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  1. Grip has left the building. Sorry for the lack of communication if anyone was still looking.
  2. Hello, I have one that was pulled from Phantom X 7. DM me with an offer.
  3. I moved to the Modus 120s in my irons and the 130s in my wedges From Project X 6.0 roughly two years ago. I was dealing with some wrist pain and was even looking at graphite as an option. For me, it was at the recommendation of Chip Usher from Usher Golf in Savannah, GA. He was willing, during the build, to start with the wedges and see if I liked the Modus shaft profile. Personally, I had to try the wedges on the course to see how the feel and performance played out. It took me about two rounds to be convinced to transition into the Modus shafts.They were just different and for me, in an exce
  4. Firebird is correct. I have a handful of these putters squirreled away. My grandfather built putters with John Reuter, Jr. in his garage in the early 1950s. As far as the cash value, that depends. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but they are sweet works of art.
  5. Holy crap, that’s the old Springfield Country Club. I grew up on that course and played high school golf, and worked there. I had heard there were some changes after the redesign. Fun course. Harder that the yardage gives it credit for.
  6. When I started playing golf in high school, my grandfather insisted that I play right handed, in spite of doing everything sports and life related, left handed. I dug in and convinced him that I should putt left handed. I am very left eye dominant. Fast forward 25 years and my short putting was so bad that after a marathon golf trip, I switched. It took about six months to get comfortable and for about two and a half years, it was adequate, not great. I averaged about 33-34 putts a round. It kept me around a 6. This spring, after a particularly terrible round including six, 3 putts, I went bac
  7. Thanks for the the info. I will give that a try.
  8. I've owned a Vessel cart bag since the beginning of the year. I use it with a Clic Gear push cart and it works well. It is probably the most complete golf bag I've ever owned. I can get everything I could ever possibly need for a round of golf in the bag (rain gear, snacks, beverages, balls, kitchen sink, etc.) That being said, there has been some wear and tear that surprised me a bit. The finish is wearing on the piping and scuffs do not come off the panels as easy as advertised. White shows dirt and while it looks great, long term it will not look the best. The zippers are high quality and
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