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  1. I got to step up my game! Congrats
  2. Rob - Wake Forest, NC HCDP: 0.1 Cobra Forged Tec 5-GW w/ Nippon Modus 3 130 Stiff
  3. I have shafted it and have been playing it for a few rounds now. It's just as good feeling and performs just as well as ANYTHING out there.
  4. Rob - Wake Forest, NC Ping Glide 2.0 ES - current wedges I'd choose a 58* (my lob wedge needs updating with some fresh grooves)
  5. Take a marker and draw a line on a golf ball and align it vertically on the ground. Hit the ball and see what way the line leans on the face of your iron. If it's still vertical then lie is good. If it leans left or right then you may need a slight adjustment.
  6. I played the Vero last weekend and was pretty impressed. I had a couple of iron shots that flew longer than I was used to so I may be getting less iron spin than my previous ball. It feels really good off of the driver and so far seems to be high quality.
  7. 1. HCPD: 0.5 2. Current Irons: Cobra Forged Tec 5-GW w/ Nippon Modus 3 130 S. 8 Iron distance - 156 yards 3. I've been keeping up with Sub70 for quite some time. Their driver was recommended to me by truegolffit.com but has been out of stock. They are making great direct to consumer products that perform great but are less expensive than the standard OEM brands.
  8. I wanted to jump in and provide an update with the GS53 testing since I posted my review. I did end up going to club champion to try and hit some additional shafts but I found out they only fit the Hogan irons and don't have any adapters that will fit the driver. We got some good numbers as I posted in my review and everything was almost perfect except the spin was just a hair higher than I'd like. Not much, but between 2-500 RPM. I did some testing of shafts with another clubhead just to get the idea of some feels of other shafts and we decided that the HZRDUS Smoke Green might be a good option to try since it's very similar to the Smoke Black but has a slightly stiffer tip and overall bend profile. I may start to search online for a Smoke Green pull out but I decided to give the Harrison Shotmaker a try in the Smoke Black shaft first. If you're not familiar with the Shotmaker it's worth reading the MGS review from quite a few years ago. I wish this had become more popular and Harrison wasn't out of business because it does EXACTLY what it advertises it will do. I put the Shotmaker in the Smoke Black and so far the Hogan has performed extremely well. It was already an incredibly accurate driver but now it's literally point and shoot with the Shotmaker installed. I haven't been able to get back on the Trackman yet to see if the spin has dropped any but the launch came down slightly and I'm getting a lot of roll which has been nice now that it's hot outside. I think I'm going to keep this combo for a while and may snag a cheap Smoke Green shaft once the prices come down some but I'm not sure I'm going to improve any further.
  9. I finally bit the bullet and picked up the Maltby Pure Track PTM-4 Putter. Pictures online looked great but it's even nicer in person and the detail in the milling is as good as any I've seen. It came with a 72* lie angle and 4* of loft so I had to adjust it slightly but it bent really easily. I'm assuming, given the weight, it's designed to be played shorter (hence the more upright lie).
  10. Jealous and excited for those who were chosen. Can't wait to read about it.
  11. I agree. It was the only section that received a perfect 10/10 in my review. That's saying a lot because nothing I've reviewed usually gets a perfect 10 in any category. Since there is so much good equipment out on the market, it's easy to get nit picky even though it still may be great.
  12. Happy 4th of July to everyone! I've posted my review on the home screen and hope you enjoy!
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