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  1. Scotty Golo and Cobra Supernova, always nice to have a 2nd putter if I start to struggle with one. A quick switch will help me get that back on track
  2. My friend knows I love to tinker and sent me this as soon as he saw it. I just wonder how much that will help or hurt my putting.
  3. The AMT Black worked really well for, I have high swing speed, steep attack and take huge divots and never had any issues with breaking or bending. Also they brought the ball flight down slightly so I gained some distance
  4. Finally pulled the trigger on a 2 crossover iron. Got the Ping iCrossover with smoke red shaft but going to swap out with a smoke black. Was crushing it while testing it 250+ but much straighter than my driver
  5. Thanks, wasn’t sure if it could be reused, maybe I’ll take to golf galaxy since they should know what they’re doing
  6. Here is the adapter on the left for the Icrossover vs the g425 driver on the right.
  7. I just got the Ping iCrossover 2 iron and it came with the smoke red, which I feel like is too whippey even with a stiff shaft. I wanted to swap out to smoke black, however these adapters seem different than in the drivers/fairways etc. I’ve looked everywhere for them and can’t find anything? Anyone know anything about these or how I can swap shafts?
  8. So I recently moved in to a neighborhood that has a simulator and the Titliest RCT balls, I’ve played maybe 6 rounds with the same ball and it’s worn really badly, is this normal? Anyway to reduce the wear?
  9. Broke my toe while photographing a 10U baseball game at the end of September. Emulsion fracture on my big toe and the small chip isn’t healing so docs will not be cutting the chip out and anchoring the tendon down to my foot…
  10. Thanks! Thank you I couldn’t find anything on the black one, kept seeing the white
  11. My dad has a G410lst and this shaft. It’s an Adilia Rip 70g stiff. This much I know. Having trouble figuring out what shaft though because it has the green eyes, instead of the red I keep finding. Anyways it broke today and he wants to find a replacement. He’s older with slower swing speed but stiff in the shaft did work really well for him. so can anyone tell me a similar shaft I can pick up for him?
  12. Went with the bxs… couldn’t get out to play before I had to order, so we’ll see
  13. Everything is steep angle of attack, I do have a pretty solid slice. I like the AVX the most but had a bunch of promo ProV1 from a friend so that’s why both. Strength is short game. Swing speed is right around that 105 divide. did Bridgestones ball fitter online and said B X
  14. Played in a charity outing at Laurel Valley in PA. Didn’t realize how prestigious it was. That being said it was the hardest course I have ever played. The greens were the fastest I’ve ever seen. Normally I am a decent putter (avg 31 putts per round) and I couldn’t hit a putt to save my life. Beautiful course though
  15. So I was lucky enough to get $200 free from Bridgestone to get balls, I’m not really familiar with their lineup. Anyone have any reactions or thoughts. Currently playing the older ProV1 or AVX, shot shape is high and right. I get good backspin due to my sharp attack angle. I read the reviews from the white box testing but just looking for anyone else input
  16. I like my ball to be minimalist with things on it, even to mark it, I just put a green dot on the number. Too much of a logo or other printing I find distracting
  17. @gavinski91 comin through strong for MGS on his challenge! Very commendable, if I get my 7 iron I’ll swing away!
  18. Removed the black from my wedges, loving the raw look! Thanks @jlukes for the help on how to do it. I think may need a little more scrubbing
  19. It is a much bigger gap that what I had before, I had a 52* instead of a 3 wood. I am happy with the 3 wood but about 70 yards to 100 I have no club, so it’s trying to half or 3/4 swing the gap wedge
  20. Without my irons it’s hard to say but I think I’d take out the 3 hybrid and give a better gapping at the other end, I go from 46* to 56* and there’s a big distance gap
  21. If you reach your goal, you can use any extra for my irons I’m still waiting on!
  22. So there I was hole 15 of the legendary English Turn (World Tour in Myrtle Beach), par 5, island green awaiting at the end. Softly hit driver, only 188 yards off the tee. Still 221 yards out, over the water… I pull out my trusty (well learning to trust it) Cobra Rad Speed Tour 3 wood. BOOM! Hit it perfect, the ball sails over the water hits the front edge of the green rolls up about 15 feet away. Can I Eagle it? Line up my putt, perfect speed and line and of course it stops just shy for a tap on birdie. Can I just say I’m in love with the 3 wood today! finished the day with a respectable 93
  23. Tale of two 9’s today… front 9; play smart hit 3 wood/hybrid off tee, 54! Back 9; pull out the driver and bomb away, 43! The air was humid and I felt like the ball wasn’t traveling as far, I started clubbing up 2 clubs and it helped me a lot.
  24. I mean it makes sense for me, although I hate the idea of not using a driver. I’d get 30/40 yards closer but could end in trouble and I hit the ball long enough with hybrids or low irons to make up that. Just found it interesting.
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