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  1. Three new test threads have been created to house the three different models we will be testing. Head over and follow along there!
  2. Played a new course today. I didn't map it out and didn't have GPS on the carts, so I was flying blind in a sense. I enjoyed the company of the two guys I played with. Shot a +2 73 with a ton of putts that stopped center hole about 3-6 in inches short for birdies. Made lots of good par putts of 4-6ft as well. Holed out on the final hole for a par save after hitting into a hazard off the tee!
  3. It should be pinned now.
  4. Exactly. Animals carry known and sometimes unknown illnesses/disease. What if it is embedded in animal droppings?
  5. This is one that, from a health and sanitary standpoint, I don't see why "animal droppings" shouldn't be added in as free relief.
  6. Good read. I recently got to play with hickory clubs that were 100yrs old. I found a wooden wood I liked. Once I got used to the tempo and loading profile of it, I could hit it 265yds off the tee. It was amazing and felt spectacular. It would seem that the golf ball is more of the issue and the fact that some golfers are faster and stronger than in the past. Clubhead speed is Clubhead speed. A solid metal iron is a metal iron. The springiness of the driver face is limited. Can’t regulate the golfer much more than that. Just do all of the things we’ve mentioned to combat the extra distance.
  7. I read all 8 in a very short span as well. Once the ball got rolling I couldn’t get off!
  8. Wind through the keyhole is fun. Definitely add it to the list!
  9. The whole Dark Tower series is my favorite!
  10. That’s the thing though, I’m not convinced they would have to be lengthened. I enjoy watching the pros struggle in the Open and U.S. Open. I think some of the points mentioned above are examples of ways to make the advantage of distance more of a risk/reward scenario without adding length. Strategically placed pinching bunkers at 320yds (any course could build and add these without hurting the experience for those who would never reach them in the first place). Cutting small ponds, taller fairways, shaved fringes, etc. it seems more about the maintenance (i.e., the Trevino video) when the same course can play easier/harder depending on the event and desires of the Tour and officials.
  11. I take and appreciate your point again. I would still say that the fundamentals of tournament golf, shooting the lowest score by any means necessary, haven’t changed. You still have to hit mid to long irons on par 3’s and par 5’s. You still have to get out of bunkers and read greens. You still have to play it out of a divot, etc. It just looks different (again back to each generation having their idea of what it should look like).
  12. I came across this clip of one of my favorite golfers, Lee Trevino, discussing distance on the PGA Tour: The overwhelming majority of the time I play, I get little to no roll out. I can see my driver’s pitch mark, the ball us very near it, and it’s almost always all carry with driver. Some of the bounces and roll out on the PGA Tour courses are insane. I heard a story where Carl Pettersson said he gained 40yds of driver distance once he got on Tour lol.
  13. Indeed. The aim of the game is to shoot the lowest score. The pros who play for money will get the ball in the hole in the fewest strokes because that’s their goal. No matter how it looks or if it is traditional or not.
  14. I hear and appreciate this point, but couldn’t it just also be a generational difference? Think about the changes in strategy with other sports. Three pointers in basketball becoming more of a volume shooting game, throw happy offenses in football, etc. I think most people, at some point, get to where the game isn’t what they remember it to be. Yet it is still called golf, baseball, football, etc. Same with music. We all have our era.
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