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  1. So I enabled "Leaderboard" on my account. I've only played 27 holes so far. My best drive has been 263 yards. That put me in 9,700th place out of 12,000. Now I know that 263 yards is not great, but I did not expect it to be in the bottom 20th percentile. There appear to be hundreds if not thousands of drives > 400 yards. Is that true, or is it more likely that someone forgot to tag their second shot and that distance is really two shots rather than one?
  2. I have the NetReturn Home version. Highly recommended.
  3. If standard length, lie and loft, I would recommend just getting a used GI set from one of the major OEM's. In the $200 - $400 range. From the Classifieds section here or eBay. For example: Titleist AP1/2, Ping G25, Mizuno Hot Metals...
  4. I just recently purchased a ShotScope v3. After two rounds, I am impressed. It has not missed a single shot. Comparatively, Arccos was missing about 20% of shots for me with either a phone or AppleWatch. A couple of notes: Shotscope suggests that you take a practice swing before your shot. It wakes up the watch. I don't like to take practice swings so this has been an adjustment. But a half-hearted 50% effort swing has been good enough. Unintended consequence, I was pitching around on the tee with my 58* wedge since the hole was backed up. Later when I looked at my stats I noted that it captured my drive as having been hit by the wedge. Easy edit. Distance from the pin accuracy is limited by the precision of GPS. So an 8 ft putt can be registered as 15. I want distance to the pin to be accurate since I am working on my short game. So after my first put, I take deliberate 1 yard steps to the pin to determine the distance. Then I just write it on my scorecard and edit in ShotScope if needed.
  5. Oops. The last pic (Iomic 2.3 sticky) is from my other listing. This one comes with the Iomic iX2.3 grip picured above.
  6. PXG 0317 22* Hybrid Upgraded with Fujikura Pro 73 Stiff Shaft Iomic Sticky 2.3 grips $159.99 Shipped CONUS. Firm.
  7. PXG 0317X Gen 2 25* Hybrid with OEM Headcover Upgraded with Fujikura Pro 73 Stiff Shaft New Iomic iX2.3 Grip 38.75" length $169.99 Shipped CONUS.
  8. I have also tried it twice. Not for me. I will not carry a phone in my pocket and it missed too many shots when paired with my Apple Watch. e.g. if I shot a 93, Arccos would say 57. That's WAY WAY too many shots to edit. I thought the caddie feature was pretty cool though. Perhaps it works better with the new Link. But its an expensive proposition if it does not.
  9. I think I found the video you mentioned. It's helpful. Thank you. Begs another question ---- has anyone subscribed to Cogornogolf.com? It's no cheaper than Gankas.
  10. Selling my Golfsmith Swingweight Scale. It is 14" from butt end to the fulcrum and 12" from the portion towards the front to the fulcrum. $120 shipped CONUS.
  11. Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized (Waterproof) Rangefinder with Slope This unit is functioning 100%. There are no cracks, dings, scuffs, etc. and the glass is perfect. The "Nikon" logo is a little loose, but staying on. I no longer have the original box. $300 shipped CONUS via Fedex. I am also selling this on eBay, but you have to pay shipping there. No offers please:
  12. Still selling? What are the bounces on the 54 and 58?
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