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  1. Yes. Its a solid driver. I actually love the Rogue color scheme but I hit it at a PGA Superstore, it felt nearly identical and seemed to have the same numbers so it wasn't worth the upgrade. Good to see it still in most bags.
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  3. Over the weekend I hit the TM Stripe on my Skytrak in my garage set up and compared it to one of my typical gamer balls, the ProV1. Here is a print out of the session with averages for each ball. Couple observations. 12 full shots each with my 50 degree wedge, which usually carries 112-118 yards. Avg ball speed, launch, descent angle, and most other stats would be within a margin of error for most of my shots. Avg Back spin was slightly higher with the PROV1, 400 rpms but I didn't notice until I printed these charts today that shot 5 with the Stripe should have got tossed as a misread. If you remove it from the data the Stripe AVG backspin is 8529 RPM which is still 100 rpm lower than the PROV1. These numbers would certainly be within any margin of error in my golf game and I would notice little to no difference playing either ball regularly. This leads me to believe if the stripe helps me make more putts it might make a regular appearance in my bag.
  4. I'm a sucker for golf alignment aids, I mean I've played with a solid line on my golf ball since I was probably 12. That usually means sharpie markers in my bag and usually ink on my fingers for the first few holes. So when I first saw an ad for the new TaylorMade Tour Response with a large thick green/yellow stripe right down the middle, I was pretty intrigued. I have not previously played a TaylorMade ball or one of the several alignment balls Callaway does, something about the thick greenish yellow stripe is appealing to the eye. So about two weeks ago I swung by my local Walmart and picked up a dozen to try them out and possibly pass along what I like and didn't like about playing them. This is the product info from TaylorMade: Easier alignment with a larger center alignment section Better visibility with a unique multi-color stand out design 100% Urethane cover played by Tour Players that is stronger and softer than ionomer Interacts with the club grooves to optimize spin and control, specifically around the greens Upgraded HFM Speedmantle™ and New Tour Flight Dimple Pattern are designed to optimize aerodynamics, lift, and ball speed Low 40 Compression core and soft urethane cover result in a total ball compression of 70 3 Layer Performance I don't want to spend too much time on the specs as those could be found in various locations and to be honest the spin rates and softness of the ball isn't what made me click buy. Its that big thick green stripe down the center of the ball and will it help me make more putts.... First, When I'm trying a new golf ball I take the advice I've always heard and test it from the hole back, meaning the most important features are on the green, around the green, from the fairway, then last off the tee. With that in mind I've played three rounds with the ball currently and have a some initial feedback. The first round I played was in a charity golf tournament for my university's Civil Engineering Scholarship program. I was excited to try the ball putting, especially getting to see a few putts ran at the hole in front of me in the scramble format. I was disappointed when I realized the greens on the back nine had been aeriated and it wouldn't do me much good watching it bounce up and down on its way to the hole. Luckily, it was only the back nine and after we made the turn I got the ball rolling (literally) with a big eagle putt the first 'real' roll I made with it from about 30'. I'll have to say that had us off to a great start with the testing. It was a pretty solid putting day for me, of course its always easier seeing a roll or two in front of you but initially the ball is soft off the putter face, seems to roll true, and gives instant feedback if you miss hit the putt, watching the flashing colors of the ball instead of the nice end over end line you would get when struck pure. For the second round, I played a practice round at my home course in Crossville. I was riding solo so I decided to play a "worst ball" scramble where I hit two shots and played the worst of the two. I did make a couple caveats as I didn't want to spend all day in the tee box or putting green having to hole twice or hit two balls in play every tee shot. Off the tee if one ball was OB or in a hazard I just selected the other ball to play, but if both were in bounds I had to play the worst of the two. On the greens, or around the greens once a shot was holed that was my score, that just prevented me from missing a bunch of 2' putts and also made that second putt/chip really count instead of being less important if I missed the first shot. This also gave me the opportunity to hit a gamer and directly compare to the TM Tour Response. My usual gamers are the Bridgestone TourBX and Titleist ProV1. Here were some observations I made and notes from the round. Putting with the Stripe again seemed to give better feedback and helped with alignment, instead of the single small sharpie line. Putting twice from the same location gave immediate feedback on if the Stripe ball was firmer than what I usually play. I noticed little to no difference in distance control, it felt easy to adjust to the TM Stripe and the alignment aid helped my putts start off straighter. Chipping around the greens felt similar to my gamers. I did have one or two shots where the Stripe ball didn't seem to have as much spin as a TourBX or ProV1 but 90% of the time they would be side by side on chip shots. Approach shots again were similar distance when struck properly. I didn't gain or lose yards swapping to the Stripe ball and when I did land on the green with both they had similar roll out distances. That tells me the spin rates are very similar, hitting two shots from the same lie onto the same putting surface. Off the Tee I noticed little difference in carry and total distance. On two separate holes I hit what I would consider bombs with both my Gamer and the Stripe. One hole the Stripe was 10 yards longer than the gamer and the on the other hole the gamer edged out the Stripe by 5 yards. Making it a push as to if it made any difference. Just a side note... and this is a super minor deal but when I played this round it was rather wet and several shots plugged into the fringe or fairway. The green/yellow stripe was nearly the same color as the grass which made finding those little white areas rather difficult. The third round was again in a charity golf tournament for a local Christian school. My previous round led me to believe that little to no difference with the driver meant I'd mostly use the Stripe ball to putt, chip and hit approach shots with. Again I really like putting with the ball, approach shots into greens seemed to be the correct distance and spin the proper amount when hitting the green. There was one or two half to 3/4 wedge shots that didn't spin exactly how I thought they should and rolled out several feet longer than I anticipated but that does sometimes happen with my gamer balls too, I will certainly keep an eye on it as I work my way through the remainder of the dozen balls. I think I will try next to hit some shots on my Skytrak and see if there is any difference in spin rates from ball to ball. It might be dicey as I do know the Skytrak does sometimes get finicky with balls with a lot of graphics. I guess we'll soon find out.
  5. I think the asterisks are how many players you've selected that have missed the cut. That's why I have more asterisks than tournaments played
  6. So this is Tee Shots in the water on 17. Does not account for drop zone shots that went into the water.
  7. He says 57 water balls on 17. This guy says he looked up all the PGA shotlink data to get the number. I had to ask him on Twitter. I did reply back just because his first tweet said 47 in first two rounds and 33 in round 2. So those numbers don't match. So I'm asking for clarification.
  8. No joke. I found this through two rounds and seems legit. https://twitter.com/gsmitter/status/1503080356811055107?s=20&t=mBOHuQ5a_OIvJInlmJwutg
  9. Well I see my RunMyPools woes continue.... This week... 2020 Champion Hideki withdraws before it starts... another excellent choice by myself....
  10. That happened a lot last year when they let the green dry out at the end of the week. Made for a boring final round as no one challenged that front right Sunday pin location and just aimed for the middle. I'm guessing that wind will cause issues Saturday but the other days you're spot on and they should have an easier green to hit. Pin location can play a part too, too risky and they will all hit to the middle and take a 40' putt. I still think it will be slightly over what looks like an average in the 50s... Fun to wait and see!
  11. Balls in the water on #17? 66.... I love The Players. Pete Dye, Toughest field in golf, tons of variability, winners are always complete players and in solid form. I do not like the "5th Major" status. Yes, it's certainly the 5th most exciting PGA tournament but there can be only one "Major" played on the same course every season....
  12. I asked for one stitch golf Arnold Palmer hybrid Headcover for Christmas and my wonderful in-laws bought me five. Looking to sell the knit headcovers for $60 and include shipping. Looking to sell the leather fairway wood one for $80 and include shipping. All four are brand new still in plastic. Knit Driver cover-$50 Sold Knit Fairway wood Cover-$60 Sold Knit hybrid cover- $60 Sold Leather Fairway wood cover- $70 PayPal only, lower 48. Thanks for looking.
  13. Let the carnage begin! I love watching the pros play tough tracks. I'm rooting for a single digit under par winner...
  14. I've always loved the Mizuno line of putters. They look amazing. Excited to see what finally hits the US in March.
  15. I'm ready to rock too! Never can get too much golf pick'em!
  16. I love any fantasy golf pick'em! I'm in!
  17. I assumed as much. Typically its not much of an offset. I'd say similar to yours 2 degrees open.
  18. Yes. I typically don't adjust it with the accuracy you did, although I think its an excellent idea from my experience to hit a few chip shot and see where the device is telling you straight is. What I did find interesting in the review is the picture of your set up. I found that typically when I'm trying to get it set to "straight" the device will be set up open, with the front portion pointing right of the straight. Your device looks closed to me and opposite of what my set up will be. Did you find lots of people set the device closed or open? Just curious.
  19. I've had a SkyTrak for 2 years now and it was by far the best and most fun investment in my golf game ever. I have a set up in my garage and am in the process of upgrading into more of a simulator style set up with impact screen and projector. I can't say enough good things about the device and the ability to work on my golf game in the winter, during rain or at night. Everything in this review is spot on from what I've experienced with my device. I've just recently downloaded a demo for e6 and find the putting to be abysmal but still lots of fun. It's a serious investment but for the price point, to get accurate ball flight data is totally worth it if you have the space to hit a few balls. Great review! @pakman92
  20. Congrats! You'll do a great job and the community here will be richer for your hard work!
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    Wow! Thanks guys! Totally unexpected that's what makes MGS peeps the best!
  22. Is that baby yoda on the clubface? I can't unsee that now...
  23. US Practice Pairings were out yesterday and looks like to me Stricker knows what he's doing. Finau, Brooks, Berger, English DJ, Morikawa, Xander, Cantlay Spieth, JT, Bryson, Scheffler I can see obvious pairings like JT/Spieth, Xander/Cantlay, Bryson/Scheffler. That first practice group you could pretty much swap and switch as needed. My concern for the US was who to pair with Bryson but looks like that has been decided. Now I'm curious who will play with DJ and if Morikawa is really a good fit for DJ? Again I feel like we have the best players but are somehow not going to get the job done...
  24. I just got back this week from a weekend away at Grove Park Inn. Thought I'd give a brief review of the course, conditions and some interesting holes at The Golf Course at the Omni Grove Park Inn. The course is a par 70, 6055 yards from the tips, Donald Ross design. I played 18 holes with my wife and another couple played the first 9 holes with us. Since they were beginners, I played the front 9 holes from the white tees and the back 9 from the tips since its barely over 6k yards. The course was on the higher end of what I normally pay to play (around $150) but when on vacation with the wife I usually splurge a bit. The clubhouse was very dated with visible exterior repairs needed but it gave an "old school" feeling that was kind of enjoyable. The practice area was just a small green behind the #9 green and one range mat with a net to warm up with. It was crowded when we arrived but when I went to roll a few putts I had the entire area to myself. I could tell from the practice green the course was going to be in exceptional shape and the first several holes didn't disappoint. Since it was a short and tight course with not much warm up I hit an iron off the first tee and managed to find the fairway. I actually hit the ball pretty well the entire round, hitting 56% greens and 46% fairways (which are good numbers for me). I enjoyed how Donald Ross used the rolling hills landscape to place his tee boxes and greens. Even holes that seemed flatter would have elevation changes in the fairway or give you interesting lies to navigate. I would say the course was on the "tighter" end of courses I've played, even holes that ran beside other holes had landing areas that could get you into trouble, of course the tightness is a product of the short length. What I enjoyed most about the course was the large greens and tough pin locations. I consider myself a much improved putter but 34 putts and 2 three putts were tough to stomach. A couple holes had some sharp break right at the hole, both of those 2 three putts were short 3'-4' misses that broke outside the hole. While that's kind of frustrating it's also a lot of fun to test your skills on those short putts, and it wasn't every hole just one or two scattered here and there. Overall, it was a fun experience, great course even though on the shorter, tighter end. If you're visiting Grove Park I strongly recommend getting in a round.
  25. I know isn't it? It was literally called the "Billy Horschel rule" by some when they pushed the selections back to after the Tour Championship... I think I've changed my mind. If Brooks can't go and Reed isn't fully healthy (which he isn't) Lets bring in a ticked off Billy Ho!
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