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  1. I really like The Grints stat section, free handicap, and friends aspect. Superior over 18birdies. I think I'll be using The Grint and 18birdies app combined . I'll be testing both upgraded features with their free trial at the same time maybe starting in about a month hopefully.
  2. Thanks, gents. Makes sense. I did at least find on the desktop version of the site under stats that it does calculate your handicap attested or not, just not placed on your profile or USGA card. Appreciate the feedback to the get confirmed handicap.
  3. De-lofting is a good point. I feel like at address I don't but maybe through the swing. Maybe too focused on downward angle of attack. Your comment also made me think I may not be choking down on the club enough. The clubs are standard and I'm supposed to be about an inch shorter. I'll have to re-measure. Maybe make some lines or tape on my clubs to be consistent. Not worth it to me to get them cut if I plan on actually getting fit for new ones in the next few years.
  4. Well said and I agree. I've become so much more knowledgeable in such a short time frame.
  5. For me I believe the trajectories are too low for each degree of iron compared to others. I've seen fitting videos where a better fit for higher launch and steeper descent angle play a huge factor in holding greens better, because of less roll out and more spin. I think I might have too piercing of a trajectory.
  6. How about fittings there? Are they thourough, explain things, test multiple shafts, lie angles?
  7. Driver I have the ball way up in my stance, but maybe every 5th or 6th driver I push it right.
  8. Driver through 5 iron I typically don't have that problem (driver I occasionally push right). I start to push more often starting around 7 through 9 or PW. So my typical second shot into the green.
  9. Currently, it typically goes straight right with no draw back to the left. That's the reason I want to tinker with my ball position, moving it up further and also work on my swing path/bending my wrist a little more to entice the face to close more. I agree, thanks. So my swing path should be the biggest component to work on then right? Ball position may help a little, but it sounds like I need less in to out. I would rather have a slight draw or straight iron shot. The goal is to get it straight to where I aim.
  10. I just downloaded it today and uploaded my scores from last year. I really like the stats feature and handicap. Stats feature is comparable to 18birdies and GolfLogix. Was able to see what my USGA handicap would be, but not confirmed. Do you get yours confirmed? How do you go about doing it? So far from looking at 18birdies, GolfLogix, and The Grint I want to combine key features from each since some either don't offer them or lack: Ultimate Golf App 18birdies: GPS/Caddie club recommendations for each distance (accounts for wind and elevation) feature. You can select the exact club a
  11. Taylormade RAC HT. They are a typical cavity back. I would say they have a low-to-mid trajectory for each club which I know will affect holding greens. I was just at a simulator on Sunday to dial in my new driver and woods, didn't pay attention to my iron spin/launch dang it. Any thoughts on the face angle typically staying open for me?
  12. Questions: Can game improvement irons make it harder to close the face if you have a lot of clubhead speed? (strike and distance are not a problem for me) Is it harder to hold greens with game improvement irons? My long game, wedge, and putting game are pretty strong. Hit my driver pretty consistent 270-290 etc. and is pretty accurate. It's my iron game that gives me fits and doesn't really provide me too many opportunities for birdies, driving my handicap higher. ( I could probably cut my handicap down by at least 3-5 points if I could figure my irons out) My iron set is unfitted. I ch
  13. Sorry, I should clarify. I noticed a lot of tips/help pop-ups on how to use the app. Do those ever go away over time?
  14. "They" do say if your GPS on your phone isn't mapping correctly, move it in a figure 8 motion for a few minutes. Maybe the tech geeks put that knowledge out there to make have look like idiots hahaha. I think it has some merit to it though.
  15. Yeah, I like that feature of moving the target and then having green slopes. But don't like all of the pop up help screens. Do they go away after you have used it longer? I looked in the settings but couldn't find anything to turn then off.
  16. I also have a Neo Ghost GPS that gives me exact yardages to the front, middle and back of the green plus bunkers/hazards. Also can track how far you hit the ball. GPS is very accurate and is nice to accurately track how far each shot is to dial in clubs constantly. Very cheap and helpful. Kind of want the new watch version for convenience.
  17. I'm sure this topic was already discussed. What apps have you found great to use for during your round for shot distances, approach shots, putting slopes, scorecard/handicap, etc.? I want to pick one and upgrade to have the full features this season. I had used 18birdies a little bit last year just to plan shots, keep my score and didn't upgrade, which that alone has been a great help and was an easy app to use. I was just looking at GolfLogix which looks like they have green slopes mapped out which is great for approach and putts which could help cut a few strokes having that knowledge, a
  18. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Louis Oosthuizen Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Patton Kizzire Tier 5: Vijay Singh Winning score: -10 Low AM: +2
  19. I've loved watching their videos and am a super tech geek when it comes to this stuff. Reply back to this forum after you go through the fitting if you don't mind. I'm curious if other fitters there are as knowledgeable and good at walking you through the process and what each tweak is doing/what statistics are the optimal they are aiming for as Ian is. I've experienced pretty lax fitters who don't say much and don't do too much testing. Annoyed me. May travel there for a fitting. Thanks!
  20. What kind of nets/impact screens are you guys buying/price points? What do you recommend? I think I'd like the net to grab the ball or keep it close to the net so it doesn't recoil and roll all over the place in my garage. And just place another ball. Dream is to get a SkyTrak for next winter.
  21. I've been close to pulling the trigger on OptiShot and held off. I want different information and quality to help improve. Dream would be a GCquad, but more realistic dream is SkyTrak and would prefer over Flightscope. Want to see my ball flight on a screen when indoors and I think SkyTrak would be a blast. Now just to convince my wife...
  22. Mike - Michigan Taylormade M1 2017 10.5° Taylormade M2 2017 3W 15° Taylormade M1 2017 5W 19° Cobra King F7 Black 3/4 Hybrid Taylormade RAC HT (5-PW) Titleist Vokey SM6 52° and 56°, Taylormade ATV 60° STX S.S 5 Putter TP5x or ProV1 12 Handicap Main 2018 Goal: Iron improvement. Need iron consistency with dispersion and holding greens. Current un-fitted clubs flight can't hold greens very well (probably not enough spin anymore as they are older clubs). Pretty sporadic on dispersion. Distance is there no problem. Would love a fitted set to start
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