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  1. My first vehicle was an 89 Chevy C1500. Bought it off my cousin who did most of the body work but then had the original V6 engine blow up on him. I built a custom TBI 350. Incredibly impractical (could break the back end loose at 50 mph on dry pavement) but a ton of fun.
  2. My new rangefinder arrived today - now I just need to find time to get out on the course with it!
  3. Managed to get a screaming deal on a Precision Pro NX10. Just hope that they don't cancel my order and that it ships soon.....
  4. I love my UNRL hoodie - my wife got it for me a couple years ago for my birthday.
  5. I have a handful of Christmas money that I'm considering dropping on a rangefinder, so I'll be following this test with some interest for sure!
  6. I think it's a combination of a few factors. My Radspeed irons (the red pattern) definitely have hotter faces and lower lofts, so I think that accounts for the ball speed loss. I think the different shaft impacted the dynamic loft more than anything else, given that the Mizuno has 5° more static loft, but only delivered 2° more dynamic loft. The lie angle probably accounts for the more left-biased dispersion on the Mizuno, but I also feel like that's something that can be fixed without too much trouble.
  7. Did a bag analysis at Modern Golf in Vancouver last week. Didn't make any changes, but enjoyed having the opportunity to go through my full bag with someone and get their perspectives and thoughts on my equipment, my swing, and how it all fits together. The one thing that my fitter recommended is that the next upgrade I make is to a new iron set. Just for fun, at the end of the fitting he threw me into a Mizuno MP 223 7-iron with a Modus 105X shaft, which he figured would be a good fit for me. (definitely a nice ego boost to have a fitter tell you they think you should be in a players cavity iron with an x-stiff shaft!) It was a few degrees flatter than my current 7-iron, with 5 degrees less loft, but it was really nice to hit and I was really impressed with the results. I don't think there's any way I can convince my wife to let me buy a new set of irons next year, but maybe in 2024...
  8. For me a big part of it is recognizing that my miss isn't consistent through the bag, and planning my shots accordingly. With longer clubs my miss is a cut, but with shorter clubs it's a pull (9-iron is about where that switches over for me). So even if the pin is dead center of the green with no trouble anywhere, I'm aiming 5 yards right of the pin on a 130-yard shot, and 5 yards left of the pin on a 165-yard shot. That way the pin remains in the center of my typical dispersion.
  9. Had an unexpected weather window yesterday, and managed to get out for a quick round at Raspberry Ridge. Course handicap is a 14 (on a par 68), and and I shot a gross 77 (+9) for a net 63 (-5). 7 net birdies, and a long drive of 248. Overall not a bad day!
  10. I think Cobra is in a much better place than Wilson though because although they may have similar market shares, Cobra has a much younger demographic. Think Padraig Harrington vs DeChambeau/Berkshire. I see Cobra drivers fairly regularly out on the course, but primarily in the bags of under-30 players.
  11. Given how negative a lot of the coverage has been (including always referring to LIV golfers as "defectors") I highly doubt they are being paid. I've done some work with media, and across the board all that matters is clicks, regardless of how people feel about the topic. Even if the majority of the people who are clicking those links hate LIV and hope to see it fail, those are still clicks that get them ad revenue. And the fact that you're posting about it in this thread proves that even if you don't like the LIV tour, you're still thinking about it and willing to share your opinion, which is all the media outlets care about.
  12. Probably about as high on the leaderboard as I'm going to get - we are fully in the rainy season here.
  13. Wasn’t expecting to be able to get out for a round this week, but the stars aligned so that weather was good this afternoon and I had finished work for the week, so I headed out to Homestead Farms. Played from the blue tees today, so had a course handicap of 15. Gross 91, net 76 for a +4. Long drive was 297, and I had 3 net birdies. Not a great round, but had a few shots that I’m really happy with, and my putting was good.
  14. I'm in - should be able to get my baseline swing speed figured out sometime next week.
  15. Impressed with Phil so far - all square with Cam Smith with 5 holes to play, and it looks like their match is going to determine which team advances.
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