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  1. I had the same exact thought. The e12 speed wasn't offered in any color except white and all of us I think noticed durability issues. Of course the e12 speed was designed for faster swing speeds perhaps the harder impact with each clubhead and sometimes increased probability balls will be hit into trouble (trees/cart path) that sometimes accompanies faster swing speeds could contribute to the cause.
  2. My Stage 2 is already up but I did have the opportunity to test the e12 in the local AboutGolf PGA simulator yesterday. First, a couple disclaimers I've used both this simulator and a TrackMan. I believe the TrackMan to be at least 5% more accurate with club speed/ball speed/spin. I was also told by the simulator owner that the balls wouldn't give that accurate spin rates because I wasn't using his balls. However, I did mark the balls in a way they should track the spin by drawing small lines across the entire ball(I assume AboutGolf uses high speed photos to compare images of the balls at points in the path and derives actual numbers) Shots 1-14 were just to loosen up so don't look into those at all. Shots 15-17: Attempted to hit 75 yard SW with e12 Speed Shots 18-20: Full Swing SW with e12 Speed Shots 21-23: Attempted to hit 75 yard SW with ProV1 Shots 24-26: Full Swing SW with ProV1 Shots 27-31: Full Swing 6 Iron with e12 Speed Shots 33-36: Full Swing 6 Iron with ProV1 Shots 37-41: Full Swing Driver with e12 Speed Shots 42-45: Full Swing Driver with ProV1. Summary of Data: When I look at the numbers and average them (over 3-5 shots) I see extremely similar spin rates, smash factors, and carry distances. There are a couple things that did stand out to me. 1. I didn't calculate the standard deviation of the shots mostly because I took such a small sample size but I did notice a trend of the smash factor/carry distances of the ProV1 were significantly closer together. However the e12 was more likely to have spikes in distance, especially with my irons (something I mentioned in "on the course" testing). I hit my 6 iron up to 209 with the e12 where the ProV1 seemed to stay shorter with my best shots and further with the ones not hit as well leading to a more accurate grouping. 2. My "on the course" testing biggest surprise was the spin I got from the e12 when I hit half wedge shots. Now as I stated above I'm not sure how accurate some of the spin rates are but it seems like the e12 at least can generate almost the same spin as the ProV1 on full or even 3/4 shots. 3. As you can see these numbers match what I said about my "on the course" testing with the driver. I didn't notice any jump in distance and maybe just a slight increase in accuracy. My calculations had the ProV at average of 205.2 side spin and 119 side spin for the e12. Final Thought: I still can't stomach chipping, pitching and putting with the e12 but at least I know that I can get the thing to spin when I'm hitting it from beyond 45 yards (if I could ever figure out my yardages with it...) I realize the sample size (3-5 shots) was small and the data might not be quite as accurate as it could be (TrackMan) but I definitely wanted to put out some numbers that could at least show a side by side comparison of the e12 to what I normally play. Thanks for reading!
  3. Stage 2 Just finished stage 2. I still have one sleeve left and I still intend to try them on the local PGA simulator to get some actual numbers but I don't think that testing will change my review. Enjoy Spies! Sent from my Nexus 7 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. I just checked my match ups and roster... I'm going to need a miracle playing you guys this week.
  5. After doing all the testing with the e12. I'm super pumped for MGS ball test coming out today. I think I know where I feel like the e12 fits in the massive test and I'm curious to know if I'm right. https://twitter.com/MyGolfSpy/status/1122493188680441858
  6. • Daniel • Crossville, Tennessee • 115 mph (Driver), 100 mph (6 iron), 6.0 GHIN. • 17 degree hybrid, 19 degree hybrid. Right hand. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Has the field been released yet? Doesn't look like according to the PGA's website. https://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/wells-fargo-championship/field.html
  8. The shots on #5 and #8 both landed just short of the target and had a slight bit of roll with enough spin to stop after a few feet. Most of my typical iron shots spin and stop even when I've played with cheaper balls. I usually get plenty or even too much spin on my iron/wedge full shots. Now if I could get the balls to stop when I'm chipping/pitching... that would be magical..
  9. For Sale Tommy Armour Impact No. 3 Mallet Putter 35.5” in length. With Headcover New SuperStroke 2.0 Grip $60 plus shipping. Club is in excellent condition. The black shaft did have some imperfections/bubbling but they don’t impact playability and are barely noticeable (I tried to show that with the very last photo) I bought it on eBay to try after reading the MGS Mallet Putter testing from 2018. It’s a solid club I just think my putting stroke is better with a mid-mallet and not a full mallet putter. I did put a brand new superstroke grip on it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. •Daniel •Tennessee •Ping Sigma Kushin 34.5” •Lag putting is strength but from 3’ to 10’ I’d say it’s a weakness. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. As I mentioned above. Everything I hit today with a full swing 16 degree hybrid to 56 degree wedge was consistently longer. I’ve had about the same distances on my clubs for several years so whatever they have done to the e12 makes everything I hit approximately 10 yards further. I was dealing with some wind today but it seemed like downwind I was accounting for up to 25 yards of extra carry distance. I haven’t noticed a lot, if any, additional distance with my Driver. I will say if they made the e12 with a cover I enjoyed chipping with it could be an interesting. Bridgestone obviously made some significant development with this ball. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Happy Good Thursday Spies. (My own invented holiday since my 4 day work week gets cut to 3 this week.) So I bit the bullet today(quite literally) and decided to put the e12 into play from swing 1 of my round this morning. To be honest it wasn’t pretty, now to be completely fair my home course is fairly difficult and we had winds 15-20 mph this morning. I made a few notes on my scorecard of unexpected shots. Hole 1- Hit 9I 10 yards over the green then chipped through the green (two things I rarely do) Hole 2- Hit SW 15 yards long over green. Hole 3- Hit 5 shots inside 125. Hole 5- Hit 9I pin high to 155. (Typical yardage 145) Hole 8- Hit 52 degree 134 pin high. (Typical yardage 115) Hole 11- Flew PW 150 over green. (Typical yardage 125) I found today that the ball seemed to fly 10+ yards further off almost all my iron shots. This made club selection increasingly difficult, especially in a 15 mph wind. I’ve always found chipping with the e12 difficult due to the amount of roll out on anything inside 40 yards. I’m starting to think this may be a very poor ball for my game and style of play. Also to keep up with the durability issues check out this gem... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Was headed south today and got to play a little hidden gem in South Pittsburg, TN called Sweetens Cove. It’s a redesigned 9 hole track that’s getting a lot of attention lately. https://mobile.twitter.com/sweetenscove/status/1114240125595213824?s=12 Anyway. Played my first 9 with a Srixon Z star XV and second 9 with the e12. Shot 37/39 for a 76 and had a couple surprising things happened with the e12. Two of the holes I had 50-60 yards so I was hitting half wedge shots. I managed to spin one and stop it after about 10’ and the other about 15’. Those are typically the same roll outs I get on those shots with my usual balls and NEVER get with a Surlyn cover golf ball. After my testing with shorter shots and pitches I actually didn’t expect it to get that kinda spin. It was a very welcome surprise. To keep with the scuffing up theme. I will say that scuff was probably from a tree impact and user error. On the positive side I’ve still got a full dozen e12s! No victims yet... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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