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  1. Labor Day Special: All Three Shafts for $150 Shipped CONUS.
  2. Price lowered. I need this out of my living room.
  3. I have three Golf Shafts with Callaway adapters. All are in Excellent condition. Prices and lengths are as follows: $100.00 -- Graphite Design Tour AD DJ-6s Stiff Shaft - 44 inches. -(It is the RED shaft pictured.) $75.00 -- Hzdrus Project X Handcrafted Yellow 5.5 - 76 grams, Stiff/Regular Shaft - 44.5 inches. (It is the YELLOW shaft pictured) $50.00 -- Even Flow Project X 5.5 - 65 grams - 43 inches. (It is the SILVER shaft pictured.) Package deal: $200 for all three. Prices include shipping in CONUS. Paypal FF or buyer pays the fee.
  4. I need that secure base that I can only get from spikes. I would still wear metal if they were allowed. And yes, I know how to walk on a green without dragging my feet.
  5. I've got a closet full of shafts that I have bought and tried. I finally decided to pick one that I hit fairly well and stick with it. Ended up choosing a Graphite Design Tour AD DI6s. I also liked the Oban Kiyoshi Purple 65. But you have to find one that works for you. Really good shafts are not cheap so go somewhere and hit some on a launch monitor. Dicks sporting goods near my home is always nearly vacant at about 10:30 on a weekday morning and they will usually let me hit balls for free. If you tell them that you are probably going to buy a new driver, they will absolutely allow you to hit balls. Plus, they always have a variety of heads and shafts from which to choose. Might help; Might not. JMHO
  6. My right elbow will not straighten completely. I have learned to compensate during my swing and it really does not come in to play except perhaps when hitting the driver possibly. But then again after spending 20 years in the Marine Corps I have multiple issues that could be called injuries. The older you get the more they hurt.
  7. I learned a long time ago to stick with Footjoy DryJoys. They always fit correctly, never leak, hold up good to the elements and are very comfortable. I'm old school and would still wear metal spikes if allowed. I've got three pair of DryJoys Tour that I rotate depending upon what I'm wearing on a particular day. I usually buy the previous year's model at a discount. The Tour-S DryJoys are quite stylish also. JMHO
  8. Just a regular old bath towel. Usually brown or green.
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