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  1. Dave, Tilburg. I currently use a no-name Chinese rangefinder who've i tested against a Bushnell Tour 3v, a Garmin X40. I use GolfShot to keep my scores (and check my feelings on hazards) and i used to use my Garmin Fenix 3, just because i could I gave up trusting my eagle-eye because ummmm my clubs were wrong?
  2. My gf allready protests that i'm gonna spend some night time in front of the tv in my weekend away to Wales
  3. Hello Golfspy's. I'm Dave and live in Tilburg, The Netherlands. On twitter i am Dave73nl and instagram @mulligangolfer_dave & @dave_runs_everywhere My current handicap is 20 and i have no idea what my swingspeed exactly is, its around 90 i think... I currently play with a old set of Taylormade Burner 3.0's (see my signeture) I would like to test out the King F9 One length's and wanna see if this concepts works for me and compare it to the set i allready own. The driver, wood3 and hybride combination and the King wedges in a cardbag would be my favorite setup for this testing! i play 1 time a week in off season and 2 times a week in summer (it's getting warmer here now )
  4. Let's try to win myself a pair of Big Shot Tuned Golf sunglasses ;)
  5. We soon 3 different sort of ball's ordered
  6. Your first name Dave Your home state The Netherlands Your current driver/shaft TaylorMade SLDR-S 460 14dgr, Fujikawa Speeder57 M flex. Fit for driver - yes or no No O no, forget it US only
  7. Let's try this one!!! My first name is Dave. I live in Tilburg, the Netherlands. I play from a EGA handicap of 20.1 On this moment a play a Taylormade Burner 3 set with Rocketfuel 70 regular shafts. My Ping set of choise would be the i210. I'm Game!
  8. 1 My name is Dave. 2 I live in Tilburg, the Netherlands. 3 my handicap is 20. 4 I use GolfShot! on my Android, i have a Garmin x40 and a Chinees laser rangefinder.
  9. That's a great looking iron, gonna try to win this and test them! - Your first name Dave. - State/Province/Country Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands. - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup Taylormade Burner 3.0, superfast85 R flex shafts - Your 7-iron distance 130 meters.
  10. After almost a year i still game this putter and have shaven some points from my handicap too I'm so more confident when i'm putting thats such a good feeling... This one is staying in my bag for a longgg time!
  11. First name/home state or province Dave, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands Current driver/shaft combo Taylormade SLDR-S 460 14dgr, Fujikawa Speeder57 M flex Swing speed/handicap I have no idea what mu swing speed is, my hcp is 20. Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft 12,5 degrees and stiff shaft please
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