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  1. Three wedges for sale. Mizuno T-4 60 degree 6 bounce Mizuno T-4 56 degree 13 bounce Titleist SM7 52 degree 7 bounce F grind The two Mizuno I’ve had couple years. The Titleist SM7 I won summer 2019 but didn’t work in my bag, I used it about 10 rounds. It also has black finish. Will sell all together or individually. Asking $75 for SM7 Asking $50 for both Mizuno wedges or $25 each. Thanks for looking and message me for questions or offers. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. I thought the same thing at first. I believe it is 5 cc bigger and while that might seem strange to be able to tell, I did feel like there was a difference. After 6 months with the G410 LST I actually prefer it to the G400 LST. I'd say at this point the cons are non existent and the pros are slight, which you can expect from a generation newer driver.
  3. I should probably circle back and say PING took great care of the situation. Brand new G410LST. I will have to say first two weeks with the new driver, I missed the G400 badly but now after a few months (hitting it almost every day on my skytrak in the garage), I'm super happy with the G410LST. I can't honestly tell much difference forgiveness or distance but it does have quite a bit of ability to tweek the weights and lofts over the G400. Excellent club, excellent company, I couldn't be happier.
  4. Crossville, TN and 36 112-115 MPH Above Average Absolutely, will see it through. Been wanting to make a DIY swing speed sticks and this would give me opportunity to try the real thing! Been missing my workouts in the gym too with this dumb COVID stuff so I'm dying to workout and get better at golf!
  5. I nearly broke into tears Monday when after three swings on the driving range (the last sounding a little funny) and on the third hole I pulled the headcover off my G400 LST to see this on the top of the crown. Good news: PING already has me a replacement on the way but they are OUT of G400 LST so they are sending me a G410 LST. Which is pretty awesome but I'm curious if anyone who played the 400 and switched to the 410 what changes they might have seen or felt. Just curious what some of you spies might have noticed between the two models. Also, you might be able to see from th
  6. @ballplayer002003 I just bought the same putter on eBay. Do you still love it after 6 months? I used to game a Mizuno Bettinardi BC5 and loved the feel at impact.
  7. Congrats to @blackngold_blood and a huge thank you to the Commissioners @Berg Ryman @GolfSpy STUDque It was an awesome and fun season! Thank y'all for the hard work!
  8. Lets see... New bag -1 New putter -1 New ball -1 Total 17...
  9. I read he was sick and withdrew on Sunday. Awful way to end, cause I think even if you take his points up to Sunday, you'd advanced. I think the zero points with a WD is dumb to be honest but pretty sure this thread had discussed that topic at length already.
  10. Daniel / Tennessee Ping Sigma G Kushin 34.5" Straight 5.5 GHIN
  11. Daniel/Tennessee 5.7 GHIN Yes, during a putting lesson. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Tier 5: Scott Piercy Winning Score: -10
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