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  1. Would love to see your Srixon Zx vs T100 data. I also love Modus 120s. I've done several fittings and demos, Modus 120 always the best fit shaft for me.
  2. I started with 4-W of 785s based on a 7 iron fitting. 4 and 5 were so bad for me, so snatched up some 585s. Those things are launchers, so much fun to hit the 4 and 5 iron again. I used to dread it. Only wished I had gone with the 6 iron as well. Its so hit or miss for me. Absolutely love it on good strikes, but I get a little toe side and it loses 20 yds. Zx5s and 7s in like the W and 9 might be the way to go for me. Can't wait to hit them.
  3. Isn't that always the question? Although as consumers, we are never satisfied without having the Latest and Greatest. Every time we play that question creeps in, what am I leaving on the table. Flip side, I've been upgrading this and that.....handicap isn't moving
  4. Wonder if the major companies hired back those that were laid off in panic? Heard lots of noise around TM laying off thousands, and business is booming? I just don't understand how stock prices month to month matter more than long term company health?
  5. To me it's the PXG effect. PXG rocked the market with extremely expensive clubs. All other brands took notice, and now the prices are rising. Golfers won't stop buying because well marketing on new shiny clubs is so good. So now all make more money and we lose on the "value". Thanks PXG
  6. Standard black GP. I posted for months trying to find someone who could answer how it could be possible. My club reached out to the reps, nothing. Crickets. And Modus 120x shafts too. Something about the combo wasn't measuring up. Or TMs M5 iron heads have the worst quality tolerances knowing that almost no one playing M5s would know anything about club specs? I was close to having the shafts pulled and head weights measured. Only problem is nobody would give me what the optimum design specs were.
  7. I like it the Hi rev stuck out to me as well!!!
  8. Do you mind me asking if you are shorter in height? When you get them, have the swing weight checked. You probably tested them out around D2ish (maybe have your tester swing weight checked). I lost all feel of my irons and didn't know why I all of a sudden hated them when I bought them vs demo'd. Huge swing weight change. You may have a club builder up the SW of them, or cheaper go with lead tape. Going to need a lot of it if it drops 6 SW points. 4 1" pieces usually per SW point.
  9. Was trying to rationalize which way it would go. I let my own experience cloud my best judgement. A couple years ago I ordered M5s 1/2" long with X flex Modus 120s. They came in at C7, every single iron. Sent them back, they remade them. All at C7 again.
  10. Maybe loft up just a tad on the driver, may bring some of that spin up some and control the flight. Like the others said, other than low spin some pretty good numbers.
  11. Did you say you just ordered them? Were you able to try the shafts out at -1"? That is pretty significant, would most likely need to be a bit shorter height than average. If you hit standard length, the 1" short will be significantly different. Not sure TM is going to adjust swing weight for 1. They will most likely come in a much heavier swing weight I believe.
  12. How do you spend that much money on a shaft and then not go immediately to the course?
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