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    What brings us here? Golf of course! Always have been an outdoor/sport type. Grew up baseball and transitioned to golf later. I also enjoy getting in range time (not golf but shooting) PEWPEWlife
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  1. It really helps though....they could stand to use some on those stringy beards lol
  2. I went with this a while back because of what’s in it. But not much smell if any. What’s in that one?
  3. Not a small storm either. It is actually sticking.....Wont be getting my leaves cleaned up this weekend thats for sure. Good news is back to 60 next week....Welcome to new england
  4. We got fire. Had a little mishap as I forgot to tighten up the exhaust pipe (I can see @tommc23and @bens197 rolling their eyes now). Was right there when I started it though and gave myself a Dumbass palm. We warm now just in time for the snow today
  5. For all you beard goers out there, have found some great oil and balm especially for the cold season. My daughter has but allergies so this stuff is pretty money as it doesn’t have any of that pretty basic but the balm holds great and the oil after shower really keeps my skin from drying out.
  6. Thank you. Photographer was really good with the kids too I let my wife get the non golf gear. She does good lol
  7. Last year my siblings and I got a photo package for my parents for Christmas. Mom has wanted photos of the family done for a while. Got some good ones, photographer was great
  8. @Placasse61 need to jump in on this thread and do a 1/4 season update with the set. One of your best years for sure
  9. Not improvement but fixing the already improved? started pellet stove Monday, auger wasn’t kicking on. Cleaned it all out, hopper tubes etc again (I clean every spring deeply so usually no issues). Jumped out the vacuum switch that allows the auger to turn...nada. removed auger motor and ordered new one came today. Bench tested old one at work proved it was bad. Swapped and went to start (luckily didn’t put it back together) nada. Jumped out the pressure switch WALA operation. All in all bad pressure witch and auger motor. Good thing stove place down the road has it in stock. Fire
  10. Forgot to add a pic of the beef stew last time so had to have it again.
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