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  1. If a midwest outing is put together in the future, I'd definitely be interested. Would absolutely LOVE to come on this trip, but not sure I can talk the wife into it
  2. My 3W is relatively minimal use as well. There's a couple holes where I use it off the tee at my local course because of hole layout, but I will pull it on par 5s if I don't get a great tee shot and the Sim2 Max has performed much better for me in those situations than my M4 ever did. Good luck with your search! I've intentionally been keeping myself away from golf shops so that I don't try out the new TSR woods
  3. Not that it's a club to club comparison, but I went from a TM M4 that I really struggled with off the turf to a TM Sim 2 Max that towards the end of the season here in WI felt much easier to get the flight I wanted off the deck. Hardest club to hit in my bag, without question!
  4. I splurged on a TSi3 driver last winter and then picked up a Sim 2 Max 3 wood halfway through this year with a killer deal/trade-in combo from global golf, so my bag is safe for the coming season. Now as far as additions...that may be a different story!
  5. I mostly play 9 hole rounds as well due to time constraints and a young family. My 5 year old really got interested in golf this last summer through the local First Tee program, so 9 holes is typically just the right amount of golf for him (although he started to beg to play 18 at the end of the summer ). I’ll play 18 hole rounds with my buddies and on a yearly golf weekend trip, but other than that it’s mostly 9s, and mostly because I can take my 5 year old on late summer evenings and the course is darn near empty so he doesn’t have to feel rushed
  6. Well, struggled to a 53 to end my season today. Some penalty strokes proved costly and ball striking was not as consistent as yesterday. On the range everything felt really good but it didn’t translate. Funny because yesterday on the range nothing was going right then I hit the ball well on the course . Already looking forward to spring 2023!
  7. Tied my low 9 hole round again yesterday evening with another 49. We have been blessed with some fantastic weather in Wisconsin this fall, so my oldest and I have been out a lot (by our standards). After really struggling Saturday, shots were much more consistent yesterday. Good tee shots put me in position to putt for par on nearly every hole, save for an errant tee shot on a par 3 that led to a triple bogey . Highlight of the round was chipping in birdie on 17 (we played the back 9) after hitting my 8 iron longer than I ever have in my life on the approach. Thinned my 56 on 18 after a great drive set me up in the middle of the fairway and had to try and throw a wedge high with short green to work with. Green slopes back to front so while I landed it where I wanted, aerated and firm greens eliminated almost all stopping power and it ran to the bottom of the green. Double bogey there put me at 49, so had a very realistic shot to beat that score with some better shots throughout the round. We are getting out for one more 9 hole round today before calling it a season on 2022!
  8. I try hard not to judge anyone based on the clubs they have in the bag. As stated earlier, you never know what someone’s situation is financially or otherwise. When I see someone playing what looks like a box set or something you’d buy from a sporting goods store, I’m typically excited about that because it may mean it’s another new person to the game! I also like seeing the club junkies who nerd out over equipment (myself included). I don’t have super new clubs other than my driver, but I love gear and love talking shop about it!
  9. Can't make everyone happy, APH. I personally think you guys do a great job with test selection and getting a wide variety of golfers/skill levels. Looking forward to continued testing opportunities!
  10. Jnoble89

    Maxfli Tour

    I also feel like I remember seeing something about an MGS special sale or something on the Maxfli golf balls last year or the year before? Sometime in the fall? Am I making that up? At $105/4 dozen they are already an awesome value, I know, but I just thought I'd ask!
  11. Jnoble89

    Maxfli Tour

    Thanks for your feedback, TCB! The two things I noticed immediately that had me saying "WOW" out loud on well struck shots were the feel and spin. For really the first time, I felt like I was able to at least try and attack pins more aggressively on my approach shots instead of playing it safe and only aiming to get on the green. I couldn't believe how much the ball was checking up. I am going to be putting the Maxfli Tour at the top of my Xmas list this year
  12. Jnoble89

    Maxfli Tour

    This is exactly what I was hoping to hear! The feel of the ProV1 was awesome, but I cannot drop $50/dozen. I was playing primarily a Velocity all summer and while it was a good ball, the stopping power on the greens with the pv1, even from 150+ out, was something I had never experienced. I just figured I wasn’t good enough but after the last couple rounds, losing that hop and stop/small roll out is something I don’t want. I don’t think I had ever had a ball check up before on an approach unless I launched my 56 two miles into the sky! And I can’t hit the ball well WITHOUT a blindfold
  13. Rained out before we could finish. Nasty storm blew in as we were 4 holes in and my 5 year old got cold so we called it. Through 5 holes, I was two strokes ahead of my pace from yesterday, so it was looking promising. Poor off the tee box but approach shots were solid and putts were rolling well. Getting cold in Wisconsin until the end of next week where we will get another shot if 60 degree weather Thursday and Friday. Hoping to get out both days!
  14. Jnoble89

    Maxfli Tour

    Sluggo, wondering what your experience is on the feel of the Maxfli Tour compared to the ProV1? I got a test sleeve from a fitter and used them in my round yesterday. I have never played a ProV1 on the account that I still lose too many balls, but is is by far the best feeling golf ball I've ever used. I just can't justify putting them in play when I lose a few (or sometimes more depending on the day) golf balls per round. I know the Maxfli is super popular among MGS users. TIA!
  15. Well gents, I will be back on the course for another quick 9 at 4pm today. Update to follow. Going to aim to beat yesterday's 49, even if it's by one stroke!
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