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  1. I tested the Cobra LTDx irons. I hit them very well and really liked them but I did not like the strong lofts. They are VERY strong even by today's standards. At your age and swing speed I think you'll wind up with a huge gap at the bottom of the bag. That's what concerned me. The attached link is a good source to narrow your search and try: https://coolclubs.com/cool-clubs-iron-reviews/
  2. I have only played with the Distanza one time, but I like it more than the PLB. It could be the honeymoon period, though. My impression: - The clubhead feels lighter than with the PLB. Presumably because the Distanza is counterbalanced. - The Distanza didnt feel "dead" to me. It did seem less whippy than the PLB - No notable distance differences - Launches higher than the PLB - My dispersion was much tighter. I didn't hit any way left or way right. For reference, I am a smooth swinger. My driver swing speed is 103 MPH. I play steel stiff shafts in my irons.
  3. I've hit a Krank. The fist thing I noticed is that it has a REALLY square face. I didn't notice any better performance for my crappy 103 MPH swing. It could be a different story at higher speeds.
  4. I'm selling a Pro Launch Blue 45 A (44.25") with a Ping adapter if anyone is interested. Why? Because I have two of them and also a Distanza. PM me if interested.
  5. I have had a Ruckett. I now use a NetReturn (Home Version). The NetReturn is much better. I do not take it apart. Because, while it is easier to set up than the Ruckett, it's still a 5 minute job.
  6. He's always got that sour look on his face though.... But a great player for sure.
  7. If only Scottie could putt! Get rid of the Scotty, Scottie.
  8. Victor Hovland. He appears to have a real positive attitude. Always smiling. Also, Rickie Fowler because of how he engages with the fans.
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
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    Odyssey White Hot OG #1 Stroke Lab with headcover, 34" MINT - There's hardly a mark on it. See pics. $140 plus shipping.


  10. Thank you! The Pro Launch Blue 45 has been a good experiment so far. But why leave good enough alone?
  11. What is the "MP"? Everyone using the acronym... but the actual shaft name is buried somewhere.
  12. Titleist 716 AP1 iron set 6-PW, GW (6 irons) 1* flat Mitsubishi MMT 90 stiff graphite shafts Gripmaster Signature leather grips 6 iron is 37 1/4" in length $400 plus actual shipping
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