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  1. 03trdblack

    Oncore Vero X1

    I tried these balls when they first came out and was pretty impressed with them. They did everything I needed them to do in a premium ball. I didn't find the price to be all that great of a value compared to a lot of other premium balls out there so I decided to stick with my Maxfli Tour CG balls.
  2. My first guess is just overstock that they are trying to clear out. Nothing I can tell is different other than the shafts you mentioned.
  3. The newer Maltby KE4 TC HyWay Utility Woods also look more like fairway woods but are pretty large.
  4. I'd be willing to bet that Snell is going to have to take his business elsewhere. Hope it doesn't affect their quality.
  5. No, it's still up in the middle of the shaft but the insert itself is very short. It won't really fit in the tip section since it's a drinking straw wrapped in open cell foam. Here is a picture of the full insert that used to be Sensicore. Now it's the same insert but only about 4-5" long instead of 8-10" long.
  6. Funny enough, True Temper has even shortened the Sensicore insert they used to use in their shafts. Originally the sensicore insert was close to as long as these inserts. Now that they've re-branded it and started calling it VSS, they have cut the length in half and now the insert is only about 4 inches long.
  7. I've used these on a few sets of irons. They seem to work as advertised although I've found that if you cut them in half they are easier to install, provide the same amount of benefit, and give you twice as many to use. The straw tends to bend and mash up as you get them fully pushed down.
  8. It's my understanding the Graphite Design Tour AD XC is an update of the Tour AD BB design. Very similar bend profiles overall.
  9. I got one too! I'm not the biggest fan of the 2 style compared to the 1 but since it's more rare I snatched one up.
  10. Yep, probably couldn't get the gap wedge shaft from KBS so they made a "spinner" shaft buy putting in an 8 iron shaft. I'm sure they expected that no one would know the difference. That's 100% why I build all my own stuff, can't trust anyone else to do it right.
  11. My Taylormade putter finally showed up last week! For some reason they didn't match up my name with the same color paint . It's an easy fix though.
  12. Those Nakashima heads had some heat to them.
  13. At the rate Ping is going, it'll be 3 years before you'll ever get a set.
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