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    What brings us here? Golf of course! Always have been an outdoor/sport type. Grew up baseball and transitioned to golf later. I also enjoy getting in range time (not golf but shooting) PEWPEWlife
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  1. Out of my 3 years and 6 months there I was there for less than 10 months lol. 3 deployments
  2. This was me with nick chubb .40 this year. Stud running back core for me all for less than $3.00. Chubb, Henry and Aaron Jones
  3. That looks beautiful. Also a nice drop on the back 9 there
  4. Today was getting back into the basement and doing final touches after a year hiatus. Once it became livable I stopped. Was a lot doing it myself. today did the basement stairs drop ceiling (not actually suspended just glued in place. Next will just be finishing trims. Last will be the windows (same as stairs need to glue ceiling grid in so it has a finished look).
  5. That’s food stuff right there. Did you put the cover over it or umbrella or anything?
  6. Ah mannnnn rest up and for sure see a doctor. Pop is never good. Keep us posted and hope it’s not serious!
  7. Downhill/uphill lies I always have to talk myself on how to hit them every time. Setup is a lot longer and people probably wonder what that guy is mumbling to himself....
  8. I have a very steep swing and was chunky for a while with my blade lob. Recent changes to cavity back wedges but if I can master the blades lob wedge you can too. Good luck
  9. I’m assuming skull and chunk? Blade or cavity back? i struggled when I first got the lob everything fat. I suggest starting with half/quarter swings practicing. Lobs and art but love them out of sand
  10. Nice setup how do you like the BXS?
  11. You have tried hybrids and irons as well? The past year I started to put the driver away if it was one of those rounds. My go to is 4 iron or 2 hybrid
  12. Pictures! Let’s see those vokeys and head covers (if applicable)
  13. Thinking about just soldering one some weight? Is it overall 10% higher Or does a specific amount need to be in the head of the red stick? I would definitely think soldering would work and be the best bet
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