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  1. This is exactly what I've found. I moved from a decent 2 piece (Titleist tour soft) to the Q Star Tour, and the difference is amazing. I'll never go back to 2 piece.
  2. It kinda depends what you class as budget, which I guess also depends on how many you lose. I previously tended to lose maybe 2 balls a round, and floated between the Titleist Tour Soft as a gamer and the AD333 for days when I couldn't keep the thing on the planet. 2 weeks ago a friend gave me a sleeve of Q star tours to try. I'd never hit a 3 piece ball before, not once, so I gave them a whirl. Since then, I've shot 81, 77, 83 and 82 (I'm an 18 handicap, my home track is a par 69). They are flying straighter off the tee and stopping quicker on the green then anything I've ever played, and at £30 a dozen in the UK, I consider that to be a fantastic budget option for anyone looking to get into a 3 piece ball (as long as your swing speed isn't super-high, as they are soft). I shopped around and managed to get 2 dozen for £48, and I'm yet to lose one in 3 full rounds (I probably don't hit it far enough!). An excellent, confidence inspiring, affordable ball.
  3. 18 handicap left hander (all regular shafts, standard length) - Ping G SFT 12degree Ping G400 3 wood (set to 15.5degree) TaylorMade M2 5 Wood, 18degree Ping G hybrid, 22degree Ping G irons, 5 to UW (gap wedge) Cleveland CBX 56 Odyssey DFX 2 ball, 33 inch Ball - Srixon Q Star Tour
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