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  1. Usually the distance from softer golf balls comes from lower spin and higher launch.
  2. FS: PXG 0811XT GEN 4 Driver 10.5 with adapter and matching new headcover. Good overall condition with normal wear. Small mark in the finish near the hosel (see picture). LOVED this club but am going to try the Gen 5 DRIVER. Head weight is 209g. Asking $200 shipped.
  3. Thanks everyone! Entered into the 40 club today
  4. It makes the club head more upright which can help promote a draw for some people.
  5. It was Ion blue on one side and Ion silver on the other side. Was fit for it at the Taylormade kingdom in Georgia.
  6. The first one I ever got professionally fitted for was the original Diamana Kai'li. My current goat is the Autoflex. This shaft is pure voodoo magic.
  7. Oh, I definitely stole it. It was priced like any other run of the mill anser. I'm actually going to take it out and use it in my round today, it feels amazing.
  8. Yep just sent you a PM with pictures of both
  9. Found a Ping Anser Dalehead putter at a Play It Again Sports. Pretty good find.
  10. Not sure if you've tried it or not yet but the ball fitting that Ping offers is pretty interesting and can provide a fantastic comparison of the balls you play vs. other options that might fit you better. https://ballfitting.com/ I did the fitting and it put me in the new Callaway Chrome Soft X ('22) which I had never tried or considered. I purchased some and have been playing them now for a few weeks and have to say they are absolutely fantastic. I tell people it's the most 'boring' ball ever which is exactly what I want. It does everything I need for it to do with zero surprises. It's as reliable on the course as an old pair of worn in boots. It gave me some extra spin around the green and a little more ballspeed off of the driver. I'd be interested in hearing what you find it puts you into.
  11. I have 2 tour issue Callaway heads if you're still looking. MAVRIK Max Single Diamond 8.5* (Max sized head but no heel weight. Has adjustable weights in front and back like the Sub Zero) Epic Flash Sub Zero Double Diamond 8.5* head (Lowest spin of the EF Diamond Heads)
  12. Going to try it out this weekend.
  13. “Average” swing speed (84-96 mph) Launch: 13-16 degrees Spin: 2400-2700 rpm Peak height: 70-86 feet Angle of descent: 32-36 degrees “Slow” swing speed (72-83 mph) Launch: 14-19 degrees Spin: 2600-2900 rpm Peak height: 58-70 feet Angle of descent: 31-35 degrees “Ladies” (less than 72 mph) Launch: 14-19 degrees Spin: 2600-2900 rpm Peak height: 45-58 feet Angle of descent: 27-31 degrees
  14. I don't even know how to respond to this but I'll try. The picture on the LEFT, not right, shows $1750-$2000, not $175-$200. Are you somehow leaving off a zero?? The picture on the RIGHT shows literally the same price for custom irons, $250 each. And yes, at $250 per iron they are the most expensive iron release out this year.
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