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  1. Actually I realized that it randomizes the standings before the season starts... So of course I refreshed the page until I was 1st. Let's go!
  2. Off to a good start this year - standings currently have me in 17th place! (Only bragging because this will undoubtedly be the highest position in the standings I achieve this year).
  3. Is it possible to re-arrange players on the bench? If so, we can just make the standard that the player at the top of the bench automatically takes the place of any WDs. (In other fantasy leagues I've played you can't change the place on the bench, but don't recall from last year how Fantrax does it)
  4. Season is long over for us, but Christmas vacation with the family meant all the guys went to the TopTracer range close to our AirBnB. My future brother-in-law let me try his Sim2 with a Hzrds Green 70X shaft. I hadn’t swung a club for over a month, and was consistently hitting straight drives over 250 yards in 12* temps. My Radspeed XB should be worried…
  5. I find that the Radspeed 5w launches incredibly easy with the Motore X F3 shaft - my swing speed is higher than yours, but I feel like with that club in particular I benefit from easing back on my swing a bit and just instead focus on being smooth. Incredibly forgiving too - the 3 impacts in this video were all over the face, but still ended up in the same area.
  6. Hosting a big ole party tonight! Wife and I have never been big partiers, but now that we have our own house with the space to host, and since I just turned 30, we figured it was a good excuse to get together with a whole bunch of folks.
  7. Maybe it's just a foot sweat difference between us. I know a lot of folks who do trail running (admittedly much different than golf, but while we're on the topic of sweaty feet) have moved away from waterproof shoes for the simple fact that your feet will get wet one way or another, and when you're out on the trails for hours the more important question is how fast do your shoes dry out. In that case the waterproofing that keeps water out also keeps water in. I tend to sweat a lot in general (even at near freezing temps when I'm running I wear shorts) so on hot summer days my feet will always sweat. The difference is whether or not that sweat gets trapped in the shoes or not.
  8. All my socks are merino wool hiking/running socks. It’s the same thing trail running - if I’m wearing GoreTex shoes on a hot day, feet are gonna get wet.
  9. I find that having a single pair of shoes is difficult for keeping feet dry. If your shoes aren't waterproof, your feet will get wet on rainy days. If your shoes are waterproof, your feet will get wet (from sweat) on hot and sunny days.
  10. Arccos claims that it takes tee-shot position when accounting for strokes gained on approach. I have no way to verify that claim, but based on my approach strokes gained and the frequency with which I’m hitting out from under trees I’m inclined to believe it.
  11. I did have a few rounds on firmer courses where the 58° was really good from 60-70 yards, but on courses that were soft it didn't work for me at all. To be fair I have a pretty steep angle of attack on my wedges, but I didn't even get the lowest bounce version of the 58° - it has 8° of bounce, but coming from the CBX that has 11° and a much wider sole it was a world of difference. I really enjoyed the benefits of the Arccos. It verified some things that I already thought I knew (positive strokes gained on everything inside 100 yards except sand shots) but also taught me some new things about weaknesses in my game that I didn't recognize (I lose more strokes off the tee than I do on approach shots, even though I've always thought that I was much better off the tee than with my irons). That particular piece of info has made me more willing to pull the plug on my driver early in the round if I'm struggling and stick with woods off the tee, and I actually managed to shoot a 37 on the back 9 at Shuksan (82 overall) after deciding to leaving driver and 3-wood in the bag after hole 4 (only time I've broken 40 on 9).
  12. Even with a cart path bounce (or 2) that’s an impressive drive!
  13. Big project right now is putting in a fence. Backyard is 60’ x 220’ so it’s gonna be a lot of work, but we’re off to a good start. Despite what the image embedder is trying to suggest, I don't live in Australia.
  14. Congrats! I've been playing with the Tour X for the last month, and will switch to the Tour as temps continue to drop, so I'm interested to hear what the testers think!
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