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  1. I play a standard/longer driver at 46 in, but by fairway is a 4 wood cut down an inch from standard. As was sort of mentioned above, one thing that was difficult to get right was the head weight, so there was some lead tape experimentation to sort that out. I never liked longer fairway woods. I already struggle with them and the extra length only made it more difficult for me personally. I don’t really ever use it off the tee, so its just got be a little longer than my hybrid. Granted, save the driver, all of my clubs are cut down because I hit them better that way. I’m short though.
  2. AndySP

    Matte vs Gloss

    I think you are equivocating “interpretation” to fit what you think I mean. This doesn’t need to be about philosophies of science. Obviously, collecting data is complicated because we’re only human, but, there can still be a difference between “200 rpm greater standard deviation” and “appreciably less consistent”. That’s really all I’m sayin. I don’t really care if they ever do the test, but I prefer ‘most wanted’ to ‘golf digest best of’ for exactly this reason.
  3. AndySP

    Matte vs Gloss

    Geez, I’m a donor here. I just don’t have the badge. Also, if it were not withholding data, then it would be worse. Just saying that there isn’t much we know about the differences between the two finishes beyond some conclusory statements, which is a long way away from a ball test.
  4. AndySP

    Matte vs Gloss

    Sort of, I think that information and conclusions are different. I’m saying that using phrases like “more significantly” and “more appreciably” are conclusions based on the facts that are not presented. Saying something is “significant” is not strictly information and not really in line with the MGS ethos. It’s an interpretation of information without the underlying facts. It’s the same thing as what TM and others ads rely on every year to sell new product.
  5. AndySP

    Matte vs Gloss

    I guess it’s just that we just disagree about what ‘information’ is. The golf ball testing and other testing labs are all very data-centric. I donate to the site because of their transparency in testing, and this claim in particular is uncharacteristically opaque.
  6. AndySP

    Golf Ball Spin

    Well maybe not measure it, but you can calculate it because they are all fly through the air which is relatively consistent. The answer is about 3.5 % per second in the air. Here is some math, and explanation for where it comes from.
  7. AndySP

    Matte vs Gloss

    Well, isn’t withholding the data a bit misaligned with the primary mission then? I’d like to see what the actual difference is without anyones interpretation, even if I’m sure there is no intentional bias on Tony’s part.
  8. AndySP

    Matte vs Gloss

    Honestly I thought the reason not to play a matte ball was that the difference in spin between wet and dry conditions is greater than the differences with a regular finish. You don’t need to compare them to other models because it’s a consistency issue within the same ball. Something to do with the finish holding onto water better maybe. I can’t remember seeing a test though. It’s mentioned in the 2019 ball test and maybe TXG guys maybe said it too. But I don’t see any data backing it up.
  9. Thanks for this. I think I have ok speed for my size, but I only have 120lbs to throw around on a heavy day. I think it’s one of those things where you always desire what you don’t have. Fast guy wants straighter, and fairway guy wants length. I rolled some golf specific training into my normal workout, which was very upper body specific and geared to my other hobby. Sounds like I should start getting the lower body involved this winter, haha. Any favorites? I would think you could benefit from over speed training, i certainly have. I think the Stack program is the most well researched and worth looking into, but I don’t swing a club 135, lol.
  10. I’m beyond jealous of your numbers. I think they are unreachable for me, but I totally dig the grind to get faster and stronger. I am also hoping to gain a few mph’s this winter. Do you periodize your exercises or are you training power and strength at the same time? I’m also wondering if you are adding in any over speed training as part of your plan.
  11. Well, that depends on the specs of your current driver and what kind of swing you are putting on it. For example, hitting down on a 3 wood is ok, but it is not so great for increasing carry numbers on a driver. There are so many reasons why you could gain some distance by changing things, and even more reasons why you might not. Did you ask about it when you got fitted for the woods?
  12. Interesting. I interlock, and have mostly stuck with it since I was a kid. But when I use 10 fingers I actually generally go a mph or two faster. I’m wondering now if it has to do with your release pattern being better suited to having your hands closer together. When I use 10, I feel like my hands get more push-pull action, like a hockey shot kind of feel.
  13. AndySP

    Shorter Shafts??

    I think I read that the reverse is true. On almost every shaft, no matter whether it is tip-stiff or otherwise, the butt end will be the stiffest part of the shaft because of the diameter. By cutting off the stiffest part, the overall profile becomes ‘softer’ than it was originally. Same reason why cutting off from the tip end makes a shaft become stiffer overall as well. That aside, I am short, around 5’5 but with long arms, and I cut off at least a whole inch on every club in my bag, save the driver. It’s a bit of a pain to get the SW back to normal, but I feel I get in better posture over shorter clubs, especially wedges and shorter irons. I think the added weight helps to offset some of the swing speed losses as well.
  14. It could also be that you were warm, and swinging without any expectations. Some of my fastest swings have often felt easy. Were you switching back and forth to see that difference?
  15. I had a few bad days with shorter putts a little while ago as well. I eventually found that my set up was getting a bit inconsistent—mainly my eye line was getting off for some reason which caused me to miss shorter puts to the right. I have spent some time putting along the top of a meter stick and it really helped iron out my issue. I think grooving a good setup is really key. Stick with it!
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