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  1. Tipping is generally used to reduce launch and spin as well as flex. Its is all depending on how the shaft fits you and if you like the feel of the shaft.
  2. I currently use a proforce V2 7F5 extra-stiff shaft. The correct shaft makes a HUGE difference in my game. If was using that L shaft that you had, id easily loose 30-40 yards short on my drives.
  3. San Diego, California 16 handicap Never used a putting training device aside from some tees and alignment stick.
  4. It shouldnt make a huge difference. But if youre worried, you could always get the loft and lie checked for free at most golf shops.
  5. Stuart- San Diego, CA 12HDCP/117 swing speed M5 460 9deg shifted to 7.5 Deg UST Proforce V2 70g X tipped firm 1" Epic Flash Sub Zero
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