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  1. @sirchunksalot thank you for taking this on!!! Count what in. I’ve got to get my Staffs around the course a time or two before it gets cold!
  2. I am surprised. What shaft did you end up going with in the Sim?
  3. Always interesting...(ipad died and apparently posted this prematurely) to see what results come from long game tests. Good luck righties and enjoy!
  4. Another great group! Congrats fellas!
  5. Just see how many different ways you can say those 5-10 seconds. Then elaborate on each of those different ways. That should get you 25-30 seconds, easy.
  6. Happy belated b-day Rev!!!!
  7. Another call out to @BIG STU and @deejaid. What do you guys know about these?
  8. John SC, USA 18.8 Odyssey 1W I use a putter on every green.
  9. You’re not alone. My G400 driver fractured on the hosel at the end of August. The replacement ordered was delayed because of not having the shaft in stock and has been delayed again now due to not having a 9* LH head. It’s a little frustrating, but Ping has been transparent and are very gracious to warranty a G400, so I’m not upset. At the end of the day, it’s just a golf club and I get to look forward to the anticipation of that long brown box showing up! Hang in there!
  10. 2020 might have been a crazy year...but it has been amazing on the forum. Good luck guys!!!
  11. The bumpers on the end look like they have been redesigned and improved for yours, that should help with the moving around. Hope you guys enjoy the test!
  12. I’ve had a BB for a couple of years now and have predominantly used it on top of carpet. The only problem I have found is that it tends to inch itself in one direction everytime you step on it when it’s on carpet. But it does work as intended on both carpet and hard floor.
  13. I hope they keep left dash on the market with the 2021 update!
  14. How do thins translate to your hands with these? Strangely enough, the cast D7 irons can make your hands scream when you catch one thin.
  15. What is this sorcery!? That's amazing
  16. Seriously though, if the ball keeps performing like it has—it’s taken over my bag. Best equipment change of 2020 for me.
  17. Can confirm...but before confirming that it set a new PR for holes played before being lost (due to a monster slice ) at right around 20. And it led to breaking 90 for the first time. It's gotta be the golf ball made for lefties...right?
  18. Titleist won’t admit it, but the left dash ProV1x was really for us.
  19. Slow and steady!
  20. Yes they did. I asked Tony earlier this year and to which he confirmed. I can’t remember specifically the percentage in change between the two standards of measurement (Ball Lab 2020 vs Ball Test 2019)but I do remember him saying that compression readings are coming out noticeably lower than with the first standard he used in 2019.
  21. So much of this depends on your club selection and how those clubs and golf balls fit your specific swing. Higher compression typically generates more ball speed from lower lofted clubs such as drivers, fairway woods, long irons. Softer compression ball speeds can "catch up" with mid/short irons and wedges as compared to golf balls of higher compression. Softer compression golf balls are also generally lower spinning balls. Ground is also made up with mid-short irons due to lower spin produced. Higher compression golf balls are not necessarily greater nor worse than softer compressi
  22. I thought this was a late entry at first...but then I realized it was a real test. Great opportunity again this year. Good luck to everyone who applies.
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