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  1. Saw it live and gave me a giggle. I played it for the 1st time this year and was badly cutting the ball all day. On the first the starter advice was left is good on most holes. The 1st I was 1 yard in bounds down the right and on the 18th they were putting the Rolex clock on the side of the Russack Hotel on the Links Road and nearly hit the workman but again stayed in bounds by a yard. I also saw a Mercedes convertible on the Links Road with a nice round impact smash on its front wind screen. That day I found it quite easy to miss the fairway on 1 and 18. It is only 129 yards.
  2. Oh and the wind has been blowing all week.
  3. I shake my head in disbelief watching the scores at the Dunhill Links Championship (Amatuers). I play 4 to 5 times a week, week in week out with a h/c of 6 and I reckon I'll break par nett maybe 6 to 7 times over the summer season. These amateurs are posting rounds of -24 over 4 rounds off double figure h/cs. 4 rounds in a row breaking par for a 17 h/c breaking it by 6 strokes, give me a break! If this happened at our club the players would be run out of town.
  4. The MyGolf Spy ball test has some good info. I'm a mid speed swinger and bought a box of Tour B X after reading the review and love them, usually Pro V1 player. 1st round out the box hit gross 73 but wasn't all the ball
  5. I play throughout the winter in Scotland and years of experience have taught me to layer up especially body, leaving the arms relative light. Latest kit. Under Armour thin crew neck short sleeve Normal summer tee shirt Armless Glenmuir Charles pullover Quilted mid layer top Snood neck coverage I carry a light Kjus rain top which is also good at keeping the wind out if required Other items Good hat covering all of your ears Winter mitts, although I use a trolley and have mounted mitts on the trolley Underarmour thermal coldgear trousers light waterproof trousers thick socks Stubburt winter golf boots Galvin Green waterproofs in bag but if it is too wet then we quit As long as it isn't pouring with rain, on winter greens due to excess frost or snow I'm out there on a Saturday. If it gets too bad inland then a trip to links in East Lothian or Fife can be planned. #WinterWarrior
  6. I have Srixon ZX565s and bought 3i to AW. Over the last 15 years I migrated to using 3 matching wedges 52,56, and 60 with a 3i-PW. With my recent irons I found it was more the the lighter Nippon 850 shafts that was giving me 5-10 yds extra distance 5i to AW. Original my thoughts were to drop the 52 but with the extra yardage on the std set I carry PW, AW, 52, 56 and 60. The issue I have found is that the shafts seem optimised for 5i to PW. I hit my 5i => 180yds, 4i => 180 yds and 3i => 183yds. The 4i and 3i are now in the garage replace with Epic 3h and 4h. The 60' tends to get swapped out depending on course conditions with the 3h i.e fast greens and fairways usually means the 60' is in my bag and vice versa for the 3h.
  7. I didn't question EU wildcards but with the FedEx cup ending and the amount of ranking points available I think it meant the form players natural moved to the top of the US rankings. In Europe the Race to Dubai still has over a month to go and apart from the BMW PGA the ranking points for the other European tournaments are pretty small and didn't really affect the team. On form players like Westwood, Fitzpatrick and Fleetwood would have struggled to qualify but then you look at the replacements, Rose and rookies like MacIntyre or a 48 year old Richard Bland would not have changed the result. Westwood qualified based on form from 12 months ago this just doesn't seem to be the best methodology to ensure the best form players get into the team.
  8. We had Sky Sports commentating on the NBC stream and the coverage was pretty bad. They had 4 games to cover on the 1st 2 days and struggled to get any continuity. The split screen stuff was just gimmicky and added nothing. Our on-course commentators held it together with Rich Beem and Wayne Riley but Paul McGinley and Butch Harmon in the studio were very poor. For me the on course guys are there to give a player's eye view and the studio to weave the narrative i.e have a holistic view of what's going on as the games and match unravel. I don't need to be told that when someone puts it in the water at 5 that they've put it in the water at 5. I also struggled with the graphics yesterday, for example it would tell you Garcia was one down and putting to win the hole after not seeing him for 15 minutes and you're expect to remember he is playing DCB. Really spoiled it for me, I'm sure if the coverage was better I would have enjoyed getting pumped by the US better.
  9. We got blown away. To a man the US team turned up and played. DJ was immense, from the shadow of the player in Paris. Cantlay, Morikawa and BDC undefeated. They were unrelenting any points Europe won were all hard won. We can try and dissect Europe's performance for me McIlroy's form on the 1st 2 days was crucial, losses of 5&4, 5&3 and 4&3 from one of the lynch pins of the team. His tearful interview at the end showed his thoughts on his performance. But form is temporary and class is permanent. Would it have made a big difference to the end result I don't think so and is maybe wishful thinking. Onward and upward, if weather permitting off to St Andrews to watch the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship at the end of the week
  10. In a bounce game or out myself then I would do this but in a comp or money game with pals, play it or take a penalty.
  11. I do find it annoying that pros can carve the ball 60 yards off line behind bleachers and get line of sight relief but put it up the centre of a fairway into a divot and you get nothing. The recent excuse for not introducing the rule is that it could be abused and it is hard to define what is or isn't a divot, you're in the middle of the fairway, you should not be penalised for landing in something that you can't even see off the tee. If they can define that a ball is overhanging a hold by a mil then they can surely define what a divot is! (Hold breath and wait for can of worms to be re-opened)
  12. Swim trunks, really? When would you require these on a golf course?
  13. The WGC Matchplay final was torture to watch, especially the back 9, he was all over the place and taking an age to make the decisions. I didn't last till the end since it finished well past midnight UK time. I would hope for you guys he brings the form that led him there, his putting that week was exceptional.
  14. I never said they did have any part of the ruling just in accepting it. They were conspicuous in there absence when it was being discussed. If US team did not try to claim the hole ask your self why not? I know if I was playing in match play and my ball had a chance of dropping and my opponent picked it up I would be all over them. As a golfer you know if the ball has any chance of falling. It is my opinion, from the pictures that I saw the ball would never have dropped, it had stopped and not oscillating, a fraction of the ball may of over hung the hole.
  15. What are your thoughts on Steve Stricker's picks? As a European I'm glad that Reed and Kisner are not playing, they are always great match play players, Interesting to see how English and Berger do. Scheffler I like and had backed him to win the WGC match play.
  16. I suppose I'm entitled to my own opinion because that all it is, because rules is rules and there is no real definition of sportsmanship. One woman's sportsmanship is to their competitors advantage and the game is all about winning.
  17. Rules is rules but in this case IMO the wrong decision was made. Ball overhanging definition, well if you zoom in and draw a tangent to the ball you might be just be able to see a little bit of the ball over the hole. That ball would have never fallen into the hole, Nelly Korda knew this, Ally Ewing knew this, Pat Hurst knew this and if Missy Jones was watching knew this. Sagstom has not tried to gain an advantage has seen the ball is not going to fall and picked the ball up. Pat Hurst stood up at the opening ceremony and stated that the contest will be played with "universal sportsmanship" this flies in the face of her comment. Once Missy Jones had called it, both Teams had to accept the ruling. It is hard in the heat of a match sometimes to think rationally but in retrospect maybe Team USA conceding the last to tie the match would have been the correct decision.
  18. As per the rules Nelly Korda had 10 seconds once she got to the hole but unless there was a seismic event that ball was never going to fall in the hole, so she wasn't claiming the hole. The rules official either was outside prompted or of her own accord got involved to give Korda a 3 to win the hole. If anyone on here says they wouldn't be furious if they conceded a putt in similar circumstances and your opponent then claimed the hole is lying. Hagstrom to her credit and the credit of her Captain seem to handle it well, admitted it was a rule breech parked it and moved on. It seemed to fester more with Nelly Korda because she was stinking in the foursomes on Sunday morning. So bad that she was dropped for the fourballs in the afternoon. If we were sitting here on Monday and the US had won 14.5 to 13.5 then I'm pretty sure there would be more outrage from Europe supporters about the incident and a real sour taste in my mouth.
  19. Played yesterday with my carry bag, with only 6 balls a bottle of water and a sleeveless sweater, back knackered, reminding me at 60 why I don't carry anymore.
  20. Pair of shorts and long trousers. Never wear them at the club but on holiday and special away days. As they say in Scotland "You'd get the p!sh taken out of you" for wearing white trousers at the club,
  21. I usually play Pro V1 in summer but in winter when it is mainly bounce games over a shorten course I tend to put my premium balls away and play with balls I've found thru the summer season. The Pro stocks Srixon so I generally find more Srixon balls around the course and I have found the Srixon Soft Feel to be a good Ionomer ball rather than the urethane alternative in the same price bracket the AD333.
  22. To put in context I have never broken par on any course best, was a level par 64 on the winter layout of my home course. yesterday being 1 under after 15 was a great chance to achieve a 1st until the quadruple bogey on 16. I do thing the golf gods are taking the p!ss, was out for a round this afternoon still hitting the ball well but a few penalties going into ditches, 3 putt and unlucky breaks had me 8 after 15. On 16 I hit my drive within 5yds of where I was yesterday hit a 3H to 45 feet and holed the putt for birdie.
  23. Well that was a bit of an eventful week. From the depths of despair and back. Last Monday my game just got to me, my expectations were not matching the reality. The course over the summer months have been playing difficult and with the rain in August my thoughts were that I would start scoring better but the game isn't that easy. All my life I've been fighting with a high cut with my driver, I go to the range or lessons and I think I've solved it only for it to come back. My handicap has been bouncing around this season getting down to 4.9 up to 6.8 and back to 6. When I drive well I score well, current conditions that is carrying 230 and average 250yds. When the high cut comes in I'm down to about 190 and of course if I'm lucky in semi rough. After another go at changing my setup I thought I solved my driving issues, last Monday played the local Muni. 1st hole bit of a push but good length, 2nd 299yd par 4 on the fringe with my drive. So far so good, 3rd cut into the tree on the right chip out ended with a 7, 4th great drive up the centre, 5th cut back, 6th push, 8th great drive, 9th lost ball (reload great hit), etc, etc. Came off totally disillusioned didn't want to go out on Wednesday but managed 12 holes, played Thursday and again wasn't really engaged. After a bit of soul searching and re-alignment of expectations (i'm not a scratch golfer) went back out at the weekend. Saturday 35 (-1) on the front 9, then the rain came finished 77 (+6); Sunday -1 through 15, then carved two 4h into gorse for an 8 to finish 75 (+4).
  24. My approach play from fairway or semi-rough is my worse part of my game, especially when I'm over 150yds and out. I'm not the most consistent of ball strikers so spin and control don't necessarily come into my thoughts The semi at my club is short so in a lot of cases the ball sits up making it easier to hit. Looking at my Skycaddie stats over the last 20 rounds I see no correlation in my numbers between FIR and GIR. Currently siting at FIR 59%, GIR 43% Recently was fitted for a shorter driver to improve my dispersion but lost 10-15 yds. So got it lengthen, my thought being no use being in the fairway if I'm a couple of clubs longer into the green.
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