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    What brings us here? Golf of course! Always have been an outdoor/sport type. Grew up baseball and transitioned to golf later. I also enjoy getting in range time (not golf but shooting) PEWPEWlife
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  1. Piggy back off @edingcwith maybe a few lower scale competitions like CCC. Something not as time requiring but still a fun completion. Maybe a wood set like the Ben hogan test last year (think it was BH) A couple putters (bettinardi and Cleveland are on my hot list this year) I also enjoyed the net thread this year so some more practice equipment maybe?
  2. Great range. Always good condition. Only 2 that compete with that aspect for me is pine hills in Plymouth and crumpin fox. They give you free range balls
  3. You could probably start a business for people looking for equipment honestly lol. Detailed reports on purchase and trades. It’s like stocks but better.....
  4. Had an abnormal 50 degree day today and a few more anticipated over the next week. Lord of melt happening which is awsome and if we don’t get more snow could be an early season The wife Took advantage of getting outside with a light jacket and snow boots with this one
  5. That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw it. Went right to kobe
  6. Rory said it well. No matter the person Tiger is or how ya feel about him, this is what matters
  7. About an hour away we’ll have to plan a round
  8. Ah man I love a duality course giving you two different looks front and back. Gonna have to pen this one in as a travel round
  9. That’s my course! I feel betrayed...... I’ll reiterate highfields because bang for bucks is top notch for me another one I try to play multiple times a year is Wachusett country club in west boylaton, MA. I am all about course for my dollar and wachusett is fantastic value. Always good quick greens and everything else is really well maintained. The 5th hole is a beautiful downhill par 5 and is one of my favorite holes around. Be careful going for it in 2! https://www.wachusettcc.com
  10. Welcome! Right down the road from me and a few others on site. Maplegate is a great spot (used to be one of the best in the area) and is slowly getting back with new greenskeeping. If you have not played wentworth in wrentham yet, that is well worth it (very tight course) Plenty of folks on here to get rounds in with, enjoy the site!
  11. There was nothing slight about mine lol
  12. @CarlHand @Shapotomousi have the same issue opening the lead him/turning. Most recently I found this diagram as a light bulb moment for me. Always have had a closed stance....how can I clear my hip when I start out like this? Have since adjusted and I do not have any videos but it feels much better and hitting a straighter ball. Not sure if you potentially are doing the same but just wanted to toss out what I have seen for my own swing
  13. Everyone is on a need to know basis. Hate that right to information mentality. It doesn’t affect you directly you don’t need to know lol
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