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  1. I am looking for a site or some app that is easy to use to arrange a group to play together. I live on a private course and our tee sheets stop after 4p so our Chrono app isn't helpful in this situation. We have been setting this up via email and sorting everything out at the range/tee box but that is proving to take too much time now. I am hoping someone knows of a site or app that is out there to arrange a group sort of the way fantasy football sites manage users... Let me know what you guys think/know...
  2. If anyone is interested in a great all around watch with golf features: https://swappa.com/listing/view/LWLH81676
  3. I carry both and have used both and you arent lying...its night and day difference. iOS is way better
  4. Recently broke 90 for my first time a few months ago. Been playing a ton better after reading The Four Foundations of Golf... Last night went out with my buddy after work and was having the best 9 of my life and totally collapsed on 9 lol... I have to share this disaster. Cannot do anything but laugh at it! Topped my tee shot... 7I was great then dunked my PW just to the left of the green in the drink...
  5. Most digital apps (if that is what you prefer) are around 40-50/year for basic GPS style distances and scorekeeping. GolfLogix and GHIN are the two leaders that come to mind... Paying an extra 50 to get distances on every club while playing is what is attractive and keeps me drawn in. I play a lot year around so its super helpful to see distance differences as the weather changes and seeing real use data when trying different balls. Those are the items after around 3 years of paying for arccos that keeps me
  6. Yeah, I might go back to my Garmin Fenix… Worked great…just didnt track the shot distances.
  7. Have you been using the front cooler a lot? I have been thinking about ways to reinforce what appears to be styrofoam so when I put a ton of beer in there it doesn't get banged or beat up...what has your experience been with that part of the cart?
  8. This is almost exactly where I am at too! I am at my wits end with the missed putts causing me to slow play entering in the info, then when I am in the cart it keeps skipping holes making it very difficult to swipe back to the last hole to clean up their mess. I bought the Apple watch JUST for Arccos and I am finding the GHIN app to be a lot better. I am not sure what I am going to do either at this point.
  9. Yours looks like it might be the 2 in 1 where the back seats flip up? Hard to tell. Currently I am working with the place on the golf bag attachment right now. I might be upgrading the steering wheel, I did notice how small it was when I test drove it. I’m getting the score holder attachment so we will see how we like it.
  10. How are you enjoying your star? I JUST put a deposit on one. Here it is: https://inventory.elitecustomgolfcarts.com/listing/new-2023-electric-star-ev-sirius-12145/ They are flipping the seats to the premium similar to what you have and I had the conversion to Lithium batteries. Should be getting it end of the week. Not a whole lot on these around the web... Would love to hear how you feel about yours thusfar.
  11. Echo a lot of what the users say about loving the product. I have been using Arccos for around 3 seasons now. I still have major issues with the putting. I have also tried using the Link as well as Apple Watch. I flipped from my Garmin to the Apple watch specifically for Arccos and have been very happy. The putting issues I simply do not see them resolving. Just something you get in the habit of monitoring hole to hole. The one thing I would LOVE to see is distances to hazards or on course items like the GHIN watch app does. I have actually started tracking my rounds with GHIN and Arccos running. I use Arccos on my phone and keep it on the cart (shot tracking on the watch) but visually use the GHIN app on my watch to track distances to hazards... plus it keeps score for my HCP
  12. Just upgraded my putter grip to a new flat cat... However, my arccos cap struggles to stay in. I hot glued the hole that is there to get a better fit but wanted to reach out to the masses to see what other ideas are out there... if any. Appreciate any help provided.
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