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  1. This is my classic half bag setup. I usually use it to walk the local 9 hole par 3. Driver - Kenneth Smith with early graphite shaft. Very cool brass insert that appears to go from the back of the club through to the face. 4 Wood - Orlimar Oil Hardened 5,7,9,E - Ben Hogan Director Irons S - Macgregor Dual Service Wedge Putter - Wilson 8802 w original fluted shaft and leather grip
  2. Check ebay for the Vertical Groove driver. I picked up a 10.5 head for $50 and threw a shaft in it as an experiment. It's feels great and goes long and straight. The marketing around it was a little gimmicky, but it flat out performs. I think John Daly played one for a minute.
  3. I have a Kenneth Smith Wood Driver I picked up at a thrift store. Decided to take it to the range last weekend and I was roping it 230-250 with a easy smooth swing and relatively straight. It has a super early graphite shaft, as I would date the club to the mid to late 60's, so I wasn't really going after it. It was a lot of fun to hit.
  4. I just got the PXG 0211 9.0 w/ Diamana S+ 70X and I have to say I am really happy with it so far. It's goes straight and far. I hit it about as far as my old gamer Cleveland Classic Custom, but it's more forgiving. Definitely a great value if you are in the market. Hard to beat at $270ish out the door.
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