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  1. Julio also has not played for 3 games also. Those 3 receptions in each game put him over 50 in each as well. Against a spotty at best pass defense in KC he has to be considered high. onky reason I tossed landry in is because he’s literally the only weapon for them this week so he’s going to get his passes
  2. That’s what I was leaning towards and the upside with KC defense is worth the wait I think
  3. Ok my fantasy gurus. Question IN A NON MGS league! ive got Julio Jones or Jarvis Landry as options to play. Julio is questionable and Landry’s first game back with no running game this week with hunt and Chubb, also no mayfield. if Julio doesn’t play I have another option in tee Higgins. Julio is against KC this week and Landry be the Broncos
  4. Beautius, jump right in I say! Can’t wait to hear about the party and round! GL
  5. Snag a picture of the tee box view next time you are there, that aerial view does not do it justice sounds like.
  6. If you truly cannot cut the driver out there I would go 4H and then 4H again, very accurate club for me. That would leave me about 100 in which would be an easy gap that would hold the green well. Can you bring an extended trimmer and give ya a little more room
  7. Yea If I am having a bad tee day, accuracy wise anyway I am not hitting driver on this hole but by hole 9 I usually have worked out those issues. Picture doesnt do the tee shot justice, its a lot tighter now. That was at original construction the houses were not even in yet.
  8. Its a beast man, I love playing it and I line up left line and its scary because it can very easily go straight OB. on the opposite end to much left to right its woods and good luck finding it. I have birdied this once and it was an amazing day. If ya come out well have to hit the track, its one of my favorite courses around.
  9. I like this idea of "how would you play this hole", I feel like this is going to be one of those long term threads. I am tossing one out there, I have talked about this hole in the past, it is one of my favorite holes around and its a beast: This is hole 9 @ Highfields country club in Grafton, MA. Total yardage is carded at 622/570/550/490 from Black/Gold/White/Red. It plays a little less from each about 20 yards less. The first circle is 300 out from the green, and 200 from the 2nd circle. 2nd circle is 100 out from the green roughly. The window is very tight off the tee no matter where you tee it from (see below) the widest point is about 35 yards and tightest about 20. Left side is completely OB with the houses and the fairway funnels right into the woods. The green is well protected in the front with 2 traps and if you lay up you will have to fly the green on your 3rd as you most likely will not be able to run up the front of the green as the fairway cuts back left and then back up into the green. The 3rd shot has the green below you, but the green IS raised and runs down the hill around the entire green from trap to trap. I typically play from the Golds on this course. I have never reached in 2. Par is a huge positive. So what say you?! There are a lot more trees now on the left side and this was before the houses there as well but this is the view from the tee box.
  10. Yea definitely driver for me, I am a slight fade with it most of the time. Would be able to keep it low enough to cut the wind. Besides the green having a hill behind it, how does the green slope? False front or anything? I dont see to many issues as long as would be able to get that driver to fade and leave a good view into the green.
  11. Honesty is the best policy as I like to say. I would go with option 2 that until they learn how to act on course they probably shouldn’t go there if she enjoys being a member. Good luck and God speed
  12. I do not but go with Whatever feels stable. I have point finger down and had that exact feeling when I started to do it. Was a game changer and I think if you have that feeling roll with it see what happens
  13. I think it counts as 2 on a par 4 congrats! Beautiful shot
  14. Nothing crazy figure if I could make it why not sell some?! Waiting on some feedback from the barbers see what folks think about it. We shall see! IMO the logo is legit as hell lol, more proud of that than anything!
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