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  1. I have not tried football gloves. I wound up with FootJoy Stasof Winter gloves. They are very good. Worth the the price.
  2. My handicap went down by 2 last season (I play ~24 rounds a season and never practice save for hitting pitch shots into a net in my garage). I did not get through the entire series, but got a lot out of the basic setup, posture, turn, and swing sequence. I never got the leg and foot action right. Overall, the one year subscription was money well spent. I did not extend after one year only because I think I've gotten what I need out of it and the ongoing cost is substantial.
  3. Something to be aware of, by default the Apple Watch will default to the phone's GPS rather than its own. This may or may not be a problem based on how close you keep the phone to yourself. To use the watch's GPS, you need to turn off the phone's. Putting it into airplane mode is one way.
  4. Greetings. Do any of you who are using the Planemate also use the Siekmann pitching/chipping technique? Are they comparable mechanics wise? The latter has really improved my short game. I'm worried Planemate will screw it up.
  5. I recently ordered one. Last year I did the Gankas online course with good results (I couldn't get the footwork right but dropped my HDCP by 3 just with setup, alignment, and general swing sequence). Does anything about the Planemate contradict Gankas' swing?
  6. Yes, you can slide them in without taking your gloves off. I dont really do this though
  7. I dont think the tile will influence it. I have a 10 or 12 ft birdie ball matt. NEVER use it. At all.
  8. Check out FJ Stasof Winter gloves. Interlocking is not a problem. The price may be.
  9. Footjoy just released some Stasof Winter grips. They are fantastic. Like to high quality "normal" gloves with just a bit of fleece on the top of the hand. They do not feel thick like normal gloves. The downside is they cost just as much as two high quality gloves would.
  10. We are about a month or two away from cold golf here in the north. Can anyone recommend good winter golf gloves? The best I've done to date is FJ Rain gloves. Alternatives have been a bit too thick in the wrong spots for an interlocking grip. I'm considering football receiver gloves!
  11. You will find that the Eye 2 shafts are very difficult to pull. Have patience.
  12. You can get a (relatively) cheap tumbler and media from Harbor Freight to get back that really nice tumbled finish that the Eye 2 had. I used it for an Eye 2 restoration that I did and I was pretty happy with the results. Here's another idea I came across. Note: I have NOT tried this one, but I intend to on some wedges: DIY Sandblaster $10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6L_ArXCbYs
  13. I have Oakley Half Jacket Prizm Dark Golf lenses and Maui Jim's with rose glass lenses. The Oakley are fine, but the Maui Jim's are superior in every way. Unfortunately their price reflects that.
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