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  1. Has anyone played the Evnroll Midlock? I'm curious but can't find one anywhere to try.
  2. Eric Enloe - Alpine, UT Practice 2X/week 30-45 minutes Average 4 3-putts per round It looks like a great product and this is the area of my greatest need!
  3. Great Review! I picked one up last fall and used it about 6-7 times on the range. It really helped be dial in wedge distance. It seemed consistent. I haven't put it next to a trackman or foresight to test the accuracy.
  4. I'm reintroducing myself. I got demoted to "Recruit". I've been inactive for a while and golfing much less. I look forward to getting more engaged and back into golf. Our local course is still open with the COVID-19 so I'm fortunate. Hello!
  5. I'm on my 2nd Evnroll. First was an ER7 and most recently was fitted to a murdered ER2. They are awesome. I won't go anywhere else for now.
  6. Eric, Utah Callaway GBB Epic, Diaman M+ 50g Stiff Shaft 105 mph, 8 handicap 9.5*, Mitsuibishi Tensei CK Orange, 58g stiff
  7. This is Awesome! I'd love this opportunity. 1. Eric - Alpine, UT 2. 7.7 index 3. Dream Cleveland Bag: Driver: Launcher HB Driver, 9 deg or 10.5 deg loft depending on fitting with stiff shaft 3W: Launcher HB 3W Hybrid: Launcher HB 4H Irons: Launcher CBX Irons 4-PW 3 Wedges: RTX-3 Black Satin V-MG Wedges - 48 deg, 54 deg, 60 deg Putter: TFI 2135 Satin - RHO Putter, O/S Grip - 35"
  8. 1. Eric - Utah 2. Handicap = 9 3. Mizuno MP-25 irons 4. JPX Tour - I hit all 3 models a few months ago. Eventhough my handicap might suggest the Forged or Hot Metal, I hit the Tour version better than the Forged and I didn't really like the Hot Metal version much.
  9. I agree with others that a fitting is worth it. I recently replaced my whole bag except 3W and 4H and just the process of trying out all the different options helped me learn a lot about my swing. I have an average to maybe slightly fast swing speed (105ish with driver), and I learned I need a little lighter shaft to square up the clubface. I took advantage of some "Demo Days" where a bunch of brands came to one spot and were doing what I would call "mini-fittings" for free. It was at a country club but they would not have turned non-members away. Most had launch monitors and I spent a few hours hitting a bunch of different brands (15-30 minutes at each one). I narrowed it down to a few I liked then went to place that I could go through a full fitting focusing on the brands I liked (Mizuno JPX, Callaway Apex, Srixon 765). The place I finally purchased from waived the fitting fee when I bought the clubs there. I even ended up with a different model of Mizuno's than I planned and a mixed set with my 4i being more game improvement than the other irons. My point is, there are some things you can do for free to dial it in before you take the plunge on a fitting fee.
  10. I've never heard this and often the opposite that the shafts have a much longer life than the heads. The "experts" I've talked to say the part that wears out are grooves and if you hit a lot off of mats that the lie angles of the heads can drift over time, especially with forged heads.
  11. I happened to be in Carlsbad for another reason so I went in. Guerin was there but busy so 2 other young men came and did it. Their knowledge was impressive and I left feeling like I was fit. The putter specs are in my sig below. I would trust them. I'm 6'1" so I agree with the other comment that 35" seems long, but I would trust them over me. I've loved my Evnroll, I'm rolling it better than ever.
  12. Interesting concept. I may give it a go. I love a good kickstarter. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. I hit a bunch of putters in the PGA superstore and liked Evnroll the best. I happened to be in Carlsbad, CA so I went and got fit at the main Evnroll office there. It was a really cool experience. I went in thinking I would like the ER1 or ER2 having always played a blade style putter. After I went through the fitting process I was surprised how much I like the Evnroll mallets. I settled on the ER7 but the ER8 was a close 2nd. I've never rolled it better.
  14. 1. Salt Lake City, UT 2. Evnroll ER7 3. Consitently starting the putt on the right line
  15. ee273

    Evnroll vs Edel

    I didn't try the Edel but after reading much of the hype, hitting it a few times in PGA superstore and seeing Evnroll at the top of the MGS Most Wanted I decided to take the plunge. I found myself in Carlsbad with my family and snuck away to get fit at the factory. The whole experience was excellent. I arrived thinking I needed the ER1 or ER2 having always liked more of a blade style putter. But at the end of it I could not get the ER7 out of my hand. My putting has improved dramatically and I won't be changing any time soon. Now if I can just get the driver to go straight work...
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