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  1. Date 12/24/2022 Course Name West Lothian Golf Course (Kinglass) Gross Score 66 Course Handicap 6 Gross Strokes over/under par 2 Net Score to Par -4 Net Score 60 Net Birdies or better 6 Longest Drive 280 Another solid round except for the last I was -1 gross on the 18th tee. Never shot under par in my life. 18th is 140yd par 3 with OB over the back. Bunkered off the tee catches 2nd heavy OB then chip and 2 putts for a triple bogey 6. Argh!!!
  2. Thaw is on in Scotland but hasn't save the Saturday Golf. But more Snow forecast tomorrow, hopefully last for a while as milder weather moves in.
  3. Getting an Arctic wind in Scotland this week, sub-zero temperatures, hopefully get out Saturday but with -4'C overnight we'll probably be on temporary greens and frozen ground so not favourable conditions to post a decent round. As soon as we go on the temp greens I take it as a non counter anyway.
  4. Date 12/03/2022 Course Name West Lothian Golf Club Gross Score 66 Course Handicap 7 Gross Strokes over/under par 2 Net Score to Par -5 Net Score 59 Net Birdies or better 6 Longest Drive 280 If you get more than 40 stableforth points (41) you have to wear the bandits sombrero for the 1st drink in the clubhouse. Best Round for a couple of years in a calm winter day.
  5. I'm always checking out what clubs people play with, looking for new kit or clubs I may have played with in the past. In my head I don't think I judge but I know in one instance I just couldn't hold my tongue. I worked away from home a few years ago for 4 years, living in Bed and Breakfast a couple of nights a week, 3 days in the office and 2 working from home. I stored a set of clubs in the office so in the evenings I could go golfing. I started going by myself then was joined by an enthusiastic beginner and we would play once or twice a week during the summer months. We then got talking to another guy who was interested and said he hadn't played in a while, so we invited him along. He turned up on the tee with an weathered leather bag with one strap and a full set of clubs and dressed a bit like Old Tom Morris with a thick Aran knit jumper and dress jacket. After a few holes of him topping and chunking nearly every shot. I asked about his clubs "Yeah, my dad got them for me when I was growing up." he said. The guy was in his late 50s. I asked if I could have a try of one of the clubs. They were Wilson blades from the 70s, the grips were smooth and perished. "Have you ever had them regripped" "No" I gave him a shot of my Adams CB3s and he was amazed by the feel. I advised him to get them regripped but the next week he turned up with a complete new set of Wilson Staff CB300s. It took about 20 shots of his round but he had taken about 150 to play 18 the week before,
  6. No scores from me this week, UK getting battered with heavy rain and flooding. Only 11 holes open yesterday and 7 of those were on fairway cut winter greens but played 18 holes 11 std and then restarted 1,2, 14 -18. Carnoustie on Friday
  7. only one round for me this week at West Lothian Kinglass course gross 70 (+6) net 63 (-1) 4 net birdies longest drive 285 yds Was hitting the ball really well, so well in fact that I hit my 9i (usually 140 yds) 160 at the 18th right over the boundary wall, never to be seen again and a double bogey to finish. Picture from earlier this year showing aforementioned wall.
  8. 2nd round of the week slightly better. Had a bit of a melt down at 14 and 16, putting 2 balls in the middle of gorse bushes Gross 71 net 64 5 net birdies Longest drive 304yds
  9. Yes it was at West Lothian but we have now changed to our Winter course layout. Moving the par down from 71 to 64
  10. 1st full round for a couple of weeks. 73 net 66 +9 net +2 5 nett birdies longest drive 291 at the 3rd
  11. Was travelling last week so didn't get a chance to enter any of my scores and struggling to get a round in this week. Played 14 holes on Tuesday but heavy rain on Thursday and I'm sitting at home at 9:45 waiting for notification that the fog clears for my 10:23 tee off.
  12. Really got into a good rhythm, think transition at the top was the issue on the front 9. Slowed it down and the game became easier.
  13. Last competition of the season for me and a quiet week only one round at my home course. Par 71, Gross 81, Net 72 Slope 126 HI=8.0 => CH=9 Longest drive 276 With 5 net birdies and only 1 scratch birdie
  14. I’ve got a quiet week, but playing last competition of the season on Saturday. Hopefully post a good round to keep you guy’s competitive.
  15. A real mixed week for me, it was the Finals of the Golf in Scotland regular and Champions tours. Not being in with a chance to win thru my scoring in the regular events my only chance to get to Turkey in March was to get a wildcard by posting a winning score over the weekend. Sweeps and 2s on Saturday with a round of what might have been, hitting the ball well but couldn't get up and down with 3 birdies and 3 should have been birdies ended up with an 82 net 74 It was to Castle Stuart on Sunday with wind forecast of gusts up to 40mph from the west with 41 points to beat (from better conditions on Friday) playing off the whites, my expectations were low. Had real problems with the bunkers, just couldn't get out of them and was in 6 resulting in 0 points. After struggling to 14 points on the way out, the constant fighting with the conditions took its toll both physically and mentally. Positives didn't lose a ball, fantastic birdie on the 6th 506yds into the wind (Dr, 3w, 3w, putt), broke 100 (just) and the Piri Piri chicken was good. Really beat up after the round and was contemplating pulling out the Champions Final at Dundonald Links on Wednesday. Played a bounce game at my home course on Tuesday and hit a 79 net 70 with a couple of stupid doubles which built my confidence. Dundonald was in good condition with a slight breeze, with 37 points leading felt I had a chance and with 15 points after 7 holes things were going well. Then I got on the bogey trail, missing greens, 3 putting, putting pressure on to play impossible shots chasing a score ended up with 30 points. Then to Thursday back to my regular game with the guys and had a really nice game to shoot a 74 net 65. with a triple bogey 8 at the 12th. Remember my bunker trouble at Castle Stuart. well I had a practise at Dundonald opening up my stance and cutting thru the sand and under the ball and this worked at Dundonald with bunkers that had sand in them. At West Lothian with very little sand your wedge bounces, 3 to get out of the bunker was the root cause of the 8.
  16. Course West Lothian Golf Course Yellow Tees Slope Index = 123 , HI= 8.0, CH = 9 Gross =74 Nett = 65 = -6 2 birdies 7 Net birdies or better Longest drive of 312 yds at the 3rd downhill into a slight breeze
  17. Bit of a mixed week for me, been out and about playing a few of the local clubs. Hitting the ball well enough but putting not great, in my defence the green keepers are starting their autumn maintenance so the greens are getting hollow tined and sanded. Best round was Stirling GC which was the best condition. Couple of stupid mistakes and a shank off 10 cost me a really good round. Bad driver on 3 put me in trouble hacked out then hit 2 heavy shots for a 6. At 9 absolutely striped my drive, pulled my approach slightly to pitch on the banked green and off into heavy rough for a double. September Medal today then off to Panmure (next to Carnoustie) on Sunday.
  18. In the UK Electric Trolleys are really common as a conservative estimate 60% of club golfers use them and the market is dominated by Motocaddy and Powakaddy. Very few people use the top end remote control trolleys I can think of only one member at my club. I'm 61 and play 3 or 4 times a week and I've been using a non-remote electric trolley for over 10 years. My latest trolley is about 5 years old and has a Lithium Ion battery which is still going strong. My last trolley had a lead acid and this was shot after 4 years, but it gave me early warning signs getting slower and struggling over the last few holes, so I replaced the battery. On weight then without battery 20lbs and the Lithium Ion tend to be about 5lbs. If it does conk out it is not easy to push up hill One other feature on my trolley is an automatic mode which you can send the trolley on 10, 20 or 30 yds. I tend to use this a couple of time in a round. Although I play a lot, I have found that if I try to carry I am pretty much spent by the time I get to the 15th, where as with the electric trolley it definitely helps.
  19. I really am all over the place with my scoring at the moment. 17 strokes between my best and worst over the last 2 weeks. Just outside the prizes at the Gents Open at my home course came 8th with top 6 getting prizes and 10th in the scratch. Putting was a real struggle to start with. I had a bad putting day on Tuesday at Broomieknowe where I couldn't read or drop a putt. Did some work at home moving the ball forward in my stance and it made it worse, 3 putted 2, missed a 3 footer for par at 3, over every putt I felt I could miss. Moved it back toward the back foot and started holing more. Although stats don't show it drove the ball well, suffering a little from a push with my shorter irons that I need to work on. One funny on Tuesday, on the last I said to my playing partner. "My Skycaddie says there is a bunker at 242 yds, can you see it?" "No" Driver middled over the top of the trees. "Oh that bunker" as it bounced and rolled right into it. My playing partner then did the exact same thing.
  20. Played again today game is moving in the right direction Drivin still causing me problems but this was mainly due to me coming out of the shot. Remember my description of the 2nd, well cut it down the bank off the tee and made double. Picture below shows the 2nd with the Twilight Zone just above where I played my 3rd shot 3rd again cut and though I had lost my ball right played, realised I was coming out the shot, hit a provisional and drove the green. 4th still a bit concerned about cut so aimed a little to far left and ended up losing the ball. 3 over for the first 4 and 6 over for the remainder. Still tweaking my putting setup had a few good chances for birdie at 2, 10, 14 and 15 missed them all but did make a good one for bogey on 4 after the lost ball. Out again today making the most of the good weather then off into Edinburgh for dinner.
  21. I'm interested what your current ball is and swing speed?
  22. We have the equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle or Twilight Zone at our course, let me try to describe it. The 2nd and 16th run parallel to each other, the 2nd running south to north and the 16th north to south. The 2nd can be a card wrecker it is a narrow fairway that cambers left to right with a steep bank of knee high grass and undergrowth on the right and a steep bank running off to the 16th fairway on the left. To compound this the prevailing wind is left to right. For most golfers who hit it left to right the drive is to aim for the left side of the fairway and look for a cut or wind to bring it back to the fairway. Too far left and you hit the bank on the left and the ball heads on the 16th fairway out of sight. This mysterious Twilight Zone resides on the 16th Fairway about 200yds off the 16th tee and 240 - 260 yds off the 2nd tee. Balls hit off the 2nd just disappear or they miraculously change manufacturer and number (normally changing from Pro V1 to Top Flite). Balls have been known to lie in the fairway for hours unclaimed by the discerning golfer, identified and left with a shrug. Normally these mysterious incidents happen when the mystical Sages of the club are playing the 16th. These old, weathered Sages usual travel around in 4s and come out between 9am to 1pm every weekday to do their ritual course worshipping. They can normally seen scampering off into the distance after one of these incidents and if challenged they will impart some of their knowledge, abridge with some Scottish adjectives and nouns. "I never took your ball, bleep off you bleep" My Callaway turned into a Top Flite today at the 2nd There are also know for their pearls of wisdom and 100% hindsight if you play with one of these Sages. No matter your age after you play a bad shot they can be heard saying "Aye son, I don't think you want to do that" Better day with driver and approach shots today, changed my setup and now hitting the ball a lot better and consistent. Putter setup was a bit iffy on the front 9 missing 3 from inside 4 feet but sorted this out on the back 9.
  23. 82 on Saturday medal, still struggling with good scores dropping off my WHS handicap being replaced by mediocre ones. Good day on the greens didn't really miss much. Now using the putt visualisation technique on most putts and trying to forget about the mechanics and it worked on Saturday. Still windy and dry on the course so GIR are a real struggle. But driving was what caused the real damage , OB at 9 and 17 and pull left into woods on 4, accounts for +6 on the card. And the stats show only 2 from 14 fairways hit. Out today for a hit so will see if I can get it sorted before my next counter on Sat.
  24. I’m strugling to understand the organisation of Golf. 1) you have the R&A and the USGA that define the rules of golf and run their respective Opens 2) PGA of America runs the US PGA Championship and Ryder Cup US 3) PGA Tour runs the tour and the Fed Ex, Korn Ferry 4) European Tour runs DP World Tour and Race to Dubai, Challenger Tour 5) WGC events? 6) Ryder Cup Europe? 7) Asia Tour who decides what? World ranking points in particular. What is the hierarchy? Im no great supporter of LIV and where the money comes from but players are making decisions based on cash, which they are entitled to do.
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