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  1. My trusty leather gripped Bullseye putter. I would put it against anything on the market today.
  2. Do graphite iron shafts increase your distance? Getting older (59) and have some back issues, so i have recently lost about one to two club lengths on my iron distance. Would graphite shafts help me gain some of my distance back? Looking to purchase new iron set this summer, any suggestions on shafts and or best irons?
  3. https://swee.ps/WRmkG_fohFxcZ
  4. Carl Waconia, MN 15 Titleist DCI Oversize+ Like to test the T200 to see how it would improve my distance and help with controlling my desired fade shots.
  5. Purchased this Ben Hogan P119 putter at an estate sale. Can anyone tell me when this putter came out. Contacted the current Ben Hogan Corp, but they said this putter was before their current corporate records.
  6. Has a review been done on the new Ben Hogan GS53 Driver and Fairway woods?
  7. tier 5 - Scott Piercy, Winning Score will be 9 under par
  8. Tier 5 - Scott Piercy, Winning Score -16
  9. Tier 1: Jordan Spieth Tier 2: Bubba Watson Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Kevin Na Tier 5: Scott Piercy Winning Score: -11
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