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  1. Well there's your problem - you should be $SPTH
  2. Berger withdrew this morning. Too bad, would've love to see him carry some momentum from Pebble Beach into this weekend.
  3. I take it you drafted Collin too?
  4. Right, but I'm saying that if Person A currently has pending a waiver claim for the same player that you want, and then Person B has a pending waiver claim for a different player (that involves dropping the player that you and Person A both want) then the system might automatically hold your waiver claim until Wednesday with the hopes of giving both you and Person A the player, rather than giving it to Person A and you missing out on your waiver claim, and then wondering when you check why your waiver claim was denied when the player you want is available. I'm not saying that's what's hap
  5. Just a thought - maybe someone has a pending waiver claim that includes dropping the player you're looking for - in that case it might make sense for the system to delay your claim until Wednesday (rather than deny it on Tuesday and have that player immediately become available).
  6. If it was a golfer who someone else dropped as part of a waiver pickup on Tuesday morning, then they would be on waivers until Wednesday morning I believe.
  7. Home page is telling me "Don't forget to set your lineup before....." I'm assuming with our scoring type that's not necessary? Just want to make sure that I'm not misunderstanding.
  8. I find that they tend to run a bit long (they advertise their size 10 as an EU44, while most other brands IME say it's an EU43) and the width doesn't work for everyone. The stock insoles in mine eventually collapsed as well, but by that point the lugs were worn down to almost nothing and they had a few hundred miles on harsh trails on them. Since I started this thread I've replaced them with a pair of Hoka One One Speedgoats, which have a similar stack height and lug design but cushier foam in the midsole and a bit less stiff (and fit the shape of my feet a bit better). I've also always found
  9. They told me in August that they were in the process of working on the full swing simulator, but didn't give any info about a timeline.
  10. National Weather Service has released a wind warning for my area for this afternoon - gusts up to 60 mph. I'm thinking now would be the time to get out on the course, find a nice open fairway looking downwind, and get some of those Bryson carry numbers. 400 yard drives, here I come!
  11. In my other league my brother is in the final matchup this week, and he also has both Kamara and Diggs. Non-PPR league, and he has a 60+ point lead. A crazy weekend for fantasy matchups everywhere!
  12. It' a 90+ point lead now. It's over!
  13. I have a tee time scheduled for tomorrow morning with my brother (it's a Christmas Eve tradition for us) but we had some unexpected snow two days ago that is still sticking around, so I'm gonna have to go pick up some colored balls. I'm thinking of going with red for that Christmas feel...
  14. Depending on what color the face of your putter is you might have to resort to putting the stickers on the putter face. Doing that totally resolved any issues with not getting face/path numbers. You can see (at least on my putter) the stickers at address, but I got used to it very quickly. It could be that additional lighting would fix the problem as well, but that wasn't really an option for my situation.
  15. I'd imagine that there's a pretty significant backlog of orders, like at every other company this holiday season with so much less in-person shopping... Have you tried reaching out to them at all? I've found the folks that run their Instagram page to be super responsive. Might be worth a shot to at least get an idea of when it will ship.
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