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    What brings us here? Golf of course! Always have been an outdoor/sport type. Grew up baseball and transitioned to golf later. I also enjoy getting in shooting range time when I can.
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  1. Big cube or neat depending on the beverage. But preferably cube!
  2. Not everyone can be a professional
  3. The forum community calls always have good jokes coming out of it. Sometimes TMI for some but not me
  4. Save your not smart rhetoric for the marines man! Don’t want ya to use them all on me! But Seriosly congrats. Military tests are not easy as some of us know, big accomplishment
  5. Great call as always, @cnosilsorry they gave away edels this week to the callers before 4! Missed your chance!
  6. I will definitely have these thoughts more in my write up down the road but first initial thoughts: -Right now they seem to run a little big. I am a bigger guy and wear large but again I have not ran them through a wash either. -The material is comparable to your hot gear for Nike or UA. Its premium thats for sure.
  7. Get involved man! Luck has nothing to do with it, I still rub a shamrock here and there though.
  8. Yours would be "mardukes". The user name you have for this site. Makes it easier to see who it is if you win. When you login to the pool it will have you just type it in
  9. Add me to the get the early rounds in. I love them anyway but if I can get the first tee time on a weekend and I know I will be done in 3.5 hours makes it a heck of alot easier. During the week too give me 9 hole early rounds before work every day.
  10. Us members looking at the past two weeks and waiting for future weeks:
  11. Love the new tabs with each type of equipment. So easy to use
  12. Or Saudi Arabia/Iran peace accord
  13. Alright I am going with this: 1) cut line +2 2) Tiger after 2 rounds -1
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