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  1. I will be playing the Titleist Pro V1 and only the Pro V1. I've put the Pro V1x through the paces, as well as the Bridgestone Tour BX and found them to be too clicky.
  2. I use Golf Pride CP Pro midsize with 3 extra wraps on the bottom hand. I also wear a cadet XL since I have large hands but not the hands of a piano player. I originally went to midsize to prevent the left miss. Blisters are never an issue, but I do get a great callus on my left index finger.
  3. I completely agree with the Projectr X Hzrdus Black Smoke feeling board. If you are still searching and interested, The Graphite Design Tour AD-GP has a stiffer butt section, along with a stiff tip. I played it for about 18 months. That being said, at the time, my tempo was crap and for a shaft that wasn't supposed to go left, I could make it happen. The same could be said for Project X T-1100. Ultimately ended up in the Ventus with Velocore and problem solved. I will say that the Tour Ad-GP felt great and I still have one or two in my garage. Best of luck with the hunt.
  4. I haven't seen this but the tees that both my previous club, and the one I'm at now, use biodegradable tees. I think they are actually corn resin based. I don't personally use them, as I use wood. I break all tees and go through 12-16 tees a round, but don't like how the ball comes off of plastic. Typically, when I break one with a drive, I use it on the next par 3. I also bought a box of 10,000, as my kids both play. It should last a couple of years and I got a great price. I would fully support banning plastic on a golf course. I use a refillable insulated bottle anyway.
  5. I do think that shafts are less interchangeable than lofts; to a point. By this I mean. if you find a shaft that works, stick with it. Lofts and utility are for conditions and course management, in my opinion.
  6. I think either is an option, but with the driving iron, you cannot switch out shafts. Personally, I went down that rabbit hole a couple of years ago and then I found the Fujikura Ventus. No swapping out anymore.
  7. I received the Linksoul Spring 21 catalog in the mail today and there is a number of articles of clothing in the colors referenced above. It's back in style, but is referred to a Buck, not mustard. Love it!
  8. You must live in a van, down by the river!
  9. This year has been odd. Being in Laramie, with elevation of 7200', the winters are always challenging, but Fort Collins, which is where our club is, has gotten more snow and the weather has just been crappy and cold. I know Casper well, as I used to travel there for work. I don't think I could live there.
  10. You and me both on the snow factor. The withdrawals are brutal this time of year. I wasn't able to get away today to sneak out and it's 58 in Fort Collins, CO. I can sneak away tomorrow and it's going to be 38 with flurries. ARGHHHHHH
  11. The 1980's called. They want their color scheme back. I have a pair of insulated pants in a similar color, so no room to talk here.
  12. I second this. Great article and was going to say the same thing.
  13. I too just read the entire thread and all I can say is "well done" There is a certain amount of gratification building your own set of irons. Enjoy them.
  14. My current setup is Driver, 14 degree 3 wood, and 18 degree 5 wood. I also have a 17 degree 2 iron and a 4 iron bent to 19 degrees. The 2 iron hasn't been in play since last spring and recently got a new shaft, but hasn't even been hit due to winter. The 4 iron is great for tighter holes off the tee. I am not crazy about the ball flight on the 4 iron from the fairway and on my home course, there are only one or two of the par fives that this even comes into play. I hit a fairway wood for position on par fives; with three of them being 600+ from the back tees, I'm rarely getting home in 2 anywa
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