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  1. Ended up taking 8.5 weeks to receive them. They sure are purdy. Couple range sessions so far and loving them.
  2. Week 8 from order date. Was told they were to be built last week and shipped this week. Patiently waiting...
  3. As I await for my fitted Mizuno 223/225 combo set to come in the next few weeks, I have turned my eyes towards hybrids and woods. Went for a fitting this past Sunday. I have never done a fitting in this part of my bag and it is much needed. Mostly because I have stock light and flexy shafts not suited to me. I started at 3/4 hybrids and 5 woods. Coming from a 3/4 Cobra King F7 dialed down to 19°., it has too much offset to keep at standard. Not to mention a stock S shaft that feels super flexy. It required me to slow my club head speed significantly down to properly load and make solid contact. Still treats me well but not a lot of stopping power. 208 carry, 228 total on Trackman that day. So a less offset head and stiffer/heavier shaft is what I was looking for. I struggled with consistency as we explored a few shaft and head combinations. Had some success with the Srixon ZX in the HZRDUS 6.0 80g shaft. My body for some reason loves the HZRDUS line. Tsi2, TSi3 saw some success as well. But once I had the Mitsubishi MMT 80X in the Cobra King Tec 3H 19° head, my consistency lit up. The King Tec looked great at address with the two tone "Taylormade" famous look as well as in the super hybrid/utility wood size look to it. Slightly bigger than the traditional hybrids and slightly smaller than a 5 or 3W. Not to mention, it is super adjustable, rare in the hybrid space. Adjustable hosel for loft and lie as well as a three weight system. One weight in the toe, one in the center of the club, and one in the heel. Since I wanted to hit it into greens, my spin and landing angle were too low to achieve this. Adjusting the 3H higher would have closed the face and not worked for me. I want to avoid the lefty low spin dive bombs. Fitter popped in the 4H 21° turned down to 20° on the MMT. With it a tad more open and 1° extra loft, my spin popped up 900rpm vs the 3H, carry down 4 yards and total down 8. Club and shaft were negating my overdraw tenancies and ball flight was glued to the center line. Last year, Matt Blois saw some awesome results with it too when he was still working with TXG: Looking at my 7 iron warm up, it was a very slow day for me coming off of a stomach bug and in the midst of a sinus infection. I was 8mph down normal speeds. Sheesh. I expect I will get a little extra spin, distance, and a little less roll out. And less roll out when I hit real world greens and not Trackman carpet fairways. Then we tested 5 woods. The 5 wood numbers looked very close to my hybrid numbers. Still need a lot of work on my AoA. The look of a wood makes me want to hit up on it more so I hit the 5 woods a bit more thin on average and couldn't get the consistency. Going to do the club in between driver and the King Tec next. With this fitting result, I am intrigued by the Callaway Apex UW as a possible traditional 3W replacement. My friend has seen great results with it as well. It is a beast at hybrid shaft length. I would want to hit this club off the tee as an alternative to driver as well as off the deck in those rare occasions. Open to suggestions!
  4. Appreciate the illustration. I'll give the new batteries theory a try. Right, agree with the trends. Why do you go with the variation of the placement?
  5. @edingc Just sent you a comment on another post, checked out this and I'm guessing you are in West Michigan like me with Jake at CC and formerly MH! Nice review! I have some gift cards for CC that I need to redeem. Never have been there before and appreciate the review, nice job. Would you say Jake is the best there? Also, who's your coach and how do you like them? What have they helped with the most? I've never had lessons and am maybe testing the waters and researching some around here. Nice chatting with a fellow West Michigander.
  6. Are you referring to the Swing Speed Radar? I feel like something changed with mine and cannot get accurate readings. It seems to be 10-15mph off compared to Trackman. I feel like it used to work pretty accurately 2 years ago, but now I can't seem to get an accurate reading. I believe I've had it in the correct setting and the recommended placement. I've looked at the online forums and YouTube videos. Curious what your settings and placement looks like.
  7. Did you need to bend lofts to make the combo work?
  8. Will do and you do the same! Yeah I'm not too beat up about it with my MP-18s. I will miss the blade look in my bag. Just looking for the added forgiveness 6-4 and a more correct shaft for me.
  9. Your patience is admirable. Nonetheless, I expect to have mine in time for a better part of the season (late spring/start of summer) 2.5 weeks in after ordering.
  10. The 2° stronger difference in 225 (30°) 7 iron vs the 223 (32°) 7 iron got me 10 extra yards. 223's could still very well be in play for you if you still want a softer feel. You can easily bend them stronger and get very similar yardage to the 225's if you want. I'm sure the FT's will treat you well! Hard to go wrong with anything in the market today. The OEM's have done well to keep up with each other across the board. Mostly comes down to looks and feel of each club with very marginal performance gains, if any.
  11. @chisag My apologies. I said higher handicap and I should have clarified that it is for higher handicap than blade players. Higher handicap has definitely changed in my mindset to be 10-20 in MyGolfSpy's forum as most involved in this forum are no higher than that. A lot of good golfers here. Mizuno I believe often mentions 10+ handicap with some lower handicaps adding them in the long irons for extra help (don't exactly quote me on that). And when the product team is discussing the irons, they typically say higher handicap in reference to the other clubs, while mentioning the handicap range. So not super high handicap for sure. Players Distance. Good players seeking more distance/forgiveness for sure. You are correct in thinking it is not a GI iron with a ton of offset and we are on the same page with who should play this iron. Yes, I agree on the distance piece 100% and mentioned that. My father in fact finally got fitted and gained substantial distance moving from a more traditional loft set to the P790 and his handicap is similar to mine. The person I was responding to was mentioning the Mizuno feel and that is why he is wanting to get rid of his 225s. The 225s aren't going to feel the best. The Mizuno feel is exclusively about their blades and small cavity forged irons. You are not going to get the coveted Mizuno feel from a hollow body iron or a GI club. It has to be a forged blade or a small cavity club. But yes, 225s could very well feel better than P790s. I too have not compared them against each other.
  12. That should be expected since they are a hollow body, made with chromoly 8-4, and include tungsten in most of the set. They are for higher handicap, slower swing speed players looking for forgiveness and distance as well as the blade aesthetic. Not feel. If you prioritize the Mizuno forged feeling you'll get that from the 223 PW-8 as they are the 1025e steel fully forged like the 221 blades, a better feel with the 223s than in the 225s in the 7-4. Obviously the 221, JPX Tours and JPX Forged will have great forged, soft feeling as well. I will say the 225s still feel better to me than other players distance irons. If feel is what you really want over distance and forgiveness, go with the 221s. Or 223s are a nice blended set of feel then forgiveness and distance in the mid to long irons. I wanted the best of both worlds. The blade buttery feel and then forgiveness and distance where I needed it. 223 PW-6 and 225 in the 5 and 4. Hope this helps!
  13. I agree. I don't mind a little distance gain and forgiveness over blades/split cavity but I do want to increase the spin on these, through swing changes and loft weakening as I prioritize consistent distance and stopping power. You lose some of that consistency through a lack of spin. Curious what height and landing angle will then look like.
  14. This is where I'm curious too. I'd love to add a more spin for more stopping power and I'll likely need to adjust some lofts for some gap jumps. TXG when Matty was still there, they saw a large gap between the blade like PW to the techy 7. 49 yard carry difference with two clubs in the middle after strengthening the PW 1°. I definitely see me changing a lot of lofts to tighten those gaps to no more than 15/17 yards. All depends on my numbers I'll share those results likely in 3-5 months Got to have my irons arrive and then hit them a bit before a gap session lol
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