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  1. Anyone have an actual bend profile for this shaft yet?
  2. Let us know how it goes and what you think if you get to try it
  3. I know PGASS has Mizuno drivers here in NC. I feel like if you can't find a place to hit one around Orlando FL then you won't find it anywhere!
  4. I've latched on to these vibration inserts since true temper stopped selling sensicore inserts. I'd recommend installing them when you change grips and you'll be all set! You can also cut them in half if you want to do more sets. https://amzn.to/3TEmZTG
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing if you hear anything back! The cost of any graphite shaft out there, no matter what materials go into it, is really on about $10-$20 per shaft (or less) so there is plenty of margin left. I imagine Costco got a bunch of old stock from True Temper and had them run a new logo color to put on them.
  6. It's the standard RipTide shaft but just with red lettering to match the colors of the driver instead of the orange color. There was no difference between "after-market" Riptides and regular RipTide shafts unless it was the Small Batch version (which is a scam in it's own way already). The standard Riptide shaft was essentially made as an OEM shaft for a lot of manufacturers and then they just happened to also sell it by itself if you wanted to buy it. Lots of the shafts that True Temper and other shaft manufacturers make are done like this in order for them to appear that they aren't "made for."
  7. Flippers are already trying to sell them on ebay!
  8. The face feels really dense like you hit a forged iron with a thick face but with just a little metallic sound added in. It's addictive for sure.
  9. Just in my net so far. Sound and feel are phenomenal on this design!
  10. All-fit does make a cog for the Maltby drivers
  11. I've been down the JDM rabbit hole pretty hard myself as I find their designs unique and they use much higher quality materials such as DAT55g and SP700 titanium faces. They also seem to have more compact looking club heads although they have been slower to adopt adjustable shaft adapters. Typically the heads are a little bit lighter and more upright and I find a lot of them are more draw biased. I've got a few heads I like from companies like Baldo, Docus and JBeam. I've also got some from Ryoma, Kamui, Epon, Yamaha, etc. What are you looking for out of your driver and maybe I can help narrow it down based on what I've tried.
  12. They're probably gearing up for the new Qi10 release and stopping any custom orders of the current product.
  13. Probably just the old Elevate Tour 115 shaft that was out and used a few years ago by quite a few manufacturers like PXG.
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