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  1. Know someone who needs help in the putting department? Send them this: https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/partner-content/golfer-most-in-need-of-a-l-a-b-putter/ I know I'll be sending it to my brother - in each of the last 3 rounds we've played together, he's had 4+ lip-outs from inside 5 feet!
  2. Got someone interested in trading me a Scotty Flowback 5.5 for my 5wood and 7wood (Radspeed 5, 0341X 7). What do you all think?
  3. Just got an email about SuperSpeed's discounts - 25-35% off depending on what set you get. https://superspeedgolf.com/pages/black-friday-speed-training
  4. Wearing my Crossover II hoodie right now. $39 is an absolute steal!
  5. I know on the SuperSpeed test we had a couple of us experience injuries from training. Anyone run into that issue here with the Stack?
  6. Sounds like the S159 is the replacement for the glide series. Going back to a bit more of a traditional shape. Definitely a cleaner look too.
  7. Thinking about new wedges next year, and when Mizuno announced the T24 I thought that would be the way to go. But then I saw the new Ping S159, and I think that's the new leader. If you were going to get new wedges next year, what would be your first choice right now as it stands - one of the new offerings? Or stick with a Vokey, MG4, or something else already released?
  8. That's funny, I played baseball when I was younger as well, but for me I only wore my glove when batting. In the back pocket when baserunning and fielding. Carry that over to golf - it's always in my back pocket except when hitting a club (except for putter).
  9. After delays due to injury, starting a new job, and fighting tech gremlins trying to complete the video editing, my final review is up! You can watch it here, or head back to my initial review post to see some additional comments and my final score.
  10. New (to me) irons and the Cayce headcover looking mighty nice in the bag.....
  11. Was knocked out by a mystery illness last week, but still working on the video editing. I suspect my final score will be quite a bit different that what other folks have put out there.....
  12. A little eye candy for you all while I'm working on video editing for my final review. Something about that fall weather that makes colors pop...
  13. App also freezes for me as soon as I click the link to "Add Launch Monitor".
  14. Just picked up the Dumpster Fire one for my 3-wood, and a GOAT fairway cover as a Christmas gift for my brother-in-law. Really impressed with the quality of the Cayce stuff (plus it goes on and off so much easier than the stock Cobra offerings).
  15. You notice any difference with the yellow balls vs white? I was kind of surprised to see the spin differences in the ball test that MGS published today, with yellow ProV1s spinning significantly less than white ones.
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