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  1. I'm hoping that the Link can be paired with the Apple Watch so that you don't need to keep your phone on you (note: when you use the apple watch app, the yardages come from your phone not your watch). That way you'll get your yardages and tracking. I've emailed Arccos customer support and will let you know what I find out.
  2. I also use Arccos with the Apple Watch. I like it. You should be aware that you need to put your phone on airplane mode or the yardage on your watch will be from the GPS on your phone rather than from the GPS on your watch. I emailed Arccos support about this. They noted that the watch runs down very quickly if you use its GPS rather than the phone's. I experienced this when I tried the 18 birdies app with the phone's GPS. Lasted 9 holes. I'm hoping the new Arccos Link will pair with the watch.
  3. It was a raging success. Thanks everyone. I put on a Gripmaster leather grip. These are no easy feat, so I'm happy as a clam.
  4. You are right about the pin location. I plan on moving that around after the round. I haven't tried it with the watch. If it requires me to go onto another screen, I won't. I like to keep it simple.
  5. Thank you everyone. I'm trying it this weekend. I think the tip about plugging the "escape holes" may do it.
  6. I just played with Arccos Caddie via the new Apple Watch app. Overall, I am impressed. The Caddie feature is much better than I anticipated. It's just the beginning of the season for us in Michigan. I played in less than ideal conditions (55 degrees and 10 - 20 MPH wind) on a course I had never played before. A perfect opportunity to test the Caddie feature. On the Apple Watch, Arccos provides "Measured" and "Plays Like" yardage which is supposed to consider temperature, elevation and wind. I relied on the "plays like" yardage heavily due to the wind and temperature. With the exception of one hole, it's "plays like" recommendation was spot on. A killer feature. The Apple Watch app was easy to use. There were a couple of instances where it wasn't on the right hole. I don't use it for anything but yards to pin, though. One thing you should be aware of if you are using Arccos with the Apple Watch. Unless you put your phone in Airplane mode, it will be using the GPS data from your phone rather than your watch. This is because the Apple Watch battery runs down quickly when you are using the watch's GPS. This means that while you won't have to keep your watch in your front pocket, you WILL need to keep it on you for accurate measurement. Back pocket is better than front pocket I suppose, but it's kind of a bummer. I've been reading about the Link. The nice thing is it WILL have it's own GPS, so you won't need to drag your phone around. But you will lose the Caddie feature unless they allow the GPS to pair with the Apple Watch. I have reached out to Arccos to determine if the Link will pair with the Apple Watch. If so, will be a big winner.
  7. It's tough to beat the Lamkin UTx. It's a great grip. I've tried the Sonar. It's nice, but not as good in humidity / heat.
  8. The grip wasn't expanding. It seemed like I was just shooting air down the shaft. I guess I'll watch the videos again.
  9. It seemed like I was just shooting air down the shaft. The grip was not expanding.
  10. I was trying to put on Lamkin UTx. Seems like if the butt is not covered with tape then you are just shooting air down the shaft. The grip showed no evidence at all of expanding.
  11. I didn't have any luck at all trying this, even with the Pure grip tool. BTW, I'm assuming that the butt end of the grip needs to be covered with tape. Otherwise I don't know how this could work.
  12. Dan from Troy, Michigan My current rain gear is Pro Quip Plaid in sideways rain and 45 degrees at the Gailes in Northern Michigan. I am going on a golf trip to Ireland this spring. This will give the rain gear the ultimate test.
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