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    What brings us here? Golf of course! Always have been an outdoor/sport type. Grew up baseball and transitioned to golf later. I also enjoy getting in range time (not golf but shooting) PEWPEWlife
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  1. Something about that tiger quote just hits in all cylinders for me
  2. Appliances are insane but even the lower end stuff (we have this upstairs, my beer fridge is the nice one ) are in the 1000$ realm. Good luck choosing one out!
  3. Thanks all. The misses and kids got me a nice shirt! And a replacement French press for the one I broke last week!
  4. Slamming of the clubs/damaging the course I do not like, actually I can’t stand it. Same goes for the other sports throwing helmets etc. doesn’t sit well with me. Swear all you want I know I do! But destruction of things nah can’t get on board with that either.
  5. Love the putter cover btw! Hit em straight!
  6. Everything TXG does. I cannot get enough of their Knowledge, skill set and mild humor. They are by far the best you tube in the golf section
  7. We have been out 5x since the opening of the pandemic 3x to the same place lol. Red heat tavern. Food is great and drinks are greater
  8. It does that and then some it’s amazing how much mental plays into the game like a pitcher in baseball
  9. Didn’t find much in this from my quick look through. Sometimes we all need a push, inspirational quote or motivation. Golf, for me anyway, is the hardest sport I have played. It tests, like most sports, your mental and physical strength. i have seen so many posts discussing giving up the game or that someone has come back after a hiatus. I find myself sometimes looking at some professionals quotes and saying “wow that resonates with me”. I hope that maybe there will be some motivation for someone in this thread to keep the fire alive. I love golf and it fuels my competitive drive that I thought I lost after the military. I hope this thread keeps Atleast someone motivated or focused in the game we all love
  10. I hope eventually my SO will get into it. She’s hesitant right now (never has been an athlete). I am glad your SO and yourself have found something together.
  11. Tonight my usual coors banquet. Went out to dinner with the misses earlier and had some of my rum involved drinks but ending the night by the fire with the good old banquet.
  12. Shot of the day from Thursday was a perfect 6 iron. Landed front of the green and rolled up pin high. Best part of this shot was I had to keep it low under a big tree. Saved par after a drop!
  13. I’m currently in this boat. Putter and I have a love hate going on Right now....she knows I’m thinking about replacing her
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