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  1. What about the Cobra Big Tour 3 wood? Seems like it fits that request.
  2. Launch angle is the same. Well, not technically the same but .04 of a degree isn't measurable.
  3. Alrighty, I'm going to be the first to be "that guy" that dives too deep into the data. Comparing the PXG 0211 with the Callaway Epic Max LS. The numbers are statistically identical but the Callaway has just shy of 6 yards carry over the PXG. How?? A .38MPH difference in ball speed can't equal 6 yards. It doesn't make any difference in the real world but on a chart it puts Callaway at the top and the PXG waaaaay down the list. PXG 0211: BS - 138.19, Launch - 13.55, Spin - 2,356, Carry - 224.76 Callaway Epic Max LS: BS - 138.57, Launch - 13.51, Spin 2,349, Carry -
  4. I hope the USGA keeps in mind (if tee height gets reduced) that not all of us play these pristine, perfectly mowed tee boxes. Half of the courses I play require different tee heights just to be above the level of grass on the tee box that didn't get cut that week....
  5. New spider putter is about to drop. Plus, the spider tour has been out forever and the Spider X came out and became the popular choice on the market.
  6. Brand new in plastic Cobra Rad Speed 9* driver head only. Has never been hit and still has original plastic and stickers. Includes shaft adapter and wrench (not pictured) as well as brand new in plastic headcover. This is brand new to the market and just starting to ship. SOLD
  7. I find that uBlock Origin in Chrome does the most complete job of ad blocking around. I'm currently seeing zero ads on the site.
  8. Excellent. I couldn't find it on the OGIO website.
  9. What site did you find this on?
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