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  1. Sorry if these have been mentioned, but for me, nostalgically, it would be First Flight irons (my first irons); LYNX wedges (still miss them); Tony Penna drivers. Yes. I am showing my age, lol. Love this topic to reminisce on.
  2. Like all of you, I hate to see or surmise about a company that is struggling, especially if it is US based. But let's face it, LA Golf pushed the limits of market pricing and the market pushed back. When you are charging upwards of $ 60 for a dozen balls and $ 1500 for a putter with minimal Tour representation, you are going to struggle to make it, especially when your paid tour people are not visible to the audience. Bryson is a lightening rod (although I miss him), DJ is simply counting his money, and c'mon, Paige can resent being eye candy, but that is all she is, like it or not. Perhaps Miura has figured out how to sustain itself with a core group of avid customers willing to spend nearly $ 3 K for a set of irons. But that cultish business model doesn't always extend to other applications.
  3. In no particular order I will offer: Portmarnock in Dublin, IR Pine Valley Aronimink Golf Club Laurel Valley near Latrobe, PA Saucon Valley Old Course Aviara MaKenna in Maui Somerset Hills Tobacco Road Torrey Pines
  4. Well ole gray, we owe you and your family pedigree a debt of thanks for your service! And on more earthly levels, this broken hearted and devout Buckeye fan and fellow club ho really looks forward to your review of these T 350s! Thanks in advance for what I know will be a labor of love for you. Until then, here's hoping my boys see yours again only this time in January!
  5. I will add one that I should've thought of: Tight Lies Fairway woods. For a period of time, those clubs were simply can't miss in every sense of the word.
  6. I don't know if they are "the best', but to me, the most memorable clubs that come to mind (including those that I have played) are: PING EYE 2 Irons (easy to see I am not the only one who believes so) Tony Penna Persimmon Driver; Taylor Made "Pittsburgh Persimmon" Driver Callaway Steelhead Fairway woods Cleveland Wedges; A Lynx Sand wedge PING ANSER Putter Carried in an all leather Burton bag
  7. In addition to the question as to whether Drivers are beginning to hit a pricing wall, we should also look into whether putters are or may soon do the same thing as a slow "flood" of Putters are now approaching the $ 500 price tag and far exceeding it with an exotic "putter specific" shaft. Former premium price tag OEMs like PXG and Scotty Cameron......no longer are. Not sure how long this will be sustainable for the flat sticks. Will be interesting to see, that is for damn sure. And I post this recognizing there will always be "boutique" putter companies that test the boundaries of price elasticity for a specific market of club afficionados.
  8. Picks are in. Tier 5: Beau Hossler Winning score: - 10
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