, we saw the flag stick back in the hole through the trees and of course I crushed it, as I'm watching it clear the trees, I see someone going to pull the flag. Yelled four, it one hopped right in to one of the people in front of us on the green. I felt so bad, I d
  16. 10. North Park, in Pittsburgh PA - Home course- just because I play there so often, not a great course but inexpensive muni. 9. Scenic Valley - Finleyville PA - Fun course and my closest to a hole in one 8. Quicksilver - Midway, PA - Super fast greens and tougher shots 7. Moon Golf Club - Moon, PA - Course that when you look at it should be easy but is somehow challenging 6. Notre Dame Burke Golf Course - ND's original course that I first learned the game on, now its only a 9 hole 5. Brickyard - Indianapolis - 3 holes inside the Indy 500 track 4. Phesant Ridge
  17. Thanks, when things open up maybe I can go hit the Ts2 in the bay and get the data.
  18. Gotcha, I thought I’d want less spin?
  19. I thought the TS2 was the more forgiving head? Of course I went back to ebay and tried to enter what I wanted and its now $129...
  20. I have the G30 SFT, it is the standard TFC 419D X Stiff shaft that came with it. I do have a higher swing speed(like 105ish), probably not X Stiff but when the first shaft cracked at hosel this was a free shaft I got. My main problem is a strong slice.
  21. I'd be willing to walk but my dad couldnt make it. When we played at Oakmont CC where its only walking they ended up giving him and our host a cart
  22. The miracle recovery shot to make up for one bad shot. When I try "that" (hybrid through trees, flopping over tree, low stinger, etc) shot it usually ends up taking 2 or 3 more shots to get where I needed vs taking the smart shot (low punch in to the fairway) which cost me 1 extra
  23. Love playing with those better than me. I mean I know they're going to beat me but there are those miraculous rounds that make it so much fun. Also you can learn from those better than you just by watching. The only time I hate playing with someone better is when its a stranger who is just a pure jerk about you being worse. (rushing you, making snide comments, etc)
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