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  1. Just RSVP'd to the D7 demo day in Charlotte! It's almost a month away, but I'll have a write up of my findings below John, 24 April 18, Charlotte Literary masterpiece coming soon
  2. Congrats Betti-spies! Can't wait to see what difference the arm-lock method makes in your game!
  3. Just a forewarning, you will need a teeing method and your BBs will take a beating from a driver . But they can handle it. Those things are incredibly durable for what they are. I forgot about the early posts details in the driver distance category. That's my fault. For my own understanding with your gapping, you're on 165 with a 7 iron, and 200 with the driver? I wish I could help you out with the SkyTrak. I'm taking notes so that one day when I have my own I'll have learned from your journey!
  4. Idk of the feasibility of this idea, but if you have 50 yards or so, and the main purpose of driver practice is ball flight consistency, it might be worth grabbing some birdie balls and the tee-ing solution they have, OR some durable wiffle balls. In my own practice, I've found that they are most useful for finding consistency with straight ball flight.
  5. Warm welcome to @artful_golfer! Glad to have you join the MGS family! @downlowkey, you better be on best behavior now!
  6. Is there a prize for the first busted bracket?
  7. So what you're saying is, I can sell the house, buy the clubs, afford to go play golf and buy dinner, all because I'm a lefty? Titleist coming through with the deal of the century!
  8. Looks like Titleist is showing some lefty love with their latest and greatest "exclusive sell your house for our new clubs" model. https://www.ebay.com/itm/TITLEIST-CNCPT-01-IRON-SET-REGULAR-FLEX-TENSEI-GRAPHITE-4-PW-48-SW-0732709-LEFTY/372601028293?hash=item56c0c07ec5:g:q1gAAOSwRYNcZkjb
  9. Welcome to the forum! Curious to see a Triton in the bag. How do you like it?
  10. Welcome to the forum! I am pretty sure the hosel adapter sleeve was updated for the G30-G400 era to have additional adjustments that the G25 does not have, therefore may not fit. I would give PING customer service a call to see if G400 adapter is compatible. EDIT: I just realized the shaft listed is a pull. As far as I can tell the diameter of that shaft is listed is the same as for G25, so I think it will work with a G25 adapter sleeve. Still, I would give PING a quick call and ask them.
  11. Must've been the deer carcasses and beer cans. The first part of that makes me want to cry big fat sad alligator tears. The second part of that makes me want to cry big fat alligator tears of joy. Hit em far and sure @Kenny B!
  12. And 2 weeks later Stroker receives his first commissions check from TMag
  13. I think they have a few for sale in the area
  14. "I've just figured out a new product for TaylorMade"
  15. Any chance they'll be back for most wanted testing? Also, welcome to the forum @Life on 14
  16. Come north a little bit and you'll forget that you're in the south. It rains so much I feel like we're living in @Kenny B's neck of the woods.
  17. And so they started with the next episode:
  18. @edingc @yungkory @THEZIPR23 @sirchunksalot Congrats fellas! Warm weather is on the way, so go send 'em!
  19. We would salute you. But due to copyright violations we
  20. PMookie has decided on another driver?
  21. Don't be that guy. This is a happy thread.
  22. That looks like an awful lot like it was designed by a lefty. Your son has a good eye! Then there would be nothing left for the rest of us to post
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