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  1. Rob - Wake Forest, NC HCDP - 0.9 Combo set of Ping i25 in 4-6 irons, Ping S55 irons in 7-PW Definitely want to test the T100-S irons!
  2. I know you said you have a SIM but interested in a Cobra SZ Xtreme driver at all? You can PM me also.
  3. I thought they mentioned on the podcast they had delayed releasing the test because they decided to go back and test the previous years drivers. I assumed by releasing the data they had completed all of the testing.
  4. What are you looking for in trades?
  5. Any word on when the test results with the previous year's winners will be released? I'm excited to see how the past winners stack up with the latest.
  6. Rob - NC HCDP: 0.9 22* Taylormade M6 hybrid
  7. I had an interesting experience with LAB golf and figured I'd share since it originated here. I won one of their putters in the MGS equipment raffle last year. When it arrived, the specs were 33.5" and a 68.5 lie angle which didn't really fit me. I was going to write up a review but since the specs were off I didn't get around to it. I got a putter fitting a few months after I received the putter and the putter specs I was fit into was 35" long with a 70* lie angle. I took off the grip and extended the putter 1.5" and replaced the grip with one I ordered directly from their site. You have to use their proprietary grip since it has the forward press built into it. After I extended it, I gave it a try but since the lie angle was so far off it never felt comfortable. I received a DM on instagram from LAB golf in January asking me if I ever wrote up a review of the putter here on MGS. I explained to the person that reached out that the putter didn't fit me, etc. They agreed that extending it wouldn't work and besides the lie angle being off, the head would be way too heavy and feel like a sledgehammer. I was surprised they recommended that I take out the extension and sell the club on Ebay and let them know what I get for it. They said they would check the stockroom and see if they could find one in my specs and to reach back out once I sold it. Fast forward a few weeks, I sold the putter on ebay and reached back out to them via Instagram. They said to reach out to an individual via email and let him know. I sent an email and explained the entire story. A week went by and I had no response. I sent a follow up email after that and finally received a response and whoever it was indicated they had a putter that matched my specs in the warehouse. I sent a response back and asked what we needed to do to get it sent out to me. I wasn't sure if they were going to give it to me at the price I sold mine on Ebay or what. Another week went by and no response back to my email. I sent another follow up emails basically saying, "Hello, is anyone there?" That was weeks ago and I've never heard back again. All in all it left a bad taste in my mouth since they were so responsive to begin with and then dropped the ball after I sold the putter. I'm really disappointed because I was excited about testing it and really felt it was going to be a great putter. I'm not super upset since I was lucky enough to win it in the beginning but I would rather have had the putter than anything I made off of it through selling it.
  8. I'm really regretting having to part with these but taxes came in and I need some funds to pay Uncle Sam. Stupid taxes... Combo set of Miura CB 1008 irons in 3-6 iron and Miura MB 101 irons in 7-PW. These are in incredible condition and have barely been used. Very minimal bag chatter and extremely clean faces. The are shafted with the original unicorn SATIN finish Project X 6.0 shafts and have new Golf Pride MCC+4 grips. The set was hand built by Chip Usher of chipandputt.com and are dead on for length and swingweight. The 5 iron measures 38" with 1/2" increments. Each club swing weights at D3.5 and the PW swing weights at D6. You won't find a more solid combo set, especially built to such tight specs. Please take these before I change my mind. SOLD
  9. Rob - NC 0.9 hcdp Ping i25/s55 combo set 160 yard 7 iron carry
  10. Scored an amazing deal on these Miura irons. Cb 1008 in 3-6 and MB 101 in 7-pw.
  11. I've got a Bang O Matic 3 wood but the shaft I put in it didn't work so I haven't messed around with it in forever. I might need to pull it apart and try something else in it.
  12. They repainted the Prolaunch shafts but they are the same model as before. There was also a SuperCharged Prolaunch Red/Blue version that was counterbalanced
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