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  1. My boys dropped out in 5 so haven't been paying alot of attention but Binnington has been a heckuva sotry for St. Louis
  2. I enjoy watching Liam Harrison (golf vlogs Uk) and Jamies Robinson (James Robinson Golf) Neither is super serious and Liam is funny to watch and his swing is pretty unique. Love watching Shiels and Finch do tjeir yearly golf bidder uk challenge
  3. For sure I went survivalist, the guysI play with are pretty hardcore into it so I take the all around basics and let them tweak my job tends to be help out and dob't did too often lol
  4. Hit level 30 in Div 2 on Saturday. Going to be more fun my clan mates have been level 30 for awhle so being able to hit the tiers and be on the same level will be alot of fun.
  5. Kevin, Alberta Canada 17.4 handicap 101 swing speed Ping G25 Epic Flash Sub Zero
  6. I have one and it was more than 10 years ago. Playing a local course Fox Hollow and on the second hole, it was about 140 yards (no range finder back then). It was windy so I hit a solid 9 iron and it landed right of the hole bounced once and then landed and turned straight left and into the hole. The green had a lip at the back so I thought it rolled off the back. My buddies were excited telling me it went in and I didn't believe them, I was sure it rolled off the back. The 3rd tee is up a hill to the right of the green and the guys above us started going nuts. I was so shocked I actually got a hole in one I could only think to raise my arms up in the air lol.
  7. The Division 2 just over a week until it's released 15th for regular buyers. Really looking forward to this. Met a great group of guys through Div 1 and looking forward to playing a ton again
  8. Kevin - Alberta Canada 17.4/101 Ping G25 G410 sft
  9. Kevin, Calgary Alberta Canada 17.9 Titliest sm4 56 60 sm5 52 54 56 60
  10. I have my PS Vita and I still play MLB The Show 13. Love it still play road to the show all the time
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