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  1. Will do, won’t be headed there til this coming weekend May 7-9
  2. I’ll be going solo so something enjoyable but not an extremely difficult course
  3. Morgan hill looks to be a little wide open?
  4. Have to go out to Easton Pa next weekend, anyone have any course recommendations nearby?
  5. I have been, golftec. He yells at me for overswing every day. He says it’s purely a miracle that I get my hands through (which says is hard part)
  6. @RickyBobby_PR thank you I am trying to work then not over swinging but so hard to break. I didn’t realize how bad until you freeze frame the outside in
  7. @RickyBobby_PR I know I’m still over swinging IMG_1357.mov
  8. Gotcha, I am right around that 110 but my transition is very quick so we’ll see how I score with it, I can always go back
  9. I will try to get rapsodo tomorrow when I play see if I can get the video. I am losing distance but it’s ending up straighter than before. also I don’t understand that chart at all
  10. @RickyBobby_PR So after a solid range session the driver is set at B1 and the 6.5Tx shaft is definitely heavier and harder to get around but it is going much straighter with only about 10 yards loss. For some reason the rapsodo wasn’t picking my swings as much, I think the phone was in low power mode. Still hitting the ball high.
  11. Very aggressive transition going to the range tomorrow to find out. Swinging it just in back yard I like how it feels heavier and more stout
  12. They put me in the smoke black 6.0, I recently ordered the Smoke Green 6.5tx which is supposedly a spin killer! again lessons and fixing my swing is the longer term goal, just frustrating when I shoot a 97 and the majority comes from trying to recover from the tee shot being way right
  13. The gentleman fitting me said I was getting 7 iron spin numbers with driver
  14. Agree with everyone on lessons. I’ve gone to Golftec for lessons and planning on going again. Just still not good. This is why I lm here because I was confused. also I have steep attack angle if that matters
  15. A combo of C and F. C if it’s good, F but starts out straighter then turns right a lot harder. I know I have an outside in swing path
  16. He did not mention the flatter part. I just thought I knew the chart and why I question it here because I know this group knows a lot more
  17. I did and he said because it closes the face 2 degrees, which made sense but I didn’t see the degrees closing on the site
  18. So I have a bad slice, went to where I purchased my driver to try to get it more dialed in. It’s the TSi3, I had it set on A3, thinking that was the best correction for a slice. The gentleman at the store adjusted it to B4, the monitor said I was hitting it straighter on the sim. So can someone help me interpret what the best setting for a slice is. Their chart is here https://www.titleist.com/fitting/golf-club-fitting/surefit
  19. Kind of what I was seeing at the range, the distance shown on rapsodo was about what ball was flying
  20. Had a lot of fun playing with a buddy I don’t get to play with a lot... the score on the other hand wasn’t pretty. It’s like I forgot how to hit a driver and chunked a bunch of shots
  21. So I come over the top, very outside in. What are the best drills I can do to bring my swing to inside out and fix my slice and loss of distance
  22. Love the hypervolt and use it almost daily (as a golfer, runner, cyclist, I’m always needing some relief) the back pad didn’t seem to do much for me other than being a mobile heating pad, ended up returning it
  23. I overswing too, the pro I took lessons from had me flip the club upside down with my lead shoulder by a wall and then swing. So the grip would hit the wall to stop me
  24. Just picked one up and absolutely love it. While the ball tracer outside wasn’t the most accurate (I’m guessing due to the sun being directly at us at the rang) The distance data was within 5 yards or so. I think the biggest advantage is the shot replay, I can see where my flaw in the swing was with the last shot while I’m trying to change up my swing
  25. Does anyone know how the ball you use reflects the rapsodo data? I know one local range uses lower flight balls (10% less distance, so they say) so if I hit those would the MLM show the real distance or the reduced distance the ball is actually flying?
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