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  1. Dan from Troy, Michigan My current rain gear is Pro Quip Plaid in sideways rain and 45 degrees at the Gailes in Northern Michigan. I am going on a golf trip to Ireland this spring. This will give the rain gear the ultimate test.
  2. Dr Strangelove

    Have You Ever Gone Backwards in Club Models?

    And now back to other brands again...
  3. Dr Strangelove

    Have You Ever Gone Backwards in Club Models?

    Ping Eye2+ -> Ping ISI BeCu -> Ping i3 -> Ping i5 -> other brand -> Ping G25 <- Ping i20 -> other brand <- Ping Eye2+no+ -> Ping ISI BeNi -> other brand -> Ping G
  4. Dr Strangelove

    Members Opinion

    This is an enlightening video. I don't think it's that easy to find a good fitter though. They seem to tailor to folks looking to buy Miura and similar clubs. Those are hardly the clubs for those who would benefit most from a fitting.
  5. Selling my Titleist AP1 714 irons (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, P, U48). These have Nippon NS Pro 950 GH stiff shafts and No1 50 Series Pro grips (except the 5 iron). If you are not familiar with No1, it's a high end Japanese grip. The pics have some lead tape on the heads, but I have taken the lead tape off. Shaft: Nippon NS Pro 950GH stiff (steel) Grips: No1 50 Pro (6-GW), Tour Velvet (5) Loft and Lie: Standard 5 iron measures 38.5" I also have these listed on the Bay. Cheaper here as I don't have to pay the eBay commission. $260 plus shipping to CONUS.
  6. Perhaps I'll try it again
  7. The reason I asked is to see whether your experience matched mine. It drains the Apple Watch battery extremely quick when you use the phone's GPS. It doesn't get through 10 holes.
  8. Are you using the watch's GPS or the phone's?
  9. I went with a separate Garmin S20. I tried 18 birdies. It was great. The problem is that if you are using the Apple Watch as the GPS (rather than your phone - you turn the bluetooth off for this to be the case), then the Apple Watch will run out of power after 9 holes. Good for chit.
  10. Dr Strangelove

    Ping G Black Dot Iron Set 5-PW AWT 2.0 Steel Stiff

    These have been sold
  11. Dr Strangelove

    Spike or Spikeless?

    Spikeless. If Freddie doesn't need them, neither do you.
  12. Dr Strangelove

    Ft Evnroll er7 brand new

    Interested in a MLA Tour X-Dream in Like New condition? Comes with the swing weights, cover etc. I used it one round.
  13. Selling a set of Ping ISI BeNi (Nickel) iron heads, 3 - PW. They are Red Dot and ready for shafts. Shafts / grips are not included. $150 plus shipping to CONUS.
  14. Selling my Ping G iron set, 5-W. They have new Lamkin UTx grips on them. All serial #s match. Price is fair and firm: $309 + shipping to CONUS
  15. Dr Strangelove

    looking to buy a "so hi" hat like Na wore

    According to GolfDigest it was a custom hat made by G/Fore. Na had them embroid "So Hi" as an abbreviation for his club.