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  1. Installed it and tried it yesterday, absolutely a joke to its claims. Nowhere near enough bulge to get near my wrist without massive forward shaft lean. So the wrists are still in the game. I would keep it if I liked that grip size because the bulge does fit nicely in the crease of the palm. So a rename to a palmlock would be my suggestion.
  2. I ended up mucking about with a Callaway Magma. I was quite interested in how it performed against a Supersoft. I wonder if the way around all the IP but to still maintain the one set of rules, reduce distance... increase the minimum ball size. Easier to hit, but increased size therefore increase wind resistance so cant hit as far, and increase spin (???), but Bridgestone can still use all their patents.
  3. To act as the negative, Lou's data (75% of second shots on Par 4s 174y or less) means Bryson is hitting PW or less (Looking at stock distances image from Golf TV . Par 4s tend to be at least half of golf holes. Are we happy with the wedge in on 7 holes, plus maybe the par 3s? So we are looking at a long iron on maybe 5 holes. From that perspective, are we happy with those numbers? Or is that the point where 'golf becomes boring'?
  4. I'm surprised that it wasn't mentioned about all the legal... Legal-ness that would go down if this happened, particularly in the lawsuit happy America. Ball manufacturers would have a case. Who would want to even manufacture the 'pro' ball when no-one else would want to buy it. Will the PGA Tour order their own ball from Taiwan? Tour staff for ball companies would have a case for loss of income, patents etc. DeShamBo and McIllroy would have a case because it affects them more than it does Mr 275y Average (Total yards lost). I would still think that
  5. Having this argument with my dad. Love to hear other thoughts. Our course has reopened, first game Saturday. I am intending to only being my irons, which will be a 3i To LW one length. No driver, no fairways, which I normally play. Reason being, even though I've been practicing some, online lessons, two swing modifications, I'm going to be rusty as an old windmill. With irons, the damage won't be as bad, but neither will I be able to get anywhere near to all the hole in 2 like I would normally. So expecting not a great score, and will record a high handicap roun
  6. I'm curious if the smallest standard deviations from the ball test last year, especially with the compression and shot area, are also reflective of quality this year.
  7. Are you saying the reigning Master Champion is a has been?
  8. I was happy with the service and products with https://www.clubstamping.com/, only problem is I've found it super hard to actually make a consistent stamp. I'm actually thinking next time I want something stamped, I'll be getting an expert to do it. The textas they supply are very good. I've used them to paint my clubs and the fill is still there on the sole of my putter and rear of wedges, which I figure are the hardest wearing parts where I've painted.
  9. Is anyone able to explain why it's okay that there is the steel part that the fibreglass sleeve goes over? I would have thought that there was a glaring weak spot for the torque. Really would have thought it to be a fibreglass rod also, just an adapter to the .355 and .370 shafts.
  10. 1) I'd like to see the market leader (Titleist) ball lab results released first. Especially when everyone could argue have the best QA. 2) Follow up ball lab: What method best aligns a (misshapen) ball. The Epsom salts (Get my boy Bryson onto it), the Check- Go ball spinning machine, balancing arm/ ramp. 3) I'd love to ask Bridgestone or Srixon (Those that Tony is cursing trying to find the seam) for a box of ball where the seam is more visible and do a 2019 ball test. See thw difference there.
  11. Well thanks to all you buggers in this thread, you just convinced me to buy one. At least I'll look cool three putting.
  12. Got 'given' a shop soiled F-Max Superlite head to play around with, and decided to weigh it, and was quite disappointed in the 'super light' head. So essentially we make a super light head by just removing the hosel!
  13. Used to rock a 7W when I started to actually get into golf, replacing a 3Hy. Loved it. Had the height characteristics, and didn't hook it (nearly as often) as the hybrid or iron. Hit it the same distance, just flight characteristics were different. A good video you might want to watch from the boys at TXG.
  14. The missus loves hers - She has an X-Tank. There isn't much point of her putting another long club in her bag, but the chipper gives her confidence and makes her happier on the course. Is it a crutch for someone who isn't very good? Sure. But we're not professionals. I use it out on the course every now and again for the fun of it. And the are fun.
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