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  1. Has anyone played the Evnroll Midlock? I'm curious but can't find one anywhere to try.
  2. I just reached out yesterday to Evnroll to ask questions about the ER11v. I would love to test this putter!
  3. Eric Enloe - Alpine, UT Practice 2X/week 30-45 minutes Average 4 3-putts per round It looks like a great product and this is the area of my greatest need!
  4. Great Review! I picked one up last fall and used it about 6-7 times on the range. It really helped be dial in wedge distance. It seemed consistent. I haven't put it next to a trackman or foresight to test the accuracy.
  5. I'm reintroducing myself. I got demoted to "Recruit". I've been inactive for a while and golfing much less. I look forward to getting more engaged and back into golf. Our local course is still open with the COVID-19 so I'm fortunate. Hello!
  6. I'm on my 2nd Evnroll. First was an ER7 and most recently was fitted to a murdered ER2. They are awesome. I won't go anywhere else for now.
  7. Eric, Utah Callaway GBB Epic, Diaman M+ 50g Stiff Shaft 105 mph, 8 handicap 9.5*, Mitsuibishi Tensei CK Orange, 58g stiff
  8. This is Awesome! I'd love this opportunity. 1. Eric - Alpine, UT 2. 7.7 index 3. Dream Cleveland Bag: Driver: Launcher HB Driver, 9 deg or 10.5 deg loft depending on fitting with stiff shaft 3W: Launcher HB 3W Hybrid: Launcher HB 4H Irons: Launcher CBX Irons 4-PW 3 Wedges: RTX-3 Black Satin V-MG Wedges - 48 deg, 54 deg, 60 deg Putter: TFI 2135 Satin - RHO Putter, O/S Grip - 35"
  9. 1. Eric - Utah 2. Handicap = 9 3. Mizuno MP-25 irons 4. JPX Tour - I hit all 3 models a few months ago. Eventhough my handicap might suggest the Forged or Hot Metal, I hit the Tour version better than the Forged and I didn't really like the Hot Metal version much.
  10. I agree with others that a fitting is worth it. I recently replaced my whole bag except 3W and 4H and just the process of trying out all the different options helped me learn a lot about my swing. I have an average to maybe slightly fast swing speed (105ish with driver), and I learned I need a little lighter shaft to square up the clubface. I took advantage of some "Demo Days" where a bunch of brands came to one spot and were doing what I would call "mini-fittings" for free. It was at a country club but they would not have turned non-members away. Most had launch monitors and I spent a fe
  11. I've never heard this and often the opposite that the shafts have a much longer life than the heads. The "experts" I've talked to say the part that wears out are grooves and if you hit a lot off of mats that the lie angles of the heads can drift over time, especially with forged heads.
  12. I happened to be in Carlsbad for another reason so I went in. Guerin was there but busy so 2 other young men came and did it. Their knowledge was impressive and I left feeling like I was fit. The putter specs are in my sig below. I would trust them. I'm 6'1" so I agree with the other comment that 35" seems long, but I would trust them over me. I've loved my Evnroll, I'm rolling it better than ever.
  13. Interesting concept. I may give it a go. I love a good kickstarter. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. I hit a bunch of putters in the PGA superstore and liked Evnroll the best. I happened to be in Carlsbad, CA so I went and got fit at the main Evnroll office there. It was a really cool experience. I went in thinking I would like the ER1 or ER2 having always played a blade style putter. After I went through the fitting process I was surprised how much I like the Evnroll mallets. I settled on the ER7 but the ER8 was a close 2nd. I've never rolled it better.
  15. 1. Salt Lake City, UT 2. Evnroll ER7 3. Consitently starting the putt on the right line
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