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  1. Info on the new Honma TR21X irons is out, and damn, do they look good! https://mygolfspy.com/honma-tr21x-irons-a-new-players-distance-option/ Looks to me like a cross between the P770 and the Forged Tec, and trying to bridge the gap between player's distance and GI irons. If the results from the Honma driver forum test are any indication, some folks are in for major yardage gains with these things! What do you think, would you give them a shot?
  2. Interested to see how reviews of this compare to the ExPutt system. Will be following along with these reviews for sure!
  3. For the second week in a row I ran up against the highest-scoring team in the league. Just my luck...!
  4. I don't know who dropped him, but I should've bid higher than I did for him.
  5. Going through the scores, it looks like putting up over 125 points gives you about a 55% chance of winning. So of course, that means I put up 125.8 and lost both of my matchups...
  6. That was a thought I had with the system - It would be nice to be able to simulate downhill and uphill puts in practice mode. Perhaps someone better at physics than me can help out here, but I haven't been able to calculate an easy approximation for the effect of slope on necessary putt velocity to hit a target distance. For example, it would be very easy if I knew that an inch/foot of elevation change on a putt required 30% more/less ball velocity. Then if I was looking at a 30-foot putt where the hole was about 12" below the ball and the greens were running at a 9, I could take my normal ball speed for a putt of that length (8 mph) and subtract 10%, and know that a 7.2 mph putt will get me close. I have yet to work out any equations because it's been years since I did anything like this while considering friction, but I suspect that it wouldn't be a linear relationship, which would likely preclude me from coming up with a simple system that I could estimate while reading a putt.
  7. I agree, it's like a full sim system. Without a coach to walk you through some of the numbers, it's easy to draw the wrong conclusion. I mentioned that in my review as well - it would be easy to see on the screen that your face angle is all over the place from left to right and think that you need to do a better job controlling the club face, when in reality the issue is that the ball is hitting towards the toe and the heel, deflecting the club face. So what you thought was the cause of your problems was actually a result of a different problem. And that's with a pretty easy-to-understand number that the system gives you - it gets much more confusing when you're dealing with poorly-explained putting stats.
  8. Inspired by John Rahm, I was practicing my 50-footers last night:
  9. If you go to the "Draft" tab on the webpage, and then click "Pre-Draft" it will tell you the specific time of your draft, including the time zone.
  10. Hey, at least I specifically hoped for the fairway and not the cart path!!
  11. And if that trend does change, let's hope it happens in the middle of the fairway and that someone get it on video!
  12. I was getting ready to play the entire season under protest!
  13. That's true, but often those are changes you can expect or identify. For example, if the practice green is in full sun and the green on the first hole is in the shade, I can expect it to be slower. I was mainly referring to some municipal courses I've played where they put almost no effort into maintaining the practice green, so it's not at all similar to the on-course greens.
  14. Yeah, the changes I've made to my putting stroke definitely rely on the practice green being a similar speed to the actual greens. If they're much different you're kinda screwed.
  15. Played 9 holes yesterday with my brother and a couple of his friends. I was struggling with my ball-striking, which is normally pretty good, and wasn't getting anywhere close to the pin when I did manage to hit the green. Still managed to walk away with a 2-putt on every hole. I especially notice the difference from inside 4 feet - I can step up to a 3 foot putt now and it feels like a tap-in, whereas previously I was always nervous that I would miss.
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