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  1. @B.Boston, because I love the challenge of playing devil's advocate... 1) There's limits on drivers for distance, so why not balls? If we look at Most Wanted Ball data, cap compression at 100, this would punish faster swing speed players more than slower, evening the field more. 2) Lol, I can't think of a decent argument against better fitness or technique. Maybe... Olympic Competitive Walking (Pfft, not a sport, but should be there more than golf IMHO) as evidence that bigger stronger faster better isn't required in a sport? 3) Like all things, water usage is dependent on heaps of things... On one hand, less may be needed because ground is shaded, on the other more photosynthesis means more water needed... Really, I've got nothing!
  2. In my uneducated opinion, if I were on tour... I'd give this some serious thought. A 20 week season vs a 43? 46? Plus extra events? Week season, with my family... I'd give it some serious thought from the time perspective. What other season goes for so long, even if you don't have to play in every event?
  3. When growing the grass... Just narrowing the fairways to put a premium on accuracy, and allow the big hits if they're good enough or would you follow this thought process. When this course was designed by >whoever<, they were thinking 250m drive followed by a 200m shot in. We want to stop players hitting 320m, wedge in. We will stop the fairway and put genuine rough from 250m to 350m all the way across the general play area, to force players to lay up or if they do, they can do it out of long grass. It also seems an Australian thing... The rough is a lottery. Watching the Vic Open, if you get in the rough, it could be sitting deep down in long stuff with some pigface holding it, or be on bare dirt. Would that lottery so a good thing or a bad thing?
  4. According to MGS, it seems X actually has more back spin on wedge shots... Was the problem with irons and Driver?
  5. Increase mass as long as you don't decrease speed
  6. Release date anyone? Keeping an eye on these for the father in law. Otherwise been looking at the TaylorMade Milled Grind.
  7. Watching his performance live at Royal Melbourne... can't say it worked too well for my boy. Too much change in too short a period of time, so looked pretty rusty. Hadwin was keeping up with the distance no problem. Given that DeChambeau was already one of the longer players on tour, I would have thought his gains would have been for more control (Since able to hit at 80% rather than 90%)
  8. Anyone done testing on matte ball distances versus shiny ball distances? I'm convinced the Bridgestone e12s suffer for it.
  9. Can't decide if you're calling him an American version of 'Yuppies' or saying yes!
  10. 1) Baffler rails. 2) Have you considered a F9 Tour 4-5W cranked back. It's a little bit of me that I don't get along with hybrids (They're hookers), but I'm favouring an F8+ 4-5W with a shorter shaft as a super hybrid.
  11. Pulled out the lead tape, but got far too concerned about how it looked on the bottom (So neat!) that I forgot to put any on the top. Now just hitting airplanes and not getting any run.
  12. Might need to weigh them first... Done this, took them to the lab to weigh them... The 16g weight came in at 14.2g, and the 12g came in at 14.8g!
  13. Two ways to view it... One is a momentum collision, where mass and velocity are as good as each other (And the low mass of the golf ball means it goes off), ie total momentum before has to be the same after. [p=mv] The other way is kinetic energy, where the velocity is more important to keep up (m vs v^2). That energy transfers to the ball. [E=0.5mv^2]. So in both you can increase mass to hit it further, but can't be at the expense of velocity, but could be more effect to work on speed instead. But then you get the odd person like me who can muscle, but not do it quickly.
  14. I've grabbed an old shaft (Aldila Phenom) and cut it short, and put a tungsten counterweight in, and increased the head weight some more (Already rocking a 16g weight and a 25g in the back). Just tape at this stage.
  15. Step back? But I guess check out the lie if the club when you do swing it. Find some tape to see if it's uniform across or not.
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