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  1. Most birdies ever in a week (4), and 3 of them from different courses . First one down at the home course though!
  2. Added the last few pieces to my vintage bag. I don’t know how in the world you guys learned how to play golf with these tiny things!
  3. They do indeed! Heck of a good iron, too! Did I see somewhere that you were looking at them?
  4. Welcome to the forum! Glad you found our little corner. There is plenty of room to add or bs, we like to do a lot of both.
  5. Those old Macs will be there forever! There is something about hybrids. I am starting to like them more and more. I am thinking about tinkering this summer with my long game. Need some practice time to get it worked out. But looking at maybe adding another hybrid. You'll have to toss that Frankenscotty in the bag when I'm back down there. How many putters are on the rotation right now? I would be leaving putts short for days with that Wilson 600
  6. Hahahah I can't hide it! I appreciate it! Ironically I got that bag when I was a kid and didn't know what I had. It has been collecting dust in the garage so I gave it a runout last Sunday as...well a Sunday bag. It's in the full rotation now. I knew you had a Jones--in fact I wouldn't know much about them if you hadn't told me. I didn't think you'd have USC anywhere on your bag--I would have had to give you a hard time if you did. I posted a little teaser saying what I bought in the club ho thread--but no pictures until they make it to the house! I was wondering what I would carry them in, but those old staffs would look good in the Jones bag. In regards to my gamers, my whole bag has changed except for the wedge and hybrid---and this was only my Sunday bag. I've still got Nike fairway woods but updated them to the Vapor Fly (the blue crown). I bought the G400 last summer after I found a deal I couldn't pass up. I wasn't sure that I was going to keep it, especially after putting it up against the Cobra F9, but got the YIPS with the Cobra and the Ping clawed it's way back in the bag and has put on a show lately. Irons have changed two or three times, ended up on the D7's from Wilson after testing them for MGS---they have been the real deal. The Evnroll snuck in there last spring. It's been put on notice lately, but changed the grip and so far it's staying.
  7. I've got a hat that is very similar to that Ping hat that Triplett is wearing. The only difference is the Ping logo is red instead of black. It's my go-to during the middle of the day in the summer.
  8. That was awesome. Have never thought of the golf swing that way!
  9. You're going to get into the 70's again this year.
  10. I still haven’t hit mine yet. One of them still has a sticker on the face. In fact I’ve never hit an actual wood made out of wood. I understand what you mean, but that’s pretty awesome you still have and can still play those Eye 2’s. Do you still have your irons from high school?
  11. Welcome to the forum, Jason! You've found a good place to be. Congrats on the new set and finding this great and crazy game. I was in your shoes 3 years ago. This game has a lot of speedbumps along the way. If you can find a good coach, I highly encourage lessons. Regular lessons has helped my game tremendously. But with those regular lessons was a lot of practice in between. I hope your early golf journey is fruitful and you continue to enjoy this great game!
  12. Awesome idea @GolfSpy MPR! I am in, but I am going to do a hybrid. Bird is the goal, but will be tracking both par and birds. (Par is effectively my bird at this point). Spring Lake CC White Tees, 6426yds, 70.8/121
  13. I haven't paid too much attention to the NLU podcast but I certainly will now. Thanks for the discussion about it fellas.
  14. Since I didn’t grow up in the golden days of blades and balata, I’ve had an itch to make a vintage bag. I’ve got the woods and putter (Ping Eye 2 laminates 1-7 W, and an old beat up Ping Anser). I finally broke down and ordered the rest of the set last night. 1973 Wilson Staff blades are on the way!
  15. Really looking forward in how this works for you guys. Congrats on being selected, enjoy!
  16. One of my best friends from the college days was getting married a few years back. He and his twin brother were back home for a break from med school. As a mini engagement celebration they came down to my course for a quick round of golf. We get up on the third tee box, dog leg left, par four with woods guarding the inside corner of the dog leg. One of the twins pulls the crap out of his drive and hits a screamer about waist high into the deepest part of the woods. His ball hits a tree that was cut down and ricochets right into the middle of the fairway about 215 yards out from the green. He proceeds to birdie the hole and shoot an 82 on a course he had never seen.
  17. Does it come in left handed?
  18. Going back to the golden days a decade ago---most of the guys I played ball with that didn't have their eyes set on playing professionally owned and took BP with wooden bats (same mantra of practicing with blades vs GI irons). Others that were genuine prospects often practiced or even played games with wooden bats--even while the rest of us mortals were swinging and competing with aluminum/composite bats. The underlying skill required to swing wood vs aluminum isn't great, but there is enough of a difference to merit wooden bat leagues for higher level college/amateurs during the summer that helps provide separation at those higher levels. I don't think the baseball/golf bifurcation holds much merit. Though some similarities exist, they are two completely different games.
  19. I think this would be a very interesting experiment! Then, how much of the improvement is down to practice?
  20. How have I missed the Odyssey putter thread, that was ridiculous. Has a winner been announced yet?
  21. I’ve gone: Driver, 20* hybrid, 6,8, PW, 56, putter. My irons are on the strong side, so this gapping works for me I really carry 8 clubs in my Sunday bag, but I could drop the gap wedge and be okay.
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