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  1. Thanks for this post I know it is old, but I would have never found Perfect Swing if it wasn’t for seeing this post. Going to try and book a fitting there next few weeks. Not sure if they moved, but it seems like it’s Toms River not Lakewood, but same area.
  2. I bought a dozen and love that they are different than everyone else’s balls on the course ... they also blast off the driver. Just don’t lose them or everyone will know where you were!
  3. Absolutely! Same reason I switched and turned down my Ping g400LST from 9.5. Wanted less height.
  4. I’ve used 18 birdies a few times but always have trouble linking it up .. once I’m through. Couple holes it gets out of whack and I can’t seem to get it back - if anyone else reads this and has corrected it, let me know. i enjoy it for the fitness tracking as I walk.
  5. FilOfFuture

    TM TP5x PIX

    Thoughts on these? I’m a significantly better putter with a line or some sort of aide. Being ~ 12 handicap the worst part of my game is BY FAR putting. Good chipping, pretty good with irons and far hitter (mostly in fairway). If I could only make a few more putts a round I’d be under a 7 where I want to be and used to be... anyone playing these yet or the triple track and have seen any putting improvement?
  6. Thoughts on this vs TM new Pix?
  7. Was looking at the eve flow for a little while, but tested into a Hzrdus Yellow 75 6.5 with ~110 avg SS... loved it but the miss would always be a push right (as I normally play a draw). I recently switched to the Hzrdus Black 75 6.5 and absolutely love it. Almost canceled out the right push. The Hzrdus line and definitely the black get heat from people for feeling like telephone poles, but I love the stability. The black helped me with dispersion and with a slightly lower launch angle (I also turned my g400LST down from 8.5 to 7.5 <I think> so that helped with launch) but I’ve picked up distance with better dispersion. id recommend trying shafts on a monitor to see the numbers, but since the new driver will probably be really easy to swap out shafts, you can always pick up a used one and then sell it if it doesn’t work? happy swinging
  8. Been playing for about 15 years, but took a few years off. Picking it back up the past 3 years and down to an 11.9 index. Looking to get it down below 7 if possible this year. Thinking it’s possible and would like to get back into some tournaments. live in NJ, work in NYC - golf is the escape. used to work at golf courses for about 8 years and played every day. After a few year burn out it back to the game we all love - cheers
  9. Welcome to the forums FilOfFuture :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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