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  1. There certainly isn’t any way to change it. The tours need fans obviously. Just in no other sport I can think of do the fans play a role in helping the players in the actual tasks of the game. It could be argued that a golfer finding their own ball is part of the skills of the game. So fans helping in this task is potentially having a real tangible impact. I’d have to check back on the spotter. I’m sure there was. Recall at the Masters last year Bryson unraveled after losing a tee ball on a par 4. He had to go back and re-tee. No fans to help find that ball and no spotter.
  2. Just go with me for a second. Not looking for an argument, merely tossing out an idea I had while watching the 2021 US Open today. Fans and volunteer spotters definitely help find wayward tee shots for the pros. The ball Bryson hit into the right rough on hole 12 on Sunday. I don’t think there’s much chance he finds that within three minutes on his own. I could be wrong, but when you have to walk 300+ yards to get to your ball, things get sketchy as to where the ball landed, if it hopped forward, buried, etc. I played the other day on a course with rough that was probably 3” lon
  3. Saw this concerning Xander’s armlock trial and it’s impact on his strokes gained putting:
  4. I had 2 birdies and 4 three-putts. Two were from 60ft and the other two were from 27 and 36ft. Not upset about three-putting from 60ft, but Tour average from 30ft is 2 putts. On the back nine I had two more three-putts, one from 12 feet. I agree that for the correct feel I just need more practice. Right now, the nearest course is 25mins from my home where I could practice lag putting. With work and family stuff, I just need to schedule/find time to work on practicing my distance. As I currently don’t have much time, the thought of a system is appealing.
  5. I typically go by feel. I think I need to take the time to develop a system as you described. Clearly what I’m doing isn’t working LOL. But I also don’t really practice distance control. I need to schedule time to work on it, just very busy right now. Work, family, and life doesn’t always agree with golf goals.
  6. Ran a strokes gained analysis on the front nine from yesterday. Overall, I lost 3.2 strokes compared to a pro. I lost 3.6 strokes on putting, or a whopping 115%. Have to improve my lag putting and putting distance control overall. Can’t hit 9/9 greens and shoot two over par. Just so frustrating.
  7. Well, I played today. Things started great tee to green and the swing felt good. I hit all of the greens in regulation on the front nine. Has two birdies, but four three-putt bogies…. Yeah…. Then came the back nine. I’ll preface by saying it was hot. Those who live in Texas know how hot it can get (see below). We teed of at 12:40pm. I topped my 3wood off the nine tee box, hit a great 3wood to close to the green, pitched on, and two putted for bogey. I went bogey, double, triple, double to start the back nine. More three putts as well. It was Jekyll and Hyde. I think
  8. Firewheel Bridges, the one I invited you to play. New to me that is.
  9. Haven't been able to get in many swings since the vacation trip. Things got very busy with work and MGS Moderating duties. I'm playing this Friday at a new course, so we'll see what's what then.
  10. Yeah, thus why I thought of a paired samples test with the same golfers using both traditional and armlock. That way you could compare their own putting to itself. I would agree there might not even be 20 players using it right now. Just trying to spitball a way to get some objective rather than speculative data on the topic.
  11. I haven’t read all of this thread, but if we had the data on strokes gained for golfers who do/do not use armlock, we could run some analyses and come to see if any statistically significant differences exist. Or take a golfer who was not using arm lock and then switched to it for a test to see if significant improvements occur. Seems like golfers are always searching, even at the tour-levels. Something might be gold for a month then fall off next month. I teach a grad class in sport ethics, so I get the arguments about “spirit of the rule” vs “the rule” itself. A golfer still
  12. Have you thought about swinging towards the camera direction? That way your follow through is on the open side of the garage door opening mechanism?
  13. I'm jealous of those high ceilings you've got!
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