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  2. Monahan should literally be tarred and feathered. HE is a gutless turncoat who would sell his soul to the highest bidder and throw anyone under the bus to do it. As long as he is the commissioner of the tour I'm done watching it. The way he is trying to spin this into a good thing makes me want to throw up. Been a long time since I've heard such a lying, hypocritical piece of garbage.
  3. Different ways actually. I just bought a dozen AVX balls yesterday and marked each of them with a purple sharpie by coloring three dots on each side of the ball right under the number. That should be my last markings for a while though; I bought four-dozen Pro V1s with my name on them. Whenever Titleist gets around to shipping them.
  4. Reduced. $260 Shipped CONUS. This needs to go. It's taking up valuable space in my living room.
  5. SOLD SOLD SOLD Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Putter with Weight Kit and extra Head Cover 33.5 inches Excellent Condition Brand New Winn Grip Weight Kit with 20 gram weight extra screws and wrench (The weight kit was $75) Extra Head Cover (This was $25 $260 shipped CONUS SOLD
  6. 1. Play smart 2. Stay focused on the current shot 3. Keep the ball in play 4. Eliminate foolish mistakes that often result from foolish decisions 5. Putt better 6. DO NOT decelerate the clubhead during pitch/chip shots resulting in fat/chunked shots
  7. Labor Day Special: All Three Shafts for $150 Shipped CONUS.
  8. Price lowered. I need this out of my living room.
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