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  1. Yeah, makes no sense. Not like you can hit them there then order from somewhere else…would still have to order through PXG
  2. I am in Augusta. I know there is a pxg in Atlanta. I was shocked by the outstanding feel of the hot metals. Thought they felt even better than my Apex 19s and D7 forged, plus quite a bit less expensive. Def try them out
  3. If you know your sources you can order them through any major retailers website exactly how you want them (tgw, global golf, dicks/golf Galaxy). I know a kid at my local shop so figured I would get him the commission.
  4. I did it at my local Edwin Watts. I know my specs already, but did verify then when demoing them. When they ordered it took a little less than 2 weeks to arrive from Mizuno.
  5. Well, just switched out irons. Got the Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal Pros, just added some jumbo max grips on them! Beautiful! Recently I also went from the PING G400 3 wood and 3 hybrid to G425 3 wood, 7 wood, and 4 hybrid……gotta update my sig block
  6. Selling my iron set. 4 iron is the Callaway ApexDCB 2021 with stiff flex recoil dart stiff flex shaft. 5-PW are the Apex 19s , with recoil ZT9 stiff flex shafts. All clubs are .5 inches long, 1 degree upright, with jumbo max ultralight grips in XS. Asking $600 including shipping. Open to offers. If you would like additional information/images, just let me know.
  7. I was finally able to get it. I emailed their customer support, then Sarah reached back to me.
  8. Still haven’t heard back…disappointing
  9. Anyone using the rypradar? Is it worth it to have that feedback?
  10. I’ve looked, no biggie I reached out, sue they will reply. Thanks
  11. Did my first training day today…more intense than I would have thought, had to take a nap really thinking about getting the radar now, I think it would really help to see some kind of feedback. How did everyone get the swing assessment? I didn’t get any sort of instructions on doing that. Also, pretty sure I am the worst lefty in the world.
  12. Glad I found this. I ordered mine yesterday and as hoping I made a good decision. After reading this I am sure I did. Need to get some of those yards back from my youth
  13. Oh man oh man oh man!!! I hit a full bucket of balls at the range the other day.....no increase in pain.......this might be happening soon!!! Goooooooooooooolllllllllllfffff!!!!!!!!
  14. Oh man, want to sign up for this so bad. Sadly I am still recovering from back surgery and not sure I would be able to give it 100% for the review good luck to all those putting their names in the hat!
  15. Looking to sell my flightscope mevo. Love it and used it for my MGS driver testing, but looking to save up for a bushnell launch pro for an indoor, air conditioned set up (way too hot and humid here in Georgia) They are selling for right around $300 on eBay, so that’s what I am asking. Thanks!
  16. I was surprised to see the PXG doing that well. I really l like the looks of the Blackjack as I am not too keen on the fanged putters, and it is on my list to try for sure. I did just buy the Odyssey Eleven Tour Lines, and wow, I really like how it feels as well as the white hot face (forgot how good that white hot feels).
  17. The Yes! looks kinda similar to me to the odyssey tri-ball......that this is ginormous as well. Nice Odyssey Ten, I just grabbed the Eleven and really like it.
  18. Super sweet! I want to add a evnroll and PING Harwood to my collection as well! Maybe another bettinardi, with the horizontal line milling face. Also, a PXG blackjack....aaaaaaannnd......
  19. I really like the face milling, seems interesting. I also like that it comes with a weight kit, as I love to play around/tinker with things. Will have to see if they have come out with a larger mallet style (i like the sypder style putters)
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