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  1. Mike Emmitsburg, Maryland Callaway Epic Flash 10.5 5.2 Index 90-95 MPH TSI3 Thanks for the opportunity!
  2. Mike / Maryland 7 Callaway Epic Forged 155
  3. Your first name : Mike State: Maryland Your current model of putter : Cameron Newport 2.0, 33" Is putting a strength or weakness of your game: Not usually!
  4. I would if it would ever stop raining!!! Oh well, maybe tomorrow!
  5. I picked by name by looking at my golf game RNG = Random Number Generator!!!
  6. I am originally from Cincinnati and have watched the Bengals since they first started but this is the first time in years where I thought they were diligently working toward getting the Number 1 draft pick in 2020 by doing nothing in 2019. They have made zero moves that makes any sense to me!!!
  7. In Northern Maryland we are experiencing what it’s like to live in a rain forest. It seems like every Thursday & Friday we get all day / all night rains. It has been like this since last May. Really fed up with the weather in this area!!
  8. 1. Mike Cook, Emmitsburg, Maryland, 75-100 2. Twitter: @RNG62 3. Handicap Index: 7.9, 93-95mph 4. Mizuno 919 HM 5. Cobra King F9 Driver and Regular length irons!
  9. 1. Mike, Maryland 2. 7.9 / 95 MPH 3. 2017 Epic, 10.5 4. Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero
  10. 1. Mike, Emmitsburg, MD 2. 7.9, 93-95 3. Callaway Epic, 10.5 4. G410 Plus
  11. 1. Mike Cook / Emmitsburg, MD 2. 8.3 3. Callaway Mack Daddy 3 4. 52, 56, 60 Thanks for the opportunity!!
  12. First name/home state or province: Mike Cook, Maryland Current rain gear : Zero Restriction Worst rain you've ever played in: Played in a scramble where it literally rained the entire day. Even with good rain gear, I was totally soaked at the end of the day.
  13. - Your first name and home state/province - Mike - Maryland - What do you use currently to measure distance - Golf Buddy GPS Thanks for the opportunity!
  14. I think it matters. Mid-size grips really help with the pain in my hands the next day. Not really sure if they affect my play though.
  15. Mike Maryland, USA Taylormade P790, Recoil 760 F3 155 for my 7 iron Thanks for the opportunity!!
  16. Mike - Maryland Callaway Epic w/ Project X T800 shaft, Regular 90 -95 Mizuno ST 180 12.5, Tensei Orange Shaft, Regular Thanks for the opportunity!!
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