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  1. Couldn't agree more with the entire post. Our problem is found in our used clubs are lefty clubs, and that used market is certainly best for the buyer. Hang in there @Kor.A.Door, that Ping is too nice of a putter not to find a new home.
  2. A little late on this but got the opportunity to sneak in a round with @Kor.A.Door and @SteddyGolf on Monday for golf tournament benefiting a local private autism center. Couldn't have asked for two nicer and more talented guys to play golf with. This is my second round with Korey and the first with Tim. I had an absolute blast with these guys!
  3. The craziest thing to me is if it has "Scotty Cameron" stamped into the metal anywhere, it can look like it has been thrown out of a moving car on the highway and it will still command a premium. That Dale Anser you have is a sweet putter. I am surprised it hasn't found a new home yet.
  4. I've been on both the buying and the influencing side. I try to share my knowledge about MGS and what I have learned on the forum with as many people as possible, especially those that love this game. When I am on the course with beginners I often use one or more of @chisag's tips for minor instruction to help them focus on making good contact. Boiling down to product: I can thank @jlukes , among others, for their glowing reviews on Evnroll putters. A little patience and a few hundred bucks later and I have an ER2 living in my bag. The G400 and G410 reviewers led me to buy a G400 which had a short but mostly positive life in my bag until the Cobra F9. The D7 review brought a lot of attention to my bag with the most common question being, "are those Wilson's!?" It hasn't brought about any changes for others, yet. The biggest conversations have been around the Shot Scope V2. I know of at least one guy that picked up a Shot Scope after many questions. With the price as it stands, it will continue to be a highly recommended product.
  5. I am fairly certain that Titleist does this to protect their relationships with green grass pro shops and their other retail partnerships.
  6. You're making me want a new putter!
  7. Great work!!! I am joining you on the conquer the longer irons quest. The 5 iron is my current work of art. I think it may be finally coming around. I’m glad you beat me to one of the post stage 2 goals!
  8. Well the moderators around here are okay too
  9. I thought that too when I finished . The grade was the toughest part. But reflecting on the test, 3 of the 8 clubs are pretty much just taking up space in my bag, and I have a gapping issue in the bottom part of my bag where the great performing clubs sit now (20+ yard gaps from 56, GW, PW ). So setting positive brand bias aside, I couldn’t justify a grade in the 80’s or above because 37.5% of the clubs are not helping my game, at all. So I think my grade in the 70s is fair. I plan to continue evaluating these over the next few months and continue to update the thread. That will either change the score or affirm it.
  10. Ask and you have received! Sorry for the wait!
  11. Just wait for the small batch, hand crafted, aged in a dark closet for 14 days special edition
  12. Tournament done, and some good new data that backs up a thought that I noticed earlier in the test. Results coming soon!
  13. @MaxEntropy great comparison review! I have played a little less than half as much golf as I anticipated over the past 3 months. Consequently I am a little behind on getting a review done for this. But I'll chime in soon! I share some of the issues you mentioned. The worse is pin placement and having a phone in my pocket for Arccos, but the handicaps for different parts of the game are awesome. I don't want to spoil my thoughts so I'll leave it at that for now.
  14. This is great! Thanks @GolfSpy STUDque. Only thing I have noticed while using the night theme is that the font color is still grey while on a white background when typing in the text editor. It isn't a problem for me, but it may be for some other users.
  15. @revkev @Kenny B @kardboard.kid prayers up for you guys and your families
  16. I come across colored golf balls at least every month. They used to be the old green/blue Mojos, now they are mostly Callaways or pink Nitros. I have come across a number of Volviks, but not frequently. Occasionally I find a colored Bridgestone hiding in the grass. Generally the guys or gals I see playing a colored ball are recreational guys that get out once a month or so and (more often) I tend to see the ladies around the area playing a pink or yellow ball. *Edit: I find that the bright colors are easier to see in the air during end of the day rounds when the sun is lower in the sky and/or on a course with shaggy rough.
  17. https://mygolfspy.com/mygolfspy-profiles-whats-it-like-to-be-an-old-course-caddie/ Barba has written some really great articles over the years, including some that I find myself rereading from time to time, but this has to be my new favorite. Really great story about his caddie Brett Murray from the Old Course with a little caddie history sprinkled in for good measure.
  18. I have spoken about the GW being a favorite club, but there are 2 shots that are in contention for favorite. #1- I drove into trouble before hitting a blind 7 iron with a fade to get around a tree into the green on the par 4 #11 at Spring Lake to save a very lucky GIR. #2- Hit a nice fade off of the tee to set up for about 155 to a slightly uphill pin on the toughest hole on our course. The 8 iron left me pin high and set me up for a legitimate birdie look for my first time ever on this hole. I got the line right and left the downhill putt short, but walked away with an easy par. I can count on one hand the number of pars I have had on this hole and none of them were easy. This is one shining spot where easy distance with these clubs has been a game improvement.
  19. I love questions like this! I tried to go into this with very low expectations so that any disappointments would be legitimate concerns. With that I am still struggling to hit the long irons with a bone stock swing. I can hit nice low draws with them, I can fade them pretty well and have hit nice cut down punches a little too well (distance). But my standard full swing has been worse than inconsistent. I firmly believe I have the club speed for these to work but they just aren't working on full swings. I think it is a mix of a swing problem (85%) and the DG AMT being the wrong shaft for the long irons (15%). The other disappointment is the loft gapping. When selected for this test, I spent a lot of time looking at club specs trying to assess distance differences and comparisons to my weaker lofted Vapor Pro Combos. The Vapors have a pretty steady 4* loft structure in my set with the exception of the 4-5 iron (3* difference), and depending on how I was swinging the club that day, I had a great idea of what club I needed to pull---no second thoughts. The D7s...not so much. The schizophrenic loft gap through the set is an issue that I will detail further in stage 2.
  20. There is that cold word creeping up. Yuck. Nice shot though!
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