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  1. I've decided that the golf (Tournament/ match) journalism sucks. This morning, was reading about the cricket last night in Perth. One article, was able to get a brief report about how each bowler and batter played. Despite only scoring 12, Wade looked solid then had a brain fade. Smith in his 40 something looked out of sorts (Even for him). Grandhomme, despite only getting one wicket, made a huge team impact and by slowing his pace a fraction, increased his control significantly, should keep doing that. Now if it wasn't for the scoreboard itself, I wouldn't have known my boy DeChambeau played. Even Eldrick, aside from 'well', I don't know how the GOAT played. Was he hot on the driver, was it his irons or wedges or putting that made him hot. Golf media really needs to look at the (Aussie Rules) footy analysis for the standard... I would have thought at least a player ratingout of 10 would be good, driving approach putting.
  2. Not sure if you heard, practice round at Royal Melbourne... "On the first tee, from America... The Excavator"
  3. I'm wanting to hear from anyone who has tested the SZ Big Tour Fairway, and previously has played the Cobra LTDs to compare.
  4. It's a bit too crispy around Sydney at the moment... I'll take the rain!
  5. Looks like it's going to be s*** weather for El Presidente's Cuppe. Typical of Melbourne weather. Can't do a bloody thing right.
  6. If I'm not watching my lad Bryson, I've really enjoyed the LPGA and LET for this reason. Even the European tour is better.
  7. It's a shame the graph can't distinguish automatically the subsequent responses from the first question. Would love to see that info.
  8. Generational difference. I'm going to watch the and the myself,
  9. Okay, so to clarify then since I must have been unclear... I had steel shafts for all my irons, including the 3i. I was curious that the shafts I've set up for generally get heavier from Driver to LW, ie 60g to 70g, jumped to 105g for the C-Taper, then down to 95g for Tour 90s, 105g, then 115g. I want to improve the consistency of the 3i in particular. Distance wise, it fits in gapping perfectly, and it's my go to club off the tee at my home course. 4 out of 5 times it's my most accurate and workable club, but that fifth is that kangaroo loose in the top paddock. I was wondering if a lighter shaft would address the inconsistency, as I don't flunk my 4W the same way, so I'm not thinking it's a length issue. I tried a Aldila Rogue Black 85g (Which fits in the low to high curve). Huge loss of distance. Also the Aldila Synergy. Because I'm a brand b*txt, I was looking at the $- Taper Lite at 95g which while not lighter, fits in that light to heavy idea.
  10. Looking at replacing my KBS C-Taper Lite with the $- Taper Lite, for my Cobra Utility 3 iron. Currently can only really hit the 3 iron off the tee with any confidence. Had a go with a graphite shaft but lost distance that made it not worth having the club in the bag. Thought would be going for the lighter shaft would improve striking off the tee, and improving consistency overall, and that the steel shaft is more likely to keep the distance. Anyone thinking this would be the case?
  11. Oh my goodness. Always bought the synthetic gloves, being significantly cheaper. Then I forgot mine, ended up buying a Cabramatta leather by Bridgestone... Nearly through out all my non-wet weather synthetics straight then and there. Huge difference in feel and comfort!
  12. When Your Technique Is The Problem, Not The Equipment... Blame the equipment anyway and buy new toys...
  13. Goodness, I love my KBS. I'm actually amazed at how I can feel the progression different shafts. Never really got the same feeling with True Temper, though percormance is just as good.
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