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  1. I hear you on “not excited”. Was fitted for taylormade P790s and have never been a taylormade person.....but unfortunately and fortunately they work for me
  2. Nice covers and bag! What made you change from 9.5 to the 11.5?
  3. I enjoy reading these posts. Find myself every day checking in and getting into new posts and reviews. Has shown several different pieces of equipment I probably normally would have not considered. the open discussion is fantastic and have really enjoyed reading the back and forth as well as comradely. Hopefully get to play with a few of you out on the links this year!
  4. That’s because one of them are mine! (One hint John Daly) not representative of my swing now....I think.
  5. I am definitely an arc putter (will post video when I get my new putting mat...other has since been ruined). I have actually been practicing (somewhat odd) but using the edge of an area rug. Has reduced any “big” arcing and has really helped me focus on keep the face straight. Very good visual in trying times lol.
  6. @NoSpoon definitely in a league there Thursday’s but try to get out there to play 18 as much as I can. Any days you play specifically will have to try to get a game gojng when it warms up with @B.Boston
  7. I’ll keep it short and sweet. Don’t feel pressured. The internet is a beautiful thing you can get anything on there straight from the manufacturer. Have not looked at these clubs but could definitely work straight through Srixon. i had a great experience through true spec golf for a full bag fitting would highly recommend if you wanted to do it again (not sure what you have into that fitting or not). Fitting overall will definitely be worth it long term if you plan on playing long term again.
  8. @GolfSpy MPR the snow can’t melt fast enough (actually have not gotten much just 29” this year in my area)...I guess I should say hopefully the snow stays away and the warmth comes soon! I’ll take 55 right now and jump out there with shorts and quarter zip!
  9. Really depends on gapping first me anyway and what you’re comfortable with hitting. I have 2H and 4H the. 4 iron (my 4H is 3 degrees less than my 4 iron). Gapping for me is 240/220/205 and then 10 yards down from there. My 2h is also my go to for when the driver doesn’t want to cooperate.
  10. Toe wiggles are absolutely mandatory....all facets of the game Bahahaha
  11. Thanks @Rflores91 the course sees me coming a mile away! @fozcycle yes Boston. I really enjoy the middle of the state courses like Highfields CC, Shining Rock and Wachusett CC are a few of my favorites. Of course getting to cape cod and playing is always nice but I like “bang for the buck” courses and you get as good if not better playing courses in the middle of the state for half the price.
  12. That is very impressive work. How did you refinish?
  13. @GolfSpy MPR how does that grip feel overall? I know “loose grip” is a good grip but at first did it feel weak?
  14. That’s a great thought. So important to focus on that spot where e ball is and was. Forces you to really focus on contact. You should have the alignment so hit it! Can’t hit it if you’re eyes aren’t on the ball (there goes that baseball thought process again).
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