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  1. heribertomaya

    New Chromesoft

    I can already see Callaway literally handpicking which balls to send over to MGS for their 2020 ball review, in which case will make the callway balls test completely useless (since it wont represent the real population of the new 2020 balls). I suggest MGS orders in the callway balls for their test vs receiving them from Callaway. My 2 cents.
  2. These are a few of my best swing thoughts I have picked over the years that had a marked impact on my game: -Keeping back to the target (staying with shoulders "closed" through Impact). This fixed my overly fast hips/shoulder rotation in the downswing which was causing huge blocks in my case, since I was leaving the club way behind. Similar to this, is Bobby Lopez' 2 o clock drill (keeping your eyes and making sure your chest is pointing at 2 o clock at impact (12 being straight at the ball) -Hands forward at impact/coming down with left hand in downswing - This instantly fixed my flip at the time and added 1-2 clubs yardage with all my irons. Almost magical for any flipper.
  3. Nike irons were amazing! I played the original Nike Forged Pro Combo irons for 13 years, they were THAT good! it was the rest of the line that was a bit lacking.
  4. Update after my second round with the SELs yesterday. I was playing a completely new course to me and we went from the Championship Tees with 15 mph winds (Texas). Doing so gave me the opportunity to use my longer irons frequently in the round, including longer par 3s and some longer par 4s as well. In regards to the MB, I got to play my MB 5 iron, 5 times today and have to say I'm really impressed with the results (please note this is the lowest MB iron in the SEL set). From the 5 shots, 4 were in the green (closest was 6 feet) and 1 was around 10 yards short of the green due to my own error. I would take that EVERY single day for sure!!! Kinda still wish us lefties had the option to have 3-4 in MB as well, but is a move forward with Mizuno and no biggie. Next year I hope the JPX Tour version gets released in left-handed and I will be buying them as well if that's the case (I'm that in awe with these Mizuno irons)
  5. That's pretty much what they did with the SEL (Special Edition Lefties), Its HMB 3-4 and MB 5-PW, this set is insanely good. I have seen many right handers just replicate the SEL config or similar (like going 3-5 HMB, etc)
  6. I just got a call today from the store, that my MP-20 SELs will be shipping out to the store this Thursday and should be here early next week!!!!!! Now I can't wait!!! Pure Buttery heaven can't come soon enough for me!
  7. I just got back to golf after a 5 year lay off due to wrist injury (I was a 5 handicap then and playing nike Forged Pro Combo Tours). 3 Months ago I bought the titleist 718 AP1 thinking I would get used to the big size but I havent, so Im coming back to smaller irons, thus leaving me with T-200 vs P790. Since I also need forgiveness now. I got to test the T-200s in the weekend and loved them. I ended up pre-ordering them. And since it was at Edwin Watts, if I fall out of love for them during the 90 day period, I can just exchange them for the P790s, in any case.
  8. thanks for the reply! On side note, are you from PR? I just moved to San Antonio from San Juan due to work, Boricua here.
  9. Hi all, Just making this thread so we can discuss the highly coveted T-200s vs New P790s, as I know many people are struggling to see which one to buy (like myself) and hoping everyone that gets to try them both can chime-in on this thread with their feedback and comparison between these 2 sets.
  10. I will surely keep this thread updated as I keep using the Tour BX, and other balls I have purchased, hoping to lower driver spin.
  11. thanks for the feedback and quite thrilled to hear that, as im loving this ball's performance. I strongly suspect this was a one-time thing, which could always happen.
  12. Hi Everyone, I just want to briefly share my assessment over the Bridgestone Tour B X after a full round on Sunday. **Overall: ** The ball is on the firmer side (which I prefer) but its not clicky at all and has very comparable short game spin as the Pro Vs. Driver: I believe this is the ball's best attribute. This ball seems to fly longer and roll longer than previous balls I have used recently (almost all urethane balls in the market). On Sunday's round, It would be safe to say I average over 290 from the tee with this ball, just doing my normal swing with the driver (I have always been a very fast and long hitter and I get too much backspin with most balls with the driver). My longest drive was a 325 yard drive on a 350 yard par 4. Also had 5-6 more 300+. Even my playing partners were in shock with the distances I was getting. Really high and boring flight with amazing roll. Irons: Very controllable flight with plenty of spin, from long to short irons Putting: Love the feel of this firmer ball, while not reaching the clicky firmess of the 2017 Srixon XV (that one feels like a rock, but need to try the 2019 version). Amazing feel around the greens and putting for those that love a firmer ball. Drawbacks: My only concern with this otherwise "Perfect Ball' to my game, is my concern over the durability. After the 6th hole, I noticed the cover of the ball was deeply cut, it was unusable at that point, as you could visible see the inner layer of the ball (so I had to discard it, can take a pic tonight). Apart from that, this ball fits my swing and game, perfectly. I have many other balls at home that I will use up, but I think I might switch to this ball permanently very soon if the durability issue was an isolated instance (note: I had not hit any trees, or cart path or gotten in a bunker before the cover broke-in) What do you guys think of this ball? I probably gained 10 yards with the driver with this ball.
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