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  1. After taking a month off golf and doing a wee bit of self analysis on my game plus some lessons, I'm actually better laying up and giving myself a good number to come into the green with, as my wedges have turned into a real strength. My strokes gained approach compared to a 5 handicap is in the negative (I'm a 10 currently)and often find myself either making a par or a bogey on the par 5's trying to go for it, rather than giving myself a chance to get close and make a birdie or par. My home course par 5's have narrow entrances about 30m short of the green, so if it's a misfit it's always finding trouble. Better to be shorter than pushing it unless it's a magnificent drive and a hybrid or less into the green.
  2. For me a typical shot around the green I use either my PW or 52. I prefer the bump and run rather than trying to flight the ball around the greens. I've been using my 52 more in recent rounds after watching a tip on the gram from Mike Bury. It definitely works for me and the balls I use. Just consistent roll out. If playing away from home I try to get there with plenty of time to check out the practice green and roll out etc.
  3. I started playing golf seriously 5 years ago due to suffering some pretty decent concussion issues from mountain biking over the 10 years previous. I dabbled in swinging the arms in my early 20's with mates hacking around. What it's given me is a chance to escape whatever is going in my world good, bad or otherwise. A stroll under the sun or clouds, the smell of summer, being out there for those twilight sessions, it just provides so much for the mental health and exercise which I need. What I've grown to love is the self reliance to want to get better and to practice effectively. The ticking off of goals over the years. Also the chance to be competitive against similar level players with graded comps and interclub. I really do love representing my club for interclub. I feel like it's a great honor. That's my why and how I got started.
  4. My PW is 45. I then go to 48, 52, 58. I did a gap test a few months ago. It did confirm what I knew in my mind. I previously had a gap from my PW to 52. Purchased the 48 after that test. I use my 52 the most as I find it most versatile for half and 3/4 shots into greens. Distances PW 115/120m, 48 100/105m, 52 90/95m, 58 73/78m. Those are full swings with winter and summer distances in meters. I've gained a little more distance recently with an improved grip and and better swing sequencing.
  5. I've been playing the Bridgestone Tour BXS for the last 12-16 months. I moved to that from Srixon Z Stars after the poor durability of the V6 model from them. Currently waiting on a new DTC available here in NZ called Volle. All reports are that they rival top brands/balls for performance etc. Will report back once we are out of lockdown and I get a chance to test out around the greens and on course.
  6. Jumping on board from Christchurch, New Zealand. Leetttssssss Goooo!!
  7. Add me too please!! @graemecoops Cheers
  8. Graeme, Christchurch, NZ Taylormade R15, Fujikara Speeder Stiff, 57g Speed 95-102MPH Distance Carry 200 - 220m Total 250 - 270 depending Twitter: @Grumpy_Coopy, Facebook: Graeme Cooper, Instagram: graemecoops Android
  9. This is a test that I'm all about. It would be a massive honour in taking on this test and to see if 1 Length is really the every mans golf saviour. Name: Graeme Cooper Home Town: Christchurch, New Zealand (do clubs fly?) Handicap: 20.4 Current Set: A 10 year old set of PowerBilt Platinum 9's 4-SW Length: One Length
  10. Driver swing speed in the 90-95mph range. Handicap 21. Located in New Zealand.
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