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  1. Oh wow yeah being an advisory member would be unreal! Let me know how those ferrules work out. I saw those but didn't go that direction since I like the 1" plus length on the ferrules. I have bought some on ebay from golfclubtrader and found them to be really nice.
  2. First, I dig your setup. WS for life. I ran into the same problem with BB&F, too much to just get a few ferrules. I haven't tried these personally, but they're pretty cool looking and cheap: https://www.diamondtour.com/club-making/ferrules-and-adapters/1-inch-colored-iron-ferrules-dozen.html Also, there's a cheap set with a few good colors here: https://www.hirekogolf.com/golf-components/clubmaking-tools-supplies/ferrules.html
  3. Peter / Chicago, IL 3.5 handicap Wilson C300 4-5, Wilson V6 6-GW Icon only please! Best looking irons that I've seen in a long time!
  4. Looking for a set of heads but would consider options with shafts. Thanks!
  5. I'm bored and thinking about refinishing my 8802 milled. I was thinking I'd strip the finish in Coke, remove any paint, sand it many many times, polish it, and then torch it for an interesting finish. Any thoughts or concerns with doing this on the modern 8802 milled?
  6. Location and Age: Chicago, 31 Current Driver SS: 107mph Rate your fitness level: below average / average / above average: above average Affirmation that you will see the entire program through: I'm all about training and increasing what I'm capable of. This would be an amazing opportunity that I would take full advantage of to show the MGS community how you can add swingspeed. I would follow all training plans from start to finish with documented reviews of each session.
  7. Great line of putters, I've enjoyed the Windy City, Bean, and Michigan Ave models. I think the quality of the head and the feel is great but my one downside is the grip. I'm just not a fan of the fat grips, but that's an easy problem to solve.
  8. First Name: Peter City/State or Country: Chicago, Illinois Driver Swing Speed: 107mph Handicap: 3.3
  9. - Peter - Chicago/Illinois - 3.3 - Wilson FG Tour V6 - T100S
  10. First Name / State of residence: Peter / Illinois Handicap: 3.3 Current Degree of Hybrids you use: 20* hybrid
  11. Hey gang, I'm loving all the offseason work I'm doing with my Wilson Staff Milled 8802 and feel really confident that it will be my gamer once this craziness subsides, but am I nuts? It's old school tech and doesn't take advantage of all the new advancements in putter technology. Anyone still trust in these old models? Update: I'm loving the feedback and discussion! I might as well add some pics and background on my 8802. I had it totally standard at 35" and was actually ready to get rid of it. I couldn't generate a consistent stroke and it just didn't have good feel. So I took the grip off and decided to knock an inch off of it. What I found is that Wilson seems to put a long weight plug in the butt of the club. We basically sliced right through it and put the grip back on. The shorter length and the drop in counterweight made all the difference. The stroke got comfortable and the feel came back, it was a very happy accident. I wish I knew why Wilson put such a big counterweight in something with such a small head. Thanks!
  12. Hey MGS crew, It's going on two years with my Shapland golf bag and I'm still in love with it, so I thought I'd make sure everyone else knew in case you're in the market. I will admit that Shapland is run by a family friend and it's the only reason the brand popped up on my radar, but I'm so glad it did. The owner, Henry, is passionate about what he does and he's executing his vision very well. My bag is born from the designs of the old Ping stand bags but with an updated design and stylish fabrics. The leather and canvas are top-notch and haven't faded or changed since I've had it. I even received new straps in the mail 6 months ago because the owner thought the originals needed to be updated (there was nothing wrong with the first set). While the bag has a ton of features and style, it's very lightweight. I even throw this thing on my back and bike to my local nine-holer. Also, he'll have your logo of choice and any other customization added when you order the bag. My next order of business is to pickup his new Sunday Bag!
  13. Nice! That’s awesome man, glad they worked out. I’ll send over the W/S team contract haha
  14. I have to say that I don’t think older shafts are obsolete. I currently game an old Graphite Design G-series in my driver, a discontinued Axivcore fairway wood shaft, an Aldila NV105 shaft in my utility iron, and an Aldila Phenom in my hybrid. They’re all giving me great numbers and I particularly love the feel of the NV105.
  15. I’ve never hit the f5 irons but I’ve heard good things and I love the f5 fairway wood, it’s a quality product line for sure.
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