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    What brings us here? Golf of course! Always have been an outdoor/sport type. Grew up baseball and transitioned to golf later. I also enjoy getting in shooting range time when I can.
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  1. Got a “vertical” massager that mounts on the wall. Already worked my scapulas this morning woooooo doggy it works. under armor polo to add to the collection (light green) wife is always trying to get me out of my comfort zone of red/orange/black and some new Sasquatch soaps Happy Father’s Day y’all!
  2. Didn’t notice it until ya said something!!!! JK yea it’s been pretty slow for me loading anything
  3. Better off just in case. Swap that router around!
  4. Could be more on that entire circuit though, regardless that breaker should have tripped. Might be worth looking at that panel and knocking Whatever breaker that one is tied into off, if you don’t have anything major in it
  5. Was just about to ask did you lose any power anywhere? curious what’s on that circuit if nothing was plugged into that outket
  6. Ah yes good to go. Can’t wait to see it!
  7. Can’t see any photos, must be my phone. Must be keeping me in suspense to see it in person next week! Can’t wait! Also @StrokerAcewill be there as well to partake in festivities!
  8. Good day in the yard. Just doing a chicken wire fence around the new yard for the dogs to run around in and doing a nicer fence and gate along the back of the house. Step 1 posts today and also got the 2nd veggie garden going
  9. Yea well you start getting your swing and contact down (which seems like you are) we are all F'd, I just want first dibs on caddying just saying.
  10. I follow trends my friend! You have been playing lights out, everyone has the iffy rounds but you have consistently bounced right back
  11. Knew I should have fielded bets! Sometimes luck overtakes skill still a good round, solid GIR!
  12. I like this point. Different angle of thinking, If I didn't have a work order management system forget it my job would be a nightmare.
  13. I say it out of being disgruntled! I think you have higher numbers than that COME ON!
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