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  1. I had a few bad days with shorter putts a little while ago as well. I eventually found that my set up was getting a bit inconsistent—mainly my eye line was getting off for some reason which caused me to miss shorter puts to the right. I have spent some time putting along the top of a meter stick and it really helped iron out my issue. I think grooving a good setup is really key. Stick with it!
  2. I’m not sure the reasoning you give for carrying a 60 jives with your contrary take on the advice that people give against carrying one. You said that you need to play a 60 differently from other clubs. Sometimes forward, or sometimes back, forward presses, delofted, exaggerated follow throughs, etc.… I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing the average player needs to learn when a 56 or even a PW and 8 iron and a basic balanced setup would do just as well for 99% of shots around the greens the average golfer plays on. Also it’s rare to find any 60 degree wedges anymore with less than 8 degrees of bounce anyway. They are mostly stock at higher bounces nowadays. I think the advise is pretty good honestly. To be fair, I now stop at 57 as of last year. I haven’t yet encountered any shots I thought I more loft would have made a better result.
  3. Interesting. I prefer to have nothing in my pockets except one coin and one wood tee that also works as my divot tool. I can’t stand thinks jangling around so they are generally on opposite sides too, haha.
  4. I didn’t catch if you were the original buyer of the clubs either. Some people don’t care about swingweight, but MOI match instead, which is a measurement taken from the end of the grip rather than the 14 inch fulcrum or whatever it is. That is a possibility here, albeit the weights of the 2 irons still look off based on my limited understanding of that process. In addition to what McGolf said, I’d be wondering if the shafts in the wedges all the same? As well, whether all the grips the same model and color.
  5. I also mixed between the two styles when I first started. One other thing I liked about Crossfield’s take was that he seemed to trace the intended line with his eyes from the ball to the target. I hadn’t been doing that but I think it helps to get a good feel of the distance based on a few days of trying it. Also, for what it’s worth, I don’t generally look at the hole for downhill putts once I settle on an aim point. I find on putts that I think will break more than a few feet it’s really helpful to focus on a spot much closer to me, typically the crest of the hill or what I think the apex will be. That said, I generally pick a spot out by the hole on flatter putts, even longer lag putts. I imagine that everyone develops a preferred aiming method depending on their style.
  6. Lee Westwood says his caddie/girlfriend is all mental. He’s not in the top 10, but he’s pretty good and was definitely in a bit of a lull for a while. As an aside, I wonder how slow Bryson might play without the caddy helping with his calculations, granted I can’t remember if he was already slow in college or not.
  7. I switched to heads up putting a few months ago based on Sasho’s research and it really helped me. There was a bit of a learning curve, but I practiced a bit at home with some rubber bands on my putter to practice strike. I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I feel much more comfortable on the greens now. My pace control and has never been better, especially on mid range putts. I have made way more 8 to 20 foot putts. While putts per round isn’t a great metric, I have definitely seen my average reduce as well about a stroke or two less per round since I began. One caveat is that I also changed putters to something that fit my stroke better. I was using a 2 ball because I aimed it alright, but since I stopped focusing too much on the putter itself, and more on the swing feel, I’ve been happier.
  8. You mean this right around the 2 min mark (assuming a Twitter link is allowed). Honestly it sounds like the claim about liquid filled balls is another claim that is based on pure conjecture, but honestly I’m also not exactly sure what he is even saying. I imagine manufacturers could develop golf balls that have different characteristics—high spin or low spin—even with a liquid core. “Oncore” had developed a perimeter weighted ball and I don’t think it hung around though I believe it was deemed nin-conforming because of the metal or something. They marketed it as more forgiving though. The last ball I remember playing with a liquid core was the Titleist professional. I think some testing showed it didn’t spin any more than a pro v1, just that it was slower overall. I agree about the driver length though. Capping at 46 is only going to benefit the longest hitters more.
  9. I gave up on carrying 4 wedges about a year ago. I don’t think smaller gaps helped me with anything except taking money from my wallet and space in the bag. I am relatively comfortable with partial shots now which has carried over to longer clubs too which has been nice. I play a 45 (pw), 51, 57
  10. Thanks for the detailed reviews. I’m happy to learn that I’m not the only one who felt these to be clicks or tinny off the face. I was disappointed by that feel and decided to get something else when I tested them. I’m happy they are performing though!
  11. I feel fo a lot of folks on this thread, except that I’m jealous how well you hit your fairways off the tee. I actually started leaving mine at home because it has become tool whereby I create new opportunities to hit recovery shots, and nothing more. I have to drop down to a hybrid for a ‘fairway finder.’ As a result I hit a lot of drivers even when I’m struggling with it. In regards to the AOA on the driver I feel like I hit it well when I het a little hop off my lead foot. I think that adds (or maybe facilitates) some degrees to angle of attack beyond ball position and tilt. However, when I get lazy I sky it nowhere.
  12. It’s a difficult angle to determine much, but to me your posture at setup looks unstable. It looks like you are reaching too far for the ball and then as a result your weight gets out on your toes. With weight that far forward you are going to need to compensate right from the get go to get back the ball without falling over. Film yourself directly down the line from about waist high and it will be easier to see though.
  13. Yeah, I heard that warning too, but I always want to sample everything. I watched the “pro” video about it and liked the idea so I now use it when I want to ingrain something in a protocol. I haven’t made a full swing with it, but I get a stronger feeling for the top of the backswing and transition that seems to translate well when I switch to the green band and then ultimately take it off. It’s really a supplement—something I use maybe one or twice a week. Maybe it’s a bad plan given my ability but I tell myself I’m exercising!
  14. I dig your persistence. Good luck! I’ve been using it for about a month and I’ve found that using the small green band to warm up before getting going with the longer one has really helped me. I also agree with the person above who mentioned that they have more success when not trying to emulate the feels too much, but rather swing your swing and trust the process. As an aside, I really like using the red band without hitting balls for getting comfortable with the deep high hands feel that seems to be popular now, e.g. Zalatoris and Nienabar, and also feels easier for me feel the resist-relax transition.
  15. I think strokes gained is for sure the best way, but I also think it would be difficult to interpret the data. First, I suspect that most of us learn to play with a traditional putter and then only try an alternative style because of some kind of deficiency (especially considering the stigma attached to armlocks and there comparative unavailability and non-exposure). I wonder whether folks who kept with the traditional method are not just keeping with their current style because they are still putting “good”. Second, I think there is difficulty in comparing before and after stats of one player as well because there may be different reasons for switching (e.g. physical limitations) or self-selecting players who have higher expectations for how well they putt that make comparing their data compared to the average player difficult. Last, because there are so few pros doing it, it will be difficult to extrapolate. Are there even 20 players using them? That’s all to say that I would love for someone to do the work. It would be interesting to see if some of the bigger data captures like Arcos could do it for the general population which could perhaps drown out some of the noise, and I’m skeptical of anyone who claims they know what the result would be before the study.
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