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  1. We are about a month or two away from cold golf here in the north. Can anyone recommend good winter golf gloves? The best I've done to date is FJ Rain gloves. Alternatives have been a bit too thick in the wrong spots for an interlocking grip. I'm considering football receiver gloves!
  2. You will find that the Eye 2 shafts are very difficult to pull. Have patience.
  3. You can get a (relatively) cheap tumbler and media from Harbor Freight to get back that really nice tumbled finish that the Eye 2 had. I used it for an Eye 2 restoration that I did and I was pretty happy with the results. Here's another idea I came across. Note: I have NOT tried this one, but I intend to on some wedges: DIY Sandblaster $10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6L_ArXCbYs
  4. I have Oakley Half Jacket Prizm Dark Golf lenses and Maui Jim's with rose glass lenses. The Oakley are fine, but the Maui Jim's are superior in every way. Unfortunately their price reflects that.
  5. Those were new balls? Glad to hear both companies took care of the issue.
  6. Interesting question. Over time I think it would improve your ability to improvise shots. However, from a scoring perspective I can't see how you'd be better off carrying less clubs.
  7. Another vote for Ping Eye 2. The + was my favorite iteration.
  8. I thought so too. I subscribed to his online lessons despite that. They are very good. I'm not a good player and I don't practice much. I've dropped 2 strokes so far.
  9. I have not been happy with my Clicgear 3.5+ either. I've used it 4 times in the two years I have owned it. Nothing but problems. First setup was with the "Pro Kit." That's garbage. Don't get that. It was as if my bag (whether a Ping DLX, Ping Pioneer, or Sun Mountain 3.5LS) was on a swivel. Nothing but turning. I got rid of that. Next round the arm that holds the bungee snapped. Instead of pushing the bag, I've been carrying the cart and bag for 3 of 4 rounds.
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