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  1. The first set I brought myself was a set of Ben Hogans and I remember them being great, until they were stolen I've also really enjoyed the Mp-4s, although currently playing a cavity back. Whenever my game gets in the slumps I switch back to a blade because I know when I'm striking it well with a blade again a cb will be money.
  2. I always was an interlock player. I didn't play for a few years and when I was regrooving my swing, decided I found it easier hitting overlap. I got my swing back in shape and decided I like the feel and consistency (for me anyway) of the interlocking grip. It allows my right hand to get a little further down on the club and sit better in my fingers versus getting a little palmy with the overlap.
  3. Distegard, who would have known that it would be on there website. Here it is incase anyone else gets excited and asks before they check manufacturers site.
  4. Got this e-mail today amd was wondering if anyone knows the price on them? I found a thread on about them from a couple months ago bit it didnt mention cost. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks to everyone who has taken the the time to comment on this. I have been gaming one for the last couple days and up in the air about buying it. It is sweet looking and fills the gap perfect where I need it 120-130
  6. Good afternoon Mygolfspy. Today I have a Project X t-1100 Evenflow 6.5 75g 3 wood shaft with Titleist surefit adapter. I got this with my Ts3 3 wood and didn't fall in love with it. Put it on my hybrid and am hitting hybrid too far for gap. ***Would like to trade this for another 3 wood shaft (x or s flex.) Grip is Tour Velvet 360 white and I marked in pen where I wanted my thumb. Only played a couple rounds, as I just got TS3 this month. It was in bag so there may be a few scratches consistent with being placed in and out of a bag but other than that in great shape. Ordered from my proshop direct through Titleist so length is standard Titleist *15 length. Sale price is $115 shipped CONUS add $5 if East of Mississippi. Really prefer to trade. Let me know what you have and if you have any question. Thanks for looking .
  7. Thanks, I've been looking into getting a Jones bag as well. Torn between a Jones or a Vessel. The bag I have is a Stitch Sl-1. It's super light, only one divider, easy to clean, and allows me to carry what I need but not over carry (which I tend to do.)
  8. Played a leisure 9 today, to kind of clear my head. Took some pictures and filmed a muskrat swimming. I played good with a couple birdies and a sweet Eagle on a par 4 from 120 out. I hit a gap wedge I borrowed from the pro shop (50* ping glide 2.0) Overall it was a nice club to use but already having a high launch, I noticed I hit the ball way to high. Yes, that's a Z-Star XV
  9. Depending on the course and there chipping/ pitching area, I like to hit shots from 75 yards in. I love practicing feel shots before a round and feel it really gets my momentum going. It's fun to smash drives before a round but if something is going wrong in the range I tend to let that carry into my round. Lots of ranges around here give you ugly foot placement, balls aren't that great, and the commitment is not really there. If the range looks nice, turf is good/even, and balls are good then it's a different story.
  10. Bgolfn333


  11. I would like a new 50* wedge. I've been doing some research and I'm eyeballing the Taylormade MG but Ping has also peaked my interest. Worst case scenario I just go back to my old standby Vokey. Now that some new stuff is coming out I should be able to pick up on the cheap.
  12. It was nice to play in this cool weather for a change yesterday evening.
  13. *Sold I would close lock but not sure if a model needs to. Thank you.
  14. Nice, I have 2 Edel Trpr grinds in 56 and 60. I love them around the greens and on 3/4 shots but I always seemed to catch them a little fat on full swings.
  15. Just wondering what you guys are liking for your full swing gap wedges. I've been using titleist most of my "career" in this department and want to try some new things. I have hit some MD wedges and am not a fan. Not really looking for a specific recommendation, just want to see what you all like and why? I'm more of a picker/ shallow divot taker with a quick tempo and smooth transition.
  16. No bites as of yet. Feel free to make offers guys/ladies. Trying to get funds for a 19* hybrid or 5 wood S or X flex. Listed on the bay as well as of now.
  17. Golfertrb, thank you for the welcome. I agree and think for the balls at this price point you really can't go wrong with any of them. Just like drivers, putters, and recent fairway woods. Most of the major players are offering quality options at a high level and it falls down to personal preference. For me right now it's the tp series or proV.
  18. I haven't smashed any cart paths or trees lately. At the most clipped some leaves on a fade off the tee box starting left. I use some older tvd vokeys sm4 I believe and a sm6. They are good balls and I brought a bunch for my dad, as he's less picky and he really enjoys them.
  19. I played bothe the Z star and Z- Star xv. They play good and feel nice out of the box and first couple holes. I found myself replacing them more frequently though and didn't like the feel of them once they had been used a bit. Unlike the prov1 and prov1x. I gamed them for years and would play them until they were pretty much unplayable. Now I am enjoying the tp5, which I started playing only because I found one and loved the way it felt it hand. Played it and loved it even more. Dont have a tp5 in hand (left them im n my locker) but these two saw about the same playing time.
  20. Played the front nine at my club today, late to stay out of the heat for a little. Par 36, no clouds beautiful sunset. Struck the ball well but missed a few greens. Not too far off but not as well as I played yesterday (-4) I had only 12 putts with the new addition the the bag (Spider x) forna total of 6 1 putts and 3 two putts. 7bfaorwas off the tee box, par 3 green in regulation but only 5 total G.I.R. I shot a 34 (-2) from the gold (champion) tees. Sunset picture / GIR pitchmark 7 iron out.
  21. Thanks for the kind words. Surprisingly enough, I haven't really tested too many of the new drivers. It may be the shaft but with the distance and dispersion I get from it, I don't see myself changing anytime soon. I picked up a Ping G400 LST With a Handcrafted 6.5 to try out but it was 3/4" shorter than standard and I was losing about 15 yards.
  22. ** I apologize for the multiple posts. I was trying to use the App and it kept giving me an error unable to send message. I obviously kept trying to upload not realizing what it was doing. Driver: 913 d2 8.75*/ Black oban Kiyoshi 05 flex 3 wood: ts3 turned down to 14.25* / inbetween shafts right now but gaming with a diamana s+ 72x5ct (stock from my old 913 3 wood ) 913 h 20* White evenflow t1100 6.5 75g 4 t-mb with recoil 95 f4 5-pw on and off with my old 712 cb with kbs tour c-taper 125 s+ and Mizuno Mp-4s with Kbs Tour 130x ( Currently gaming the 712s) 52* tvd m grind bent to 51* kbs tour wedgeworks 54* raw sm6 s grind with dg s400 TI 58* tvd k grind with kbs tour wedgeworks Putter: Spider x singlebend ( Currently have been messing around with some grips. I used to play a midsize ndmc three wraps on right hand, two on left. Thought I liked the Pure Midsize whichbare on the Mp- 4s but am going to switch everything to the midsize mcc +4.)
  23. Good evening MygolfSPY. This is my first sale here so feel free to message me if I missed anything or did anything incorrect. Tonight I have a gently used P790 2 Udi. Standard l/l/l, with pure midsize grip (logo down) . Shaft is stock Project X HZRDUS 6.5 85 grams. Overall decent shape there is a mark on the toe. I didn't let anyone borrow it and my kid didn't hit it. I caught a nasty shot off the toe when I first got it and it left a mark. I tried to make it look as bad as possible with photographs. Shaft has normal wear from being in the bag a few times but it has lived most its life in my Club locker. I'm asking $165 or best offer shipped to the CONUS. Add $5 if East of the Mississippi. Payment will be PayPal Goods and Services.
  24. How long have you been playing golf? Since I was about 8. Took 5 years off amd picked it back up on January. What do you love about golf? Practicing different shots, chipping, the scenery . What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Check out a forum I have only visited. Do you already know any other Spies? NO Where are you from? Currently living El Paso, TX. Previously Anna Maria Island, Fl. What is your home course? El Paso Country Club What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Golf all year long What do you do for a living? Insurance How’d you pick your user name? My name starts with a B and I'm frequently golfing.
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