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  1. I just finished Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible a few months ago. Had some solid info on wedge distances even if I think he takes some of his ideas to the extreme. Just bought "Walking with Jack" and "Bunker Play with Gary Player". The latter has some beautiful pictures and would look great on a coffee table but I've not had time to dig into either of these books. Grabbed "Butch Harmon's Playing Lessons" a few months ago too. I always gravitate to the sports section of our local used book store...
  2. I don't know about the everyone else but I can't get enough fantasy golf! The draft for our MSG Official League last night was a complete blast. I do a league with a few buddies on Yahoo Fantasy sports that's pretty fun and can be done though their daily fantasy sports and Yahoo Fantasy Sports App. You pick 6 players each week based on a budget of $200 and Yahoo's set prices. I think its extremely similar to what Draft Kings does for Fantasy golf. If anyone is interested I'd be happy to set up a free league for everyone. Its super simple to play and you just pick 6 new guys each week. We can start it next week or in a couple weeks if there is enough interest. I don't want to take away from our official Fantasy league but I know some people might have missed out on getting in and some people might have missed drafting one of their guys. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  3. I think I had heard the same exact thing about it being an alignment issue. Last weekend he basically tore up the easier North Course on Thursday for a -7 and was E the last three rounds on the harder South Course. From what I watched it looked like he sprayed his tee ball all over the place. His 2019 stats seem to back that up, Shots gained putting (0.262) and Shots gained approach the green (.137) are the only areas where he's gaining strokes on the field. I'm hoping he's getting it figured out and with anything like the yips that might be more mental than physical, a good dose of good play will wipe all those bad mental thoughts out. Confidence kills doubt.
  4. Gotta go with Hideki. Won '16 & '17 and finished T-3 last week. Shot an opening 69 last year in WMO before WD with a wrist injury. Matsuyama for the win!!!
  5. UA Big Shot Golf for me please. Last two pairs of sunglasses I've owned have been Under Armour. UA Igniter 2.0 and UA Zone XL both have been incredibly durable, scratch resistant and look pretty sharp around the course.
  6. Epic. That sounds really interesting. Can't wait to learn more. Sounds like I'll need to buy some to try out when they are available. Thanks!
  7. What kind of info did you get on the NA launch of the Mizuno Golf balls? I've always played their irons and wanted to try their tour golf balls but to my knowledge they've only been available in Japan.
  8. This is what I think of every time I hear the ProV1 will now be available in yellow....
  9. This reminds me of the story from 2015 when Snedeker won, he was using a Burner SuperFast. https://www.golfchannel.com/article/golf-central-blog/snedekers-driver-and-putter-valued-34 But it appears he's upgraded since. https://www.nationalclubgolfer.com/news/brandt-snedeker-witb/
  10. I've tested several of the Sigma 2 line at the local PING fitter's pro shop. I really liked the feel of several different putters but I'm kind of leaning toward getting a Kushin Sigma G from the previous version. The PING pro was telling me how much time it was going to save him with the adjustable length putters. He made it sound like regripping one for someone after a fitting would be a thing of the past and replacing the grip when they wear out would be pretty easy to do. I will say it was super easy to adjust them by turning a provided tool a few times. It made testing each of the different heads at my desired length super easy to do. I can see a huge benefit to a pro shop only having to carry one of each and being able to adjust the length to suit each individual golfer. I do wonder if purchasing one would mean when you "have" to replace the putting grip at some point due to wear you'd only be able to replace it with a PING grip. (The tool screws into the end of the grip)
  11. Wow. This is super awesome! I regripped the putter this weekend and saw some more blemishes on the shaft under the grip after lengthening it. Next time I regrip this club I might add the heat shrink tubing. After reading the thread I didn't notice, what do you use to heat the shrink tubing?
  12. I just bought my second purchase based on MGS testing and reviews (first was a G400 fitting from my local Ping pro). I bought a Tommy Armour Impact #3 off eBay based on the positive reviews and wanting something different to try at a reasonable price. After getting it this week I noticed the black paint on the shaft seems to be bubbling in places. Curious if anyone has experienced this and if there is a solution? Sanding/Repainting? Also probably gonna play around with paint filling the alignment line after I regrip and lengthen it 3” (originally 31.5” didn’t know that until after purchase) Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Daniel Tennessee Taylormade SLDR 9.5 degrees/65g X stiff shaft Did not get fit Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Daniel Tennessee Taylor made SLDR 9.5/X Stiff/65g 112-115 MPH Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Daniel Tennessee 7.8 Mizuno MP15s/Dynamic Gold Steel Stiff Ping i210 Thanks for the opportunity!
  16. Played 18 early this morning. My focus was on trying to hit as many GIR as possible. My goal was 9/18 or 50%. Below is my scorecard via TheGrint. Some notes from the round... • Had three 3 putts on the front 9. Each one was from 30-35' first putt. My speed was off early but I settled down on the back. •Still hit 4 balls into hazards. 2 were tee shots with a hybrid left and driver right. The other two were on the same hole where a hazard runs parallel to fairway with green opposite side and I dunked a 6 iron short then wedge short into hazard. •I really focused more with my approach shots on hitting the green instead of thinking about my swing (which I feel like I've been doing a lot) and it seemed to work. Still that's 7 throw away shots with 4 hazards and 3 3 putts. Got to get better. Feedback welcome. Thanks guys.
  17. Agreed. TheGrint has me at 14% left, 19% right, 8% long and 33% short. Perhaps swallowing a little ego with the iron game is an easy first step.
  18. True but I think that's also a function of missing 13 greens per 18. You get more one putts that way.
  19. Yes. I think Grint had me at 5.6 per 18. I think that's also the reason my putts per 18 was under the average for an 8 handicap. This was an interesting read I found from mygolfspy back in 2016. https://mygolfspy.com/2016-report-overall-golfer-performance-by-handicap/ I think I'll discuss this with my local teaching pro and see if he thinks it's a management issue or swing issue. I'd still like to get that scrambling percentage up as well. Maybe attack it on both ends. Again. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  20. The way I understand TheGrint stats. Penalty shots count 2 for each ball out of bounds and one for hazard shots. So it's like losing one ball a round and dunking two. Which isn't too crazy I think but I agree the numbers do add up quickly that way. And about the tee shots, I do typically hit hybrids off tight tee boxes and on short holes where driver isn't needed. I'm just looking for advice from all so feel free to give solid feedback. Thanks guys.
  21. I've been using TheGrint app on my iPhone for well over a year and today I decided to delve into my stats over the past 20 rounds to decipher where I should focus my practice sessions and golf lessons in the future. About me: 35, 5'9", 185 lbs. I hover between a 7 and 8 handicap. I have about 110-115 mph swing speed with a driver (using a Trackman with my local teaching pro). I used to play college baseball so I have tons of bad baseball swing habits that I've been working out for years. TheGrint keeps a wealth of stats that I want to break down here and get opinions on what might be the best way for me to reach the sub 5 handicap range. Below is my stats over the past 20 rounds (about 10 months). Scoring Handicap- 8.0 Avg. Score- 83.5 Putting Stats Putts per round- 31.1 Putts per hole following GIR- 2.0 Putts per hole following Non-GIR-1.6 1 putts per round- 5.3 Driving Accuracy Fairway Hit- 40% Left- 27% Right- 28% Greens in Regulation Total Gir- 30% Par 3's- 26% Par 4's- 26% Par 5's- 47% Iron Accuracy (on par 3's) Gir-23% Under 125 yards - No data 125 to 150 yards- 40% 150 to 175 yards- 26% 175 to 200 yards- 0% over 200 yards- 20% Penalties Total Penalties per round- 5.8 OoB- 2.6 Hazard- 2.3 Scrambling Par Saves- 41% Sand Saves- 27% Bogey Saves- 21% Putts per hole after Sand- 1.7 Putts per hole on Par Save- 1.6 Putts per hole on Bogey Save- 1.7 My initial thoughts were that the biggest part of my game that could use improvement would be my short game around the greens and then making putts inside of 8'. With the logic that most my strokes would be saved if my shots that miss the green could be hit closer and then the putt converted. However, after looking at the poor ball striking stats of GIR and penalties per round. I almost feel like lowering my shots hit into trouble and increasing my GIR would correlate to better numbers. Ideally, I'd have plenty of time to work on both but with a toddler to chase around I have limited practice time. I'm open to any thoughts or ideas as to what would be the best way to lower that 8 to a 5. Thanks Spies.
  22. Daniel/Tennessee Mizuno MP-T4-56&60 degree Titleist SM5- 52 degree Desired-52, 56, & 60 degrees.
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