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  1. Updates: First, I have not kept up with the Speed Training since this official test. Lots of things going on, cross country move, new job, etc. (excuses excuses I know). Regardless, I can confirm that you get to keep the speed you earned. I started up the protocol again today and my speed has remained (even up on a few swing types). I hit on TrackMan and got my second and third 180+mph ball speeds! One of my goals when I started was 120mph clubhead speed and 180mph ball speed. I was hitting mid 170mph ball speed off the slight toe and heel. Also, the PRGR unit is very accurate on ball speed (not so much on carry distance).
  2. Yeah it's one of the great debates: differential (aka random) vs block practice. I know in my teaching if I've got a player who has a club path that is let's say -10 degrees (slice path), I'll have them exaggerate and feel a path that is +6. We combine that with body rotation and the negative path reduces by half if not more every time. As long as the stock shot is functional (not a 70yd banana slice/hook), then probably a good idea to drill it over and over. If it isn't functional, perhaps exaggerate a different move until it becomes the new normal. At the end of the day, I do believe in a pragmatic approach. Do what gives the best results for each golfer.
  3. So Lou Stagner asked for help with a research project he's conducting. He wants people to hit on a launch monitor using good quality golf balls where you try to hit your stock shot shape vs opposite shape. The test goes like this and you track carry distance, total distance, yds offline, and did the shot curve in the intended shape: 1) Hit stock shot shape 2) Hit 30yd pitch shot 3) Hit opposite shot shape 4) Repeat for 10 shots each shape over 3 different sessions (3 separate days, not all at the same time). I participated in the project because I'm always down for research and testing. I may even replicate with my students and publish in an academic journal. I hit TaylorMade TP5X balls on a Trackman 3e using a metallic dot to help capture spin indoors. My results were as follows: From my sessions, I found that yards offline differed significantly (p < .01); Cohen's d = .70, with stock shot being more accurate (M = 18.5yds offline vs M = 32yds offline) than non-stock shape. Significant differences existed for ball curving in intended shape as well (p < .05), with stock shot curving as intended 25/30 times and non-stock shot curving as intended 18/30 times. So the moral of this case study, for me, is basically just hit the stock shot shape. Less chance of double cross and accuracy is better. I'm sure that when he puts out the results from all of the participants it will follow a similar theme. What do you do on the course? Hit the stock shot or work it both ways? Here is an interesting video from Rory and DJ on the topic:
  4. But I love my irons!!! Custom fit and custom built just for me...
  5. Long story short, I lost my Srixon z765 8iron on the golf course and no one has brought it in (several weeks now). Random, but does anyone have one to sell? Thanks!
  6. I've had several of my players who struggle lag putting try heads up putting. So far so good. I've tried it in my own game with some success. Some days are better than others, but some are abysmal. Need more time devoted to practicing it. Makes all the logical sense in the world though.
  7. I saw this photo today on their site as well. If it provides all of that and you get three cameras, I could see it be a much more accurate indoor simulator for high swing speed players than sky track, R10, Mevo, etc. It could be a real tangible solution for my player development program if the price is right.
  8. I've always wanted to learn how to juggle. I've just never had the balls to.
  9. I would be interested to see a float test as well to see if there are any differences.
  10. The big things I’m curious about are: 1) Accuracy compared to TrackMan and GC Quad. 2) Percentage of missed shots It is quite a small device for Doppler radar (compare to the massive square that is TrackMan’s radar). This would lead me to believe that missed shots would be more common, but who knows. I’m enjoying your reviews thus far! Keep up the good work.
  11. Can put a link to the post you're referring to so I can pass it along to the developer?
  12. This one? https://www.ownyourgolfgame.com/ I'm going to be working for NC State and will be in the Loonie Poole Clubhouse where he teaches out of starting in the Fall. I've only heard good things about him. He works with players on the DI team and one of his young guys played in the U.S. Open and made the cut (Akshay Bhatia).
  13. Launching higher with the LS but higher ball speed with the G410. 10yds carry difference on average. For whatever reason, the LS is longer.
  14. Alright, the web developer has been hard at work. One issue that seems to be fixed: When you get a notification that you've been quoted or someone reacted to a post on the new review portal, it was not going to that post. That appears to be fixed now (at least in the trials I just ran). Also, when clicking on a different page in the comments in the new portal, it would go back to the review tab. That also appears to be fixed now. Still trying to iron out the testers resetting daily.
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