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  1. Original Taylormade Spider Monza Rossa Center Shafted RARE find in this condition, could almost pass as new. Putter is completely scratch and ding free. Equipped with NEW Winn 15" Pistol Belly Putter Grip. 36” long with 4g weights. 1* upright lie angle. Putter was cut to play longer as a counterbalanced design. Headcover included isn't the original but is a Taylormade Spider center shafted headcover (ghost model) and is in really good shape as most of these headcovers are destroyed. Face is the original AGSI+ Titallium insert which has an amazing feel that is more r
  2. Go to a craft store and buy velco and neodymium magnets. Put the magnets on the velcro of the headcover and cover it with the velcro you purchased. Obviously use the opposite type of velcro for each side of the headcover. The velcro will hold the magnets in place and now you'll have a magnetic cover.
  3. This article helped confirm what I've found in playing these balls. I was picked to test them here on MGS and have been playing the Tour ever since. It does everything I want a golf ball to do and seems to give me more distance off the tee than a lot of other balls I've tried. Now that there has been more confirmation on the quality, there isn't a reason to shy away from this ball, especially since you can get these at $25/dozen very regularly. The ONLY thing I would change is the yellow version has a yellow paint instead of having yellow urethane so it isn't as durable from a cosmetics pe
  4. First round with it today and had 7 birdies and an eagle and shot 69
  5. GC2 only records ball speed and calculates swing speed based off of that and sets all shots hit as the same smash.
  6. Rob, Wake Forest NC TaylorMade SIM or Hogan GS53 HCDP: 2.5 103-106mph I'd like to review the TSi3 driver
  7. Tom is basically retired and as you mentioned, has sold his business over to Diamond Golf in the UK. He said he was going to continue to do consulting work on the designs but not handle the day to day business operations anymore. Honestly, I hope he's not consulting with the design because the last few designs they have put out haven't been very good looking. The putter line is absolutely cheap box set looking. The new EQ1-NX irons are pretty decent and well designed but they haven't really come out with another major driver design since the 919thi. The SHPR driver also looks decent but i
  8. You call this damage? Kids run around the store all the time smacking Scotty Camerons and other $400 putters around and there were plenty of putters in the shop with scratches, dings and marks that they are happy to sell as "new".
  9. Rob - Wake Forest, NC HCDP 1.5 Mizuno t20 50* & 55* and Ping Glide 2.0 ES 59* I like the fact that raw wedges have no glare and already look worn in as soon as they are used and start to tarnish. Tools not jewels mentality.
  10. I don't understand why a ball like this exists (and why people use it) when you can get premium urethane balls that outperform it all day long for the same price.
  11. Here is what I received from their support team and it fixed my watch: Andy (Shot Scope Support) Sep 28, 2020, 17:04 GMT+1 Hi Robert, I'm really sorry but there was an error with the firmware file that was uploaded to the app. This has been corrected now but we need to first revert the firmware on your watch to the original firmware so we can then get you to go back and update the watch to the correct recently released firmware. Below are the steps we need you take: Step 1 - Revert the firmware on the watch. - Make sure the watch is turned off - With the
  12. Funny enough, most of the pros that I see with an Odyssey have the stock insert removed and replaced with the old original white hot insert without any groove tech. I heard on a Callaway podcast it was because they all grew up with the white hot insert and were just used to the feel.
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