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  1. It truly is an honor to know you, share a joke or two on some of the MGS history (from my short time here) and to know you were one of the first people to welcome me back in 2017. Thank you for the awesome opportunities you guys give us members to test and help out the community as a whole. Most importantly thank you for continuing to call this place home and for keeping it home for the rest of us. Your hard work online is very much appreciated!
  2. Left dash Provs have me intrigued. I can afford to lose a little spin but I don't want to buy a dozen...yet. Does anyone have a sleeve or two that I could buy to give them a run?
  3. @MattF @revkev @HardcoreLooper @Thin2win @greggarner Great group of guys! Welcome to the D7 club, fellas! Hope these play as well as they look!
  4. 10:30 now, it’s still the summer. Cut the kid some slack.
  5. I think it's the "firm" version of Tour Soft, so a completely new addition.
  6. Not enough Nike in that closet to actually be @yungkory Who do I pick....?
  7. I need one of those for my brain after adding another month to this challenge
  8. It would only be appropriate to wish @PING Apologist #9 a happy birthday in this thread! Miss seeing you around here! @chisag, you've been holding out on us, Sam!
  9. Good gracious y'all are flying this year. I better up my game! Good work on the iron review @edingc. Hope you can get the shaft problem figured out soon. Nothing more frustrating than feeling like the shaft is fighting your swing.
  10. Welcome to the dog days of August! Congrats guys, you've made it past the halfway point and onto the final stretch. It looks like we have a trend developing among the rock divisions and new age rocks are king. Long drive is heating up with some bombs with @tchat07 holding a narrow lead over @seeking70's. For the first time ever we have a challenge between @xOldBenKenobiX and @fixyurdivot for closest to the pin. We have a race on our hands in the endurance division to see who will become the king glutton for punishment with @HardcoreLooper @fixyurdivot @sirchunksalot and @xOldBenKenobiX all with 3 rounds a piece. When it comes to the overall lead, @RoverRick is running away with the top prize. Who is going to catch him down the stretch? Adjusted Scores: RoverRick---------------------31.36 (Titleist Velocity, Top Flite XL, Nitro) Grunge Rock Mix tchat07-----------------------33.99 (Titleist Velocity)New-age fixurdivot----------------------35.43 (Pinnacle Rush)New-age LeftyHawk-------------------38.41 (Callaway Warbird)New-age JohnSmalls------------------39.55 (Nike TD Long)New-age HardcoreLooper-----------39.63 (Titleist Velocity) New-age sirchunksalot---------------41.40 (Top Flite XL 2000) Classic Rock MaxEntropy------------------41.99 (Top Flite XL) Classic Rock Seeking70's------------------42.82 (Pinnacle Gold LS) Classic Rock xOldBenKenobix-----------43.05 (TBD) Russtopherb----------------45.93 (Unbranded, Top Flite XL) Classic Rock Long Drive: tchat07-------------------------298 (Titleist Velocity) New-age Seeking70's--------------------295 (Pinnacle Gold LS) Classic Rock Closest to the Pin: xOldBenKenobix----26" fixurdivot---------------TBD (Pinnacle Rush)New-age Most Rounds/Holes Submitted: HardcoreLooper------------27 Fixurdivot----------------------27 SirChunksAlot---------------27 xOldBenKenobiX-----------27
  11. Bandit is good to go, but the Dixon Earth misses the cut.
  12. That only counts if you have more than one set
  13. Ohhh be still. Wish I was eligible for this one. Good luck everyone, the regular D7's are a treat!
  14. @artful_golfer @mr.hicksta @Reesedw @dhartmann34 @Shankster @tchat07 @BrownBearGolf @TBT @fozcycle Congrats everyone! Once again, a heck of a testing lineup! Guys, let's see if you can keep up with the forum queen, @artful_golfer!
  15. After that 282, I'd say you're chopped liver and now late for dinner.
  16. Is there much of a difference in the size/placement of the rails between SZ and F8---or the general size/shape of the clubs?
  17. Compared to your previous clubs, have any of you guys noticed a difference or a benefit from the rails on the fairway woods and hybrids?
  18. I have had an F9 for almost a year and have hit more tee shots low off the face than I care to admit. I have had zero problems with the driver leaving a mark on my golf ball.
  19. UPDATE: HRC 2020 WILL RUN THROUGH AUGUST 31 -Since 2020 has been a year to remember thus far, the HRC chiseling committee has decided to extend the competition for one additional month. Happy swinging. -Scores and side games have been updated. Please check these for accuracy. The guy updating them has been known to make a mistake before. *Please remember to post the course and tees that you play from and post a picture of the ball you played. Incomplete info will disqualify your score and side game submissions.
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