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  2. Got a tournament recently. Asking $350.00 CAD
  3. Chad Alberta Ping G400 Max/ Kuro Kage/ 60g Stiff (pro length) 105 mph Man I would love more speed!
  4. Previously playing: Ping G10 - 9 deg - Grafalloy Prolaunch Red Now playing: G400 Max - 9 deg (tuned to 8 degree) - Kugo Kage 60g S Over the past 3-4 years I have demo'd drivers looking for something that outperformed my G10 on the course, I was fitted for the G10 and am a high spin player and basically I found nothing until... the G400. Swing 1 with the G400 and I was sold, I mishit it pretty bad (heel) and felt the ball come off like a rocket down to where I would hit a solid shot with my G10. I inquired about the G400 after the round and my pro (and Ping rep) told me to hold on as there was an LST model coming in a few months and since we played some golf together he knew my high spin woes. I continued to demo the G400 whenever I could and waited and waited for the LST. I live in Calgary, AB, Canada so our golf season ends basically Late Sept early Oct and kicks off typically in Late April/Early May, both of these time frames coming in not optimal golf conditions, June through August however is generally quite perfect (weather and course conditions). And then the day came, September 20th and .... I became a father!!! and for the purposes of a golf forum, my driver hunt for the year was over. haha. Slide forward to June this year and the G400 Max was all the rage and I got my hands on it, and immediately booked a fitting. I found the fitting process very fun and launch monitor (I believe it was flightscope) cool to use. I tried all models of the G400 with all standard shafts until we dialed in the right specs. Not to get to into it all but here are the details I recall the most: Swing speed - averaged around 105 mph G10 average Carry - 270-275 G400 Max average carry - 290-295 (1 was over 300!) Spin - (can't recall the numbers) - but down 400 RPM (I would imagine due to a degree loft off the driver) Dispersion - No significant difference (which is fine, my strength is accuracy) Summary - 20 more yards carry, lower spin and more role On the course - I have only had the driver for 2 rounds after waiting for it to arrive and a 2 week holiday where is sat in the shop but I have started working the ball both ways which is fairly new. I actually have trouble hitting it straight which was the strength of the G10 but find I can hit a 10 yard draw or fade quite nicely. The draw seems to really bring in some new spots on the course and I really see that extra 20 yards. The fade as expected is shorter but seems to be where a solid straight ball with the G10 was and I can play that shot with less fear, a fade is my go to which I somewhat lost with the G10. The biggest factor on the course is the mishits, this is a step up from the G10 for sure in terms of carry. We have a couple risk and reward tee shots at my club and now I have nothing to worry about with the carry on a mishit. Overall, extremely happy with the switch, driving is a strength of my game and look forward to taking advantage of hitting it both ways (knock on wood) and seeing some shorter approaches in on a couple Par 5's and long par 4's. I typically play a ProV1 but look forward to trying a couple new balls with the G400 Max as well. Got a sleeve of Tp5x's at a tournament recently and they will be in play tonight!
  5. Hi all, Chad from the great white north! 4-5 months to play up here so gotta cram it in. Wife that kinda get it and is starting to get the golf bug. New dad! So rounds are down this year but for the first time don't mind (especially with a 4-5 month season). Enjoy men's night and playing with a little $$$ on the mind. Lucky and cursed (weather) to have mountains right next door, but we have some unique mountain golf experiences that is well worth the trip. Any questions on Calgary, Canmore, Banff mountain golf, happy to answer. Given the dollar would suggest all American golfers make a mountain golf trip (no I am not a travel agent) and come see the beauty of the mountains and some wicked golf courses. Looking forward to being a member! Cheers, Chad
  6. Chad Alberta Canada +0.1 Nike VR pro - s300 i210
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