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  1. Faldo really seems to think that Bryson's wedge problems stem from using graphite shafts. Someone should tell him that it's the 21st century now, and graphite-shafted irons aren't just for seniors anymore.
  2. Put in 15.7 miles in a little under 3 hours today. Instead of driving to the local park to do the 11km loop trail, I ran out there, ran the loop, and then ran back. Adrenaline-boosting moment of the run was a little over half an hour in, when I was running a connector trail between two roads and had a large branch fall from 60 feet up and land 3 feet behind me. I heard the crack, looked up and saw it coming, and gave an extra little burst to get away from it. The branch was large enough that if it had hit me I would for sure be in the hospital, and it would've had the potential to be fatal. I'm thankful that I've spent enough time in the woods that I've been around naturally falling trees and knew instantly what the crack sound I heard was. If you've never been around that, it sounds like a cross between the sound your axe makes when splitting kindling and a gunshot. Before I even saw the branch I knew it was coming and was ready to dodge it. Overall an eventful day, and I will sleep really well tonight!
  3. Really struggled yesterday. Rain kept getting worse as the day went on, and was especially messing with my iron shots. Driver started well and then fell apart on the back nine, and even my safe play 5-iron off the tee wasn't working for me. My frustration was growing exponentially towards the end of the back 9, and on two instances stepped up to 20 foot putts and just casually hit them towards the hole without reading the line or the slope at all (somehow they both went in!). Ended up only hitting 43% fairways and 11% GIR. Despite all my frustrations and multiple blow-up holes, I was very surprised when I got back to the parking lot after the round, checked the scorecard, and saw that I had carded a 96 (net +3). The fact that I can have a round feel that terrible, and yet have my handicap go down by a full point, tells me that I have the opportunity to continue to push my handicap down further this year.
  4. You mean you don't have anything better to do than read 20 pages of meaningless drivel written by people who spend their days looking out the window at the mailbox, waiting for the shiny pieces of metal that will magically increase their self-esteem?!? /s
  5. Over my last 10 rounds I vary from +13 to +46 (range from net is -3 to +29) Now I wish I hadn't looked...
  6. Phil is looking really good going into the weekend, hope he can keep it up!
  7. Looks awesome, I'm jealous!
  8. Just improves the odds for the rest of us.
  9. I think that's the first time this entire thread that you've said something intelligent!
  10. Exactly what I was thinking - if I started the round with a few bogies and ended with a few birdies to shoot even par, I'd be ecstatic. If I started with a few birdies and ended with a few bogies to shoot even par, I'd be incredibly disappointed.
  11. gavinski91


    I'd say pretty much the same - I try to bring at least 9 balls in my bag for every round. I recently stocked up on 4a Srixon Q-Star Tours and they've been treating me well - I spent $60 CAD on 5 dozen, that should last me a while.
  12. gavinski91


    I prefer my partners to do well, but I'm still competitive - in an ideal situation we'll be tied going into 18 and I'll beat them by one stroke I think part of the reason is that I want to be able to share my excitement when I hit a good shot, but I feel bad celebrating a great approach shot to get a GIR when my playing partner is sitting 6 after putting 2 into the water.
  13. If you really want to up the ante, for a 9-hole course you have to birdie every hole twice!
  14. Played Homestead Farms in Lynden, and went 46-46 for 20-over-par 92, my personal best at that course (net score of -2), but the two nines couldn't have looked any more different. Front nine was full of highs and lows. Triple bogey on 1 and 4, but managed to get to the green in 2 on the par-5 third hole and 3-putt for par, one of three pars that 9. Back nine I totally lost my touch with the putter (20 putts on back 9) but managed to grind out a bunch of really tough bogeys, and ended the day with a GIR+3 putt bogey on 18, the signature hole with an island green (I've been told it's the only par 5 hole with an island green in Washington State, but I can't confirm that).
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