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  1. Hello everyone, Selling my favorite set of irons to date. Had them about a year and have shot at least a dozen of my lowest scores in my 40 years of golf. But.....was fitted over the holidays for a set of Miura's. Irons are Srixon Z785's....4-P and an A Zforged. All irons are in very good shape with lots of life left to play. Typical bag chatter from riding on a cart their whole life. The P wedge is by far the worst condition of the set, as it sees the most action on the course and on the practice tee. All have Modus Tour 120, stiff shafts with GP MCC +4 Grey grips. Standard loft, lie and lengths. Also selling matching set of Bridgestone Tour B, XW-1 wedges....54* & 58*. Both are standard loft, lie and lengths, with GP MCC +4 Grey grips and Modus Tour 105 Stiff shafts. Both wedges $100 shipped. Iron
  2. LOL. Well daggum! Hey.....at least you don't have to pay them to take it off your hands. Few hundred more and you can buy a brand new, overpriced, driver!
  3. Nextbelt seems to fit your criteria.
  4. Moved to the TP5X a month or so ago. Really like it. Don't think I'm good enough to detect that 5 or so percent of "out of round" balls........or am I?
  5. I've owned a handful of limited release Scotty's over the years and on my 2nd Circle T putter. Gamed them all and still gaming my x5 CT. Only caveat is I'm very careful with them....trying not to bang them on other clubs.
  6. Never owned or considered owning one.....but, I do pick one up from time to time at PGA Superstore to roll a few putts. I've made everything I looked at several times in store. There's no denying it rolls the ball nice and would probably help some golfers. For me....I just can't get over how big the head is.
  7. Hey fellas, Selling my Paderson Ballistic shafts in my TM SIM 3 & 5 woods. Both are Ballistic Kg70 F30. Went with heavier shafts. Both shafts are 3 months old, have GP MCC+4 gray grips and are in excellent condition. See pics for lengths $115 each
  8. I've got a B.2 w/stability shaft I'd sell. 68* 35.5"
  9. Putter has been sold locally. Mods you can lock this up
  10. Hello everyone, Selling a very nice Scotty Cameron Fastback California putter, playing at 34". Putter is in good condition. Has new Golf Pride Snsr grip and comes with headcover. $225 TYD Price drop $200 TYD
  11. Thanks everyone! It was a good day. Played golf with some buddies and had a wonderful dinner with my girls! It was a great day.
  12. They are awesome and I’m really enjoying them. For me, the Nippon shafts are a big improvement over most OTR wedges.
  13. Hey My fella Spy’s, I’ve got (2) brand new Bridgestone Tour B XW-1 wedges for sale. A 54*/10 and 58*/8*with Nippon Tour 105 stiff shafts gripped with GP MCC+4 gray/black. Both wedges are brand new in the box with wrapping still on them. Never been hit. Purchased them as back ups and wanting to free up some funds. First and only price drop on these. Their brand new. $210 Shipped TYD
  14. The new XXIO Driver has become very popular with the older crowd here at my club. Several of them have achieved substantial gains! It’s a very nice driver.
  15. My fitting was with a LAB putter vendor here in NE FL. We spent an hour measuring lie and optimal length. Fortunately, he several demo putters, so I was able to putt with it on the practice green.
  16. Hey guys.....just wanted to check back into this question. First, I was fitted for the LAB, Blad 2.1. I went into the fitting as open minded as I could muster and with a mindset that I would purchase the one that yielded the best results....because, like a lot of folks, I just didn’t like the look of the Directed Force. Ultimately, I liked the Blad 2.1 better. Fast forward 45 or so days. Started out putting “okay” with the 2.1. Then had about a 2 week period were I almost took it out of the bag for good. Decided to stick with it and dedicated some practice time before I tossed out the coin I spent to purchase. One of the biggest issues I had with this putter is that it has a very small sweet spot and if you don’t hit that sweet spot, the feel changes, the sound changes and I was leaving several putts short. Looking back, I guess this is actually one of this putters strengths......it provides instant feedback, unlike a lot of other putters I’ve tested over the past few years. I ended up changing my set up a bit; moved the ball a bit more left and standing about a ball farther away at address. Boom......everything changed and the putter is an absolute weapon now. For the past few weeks, I’m literally making everything inside 10-12 feet and my lag putting has gotten WAY better. Knock on wood.....over the past 4 rounds, I haven’t 3 putted a hole.
  17. Last price drop until she goes back on the shelf for a rainy day reunion. $200 TYD
  18. Only thing that comes to my mind is the ball.....have you changed balls? Is the ball(s) new/used/recycled? I would experiment with different balls first and go from there. My comment is based on your comment that the swing and ball flight are the same.
  19. She and I had a good run......just wanted to try something different. If I were to critic this putter (IMO), the head feels a tad bit heavy to me. I had problems with the longer putts.
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