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  1. Between dropping off my son at scouts and daughter at dance, I had an hour to hit some balls at the local range. Not having picked up clubs since I shot a +2 par for 9 holes at my last men's league outing, I wanted to keep that solid ball strike feeling. The range session was mixed as my muscle memory developed amnesia, ha ha ha. Ran through my standard, wedge, short/mid/long, hybrid, 3 wood, driver routine. Nothing was struck as purely as I have been in the last few weeks. Driving home and thinking about the session, I'm realizing I'm taking the ball more around my body on the take away which is getting the club stuck behind me. Did a few practice drills at home after picking up the kiddos so hoping the next range session is back to more solid ball striking.
  2. Congratulations on the home purchase and putter grip!
  3. <sigh> was fortunate enough to play in a scramble tourney yesterday before league. Hit mostly decent shots and some not so great shots. We came in at 62 ; the team behind us shot 60 then as scores came in we got relegated to 4th place with the winning score being 55. The real pain came in the afternoon, my league round. I couldn't get any of the wedges closer than 10' to the hole. The wheels fell off on my 6th hole. Had a double cross off the tee causing a pull to the right and OB. Dropped and got a wedge to the center of the fairway right before the water hazard (long approach was blocked by trees from the drop point). Proceed to dump the long iron right into the water hazard. Take a drop in the drop zone and duffed a few really poor wedge shots before picking up for a max double par for the hole. Next hole, which isn't very long, I dropped back to a 5 wood after the driver fiasco on the last hole and proceeded to also pull that drive right but it stayed in play. Blocked by trees again but I had an easy wedge approach....which I also pulled and ended up in a deep bunker. Proceed to hit a bladed sand wedge but got lucky because it hit enough of the top of the bunker to take a lot of speed off of it so I still had a shot a for par save. You guessed it I missed the putt. Final hole, I settled down and finally got the swing back and hit a pretty decent drive leaving 57 yards to a pin that slopes away from you. Hit a nice wedge shot leaving a 2' uphill putt that broke slightly to the left. Yup, missed the birdie putt. The frustration was strong after the round...
  4. Jim, Yes sir I do...doesn't mean I do it on the course but I do . An example of this is on a Par 5 when I pushed a drive right into the trees. I took a drop and instead of laying up prior to the hazard (there was a hazard that bisected the fairway), I decided to go over it. Problem was there were low lying branches that would definitely knock my ball into the hazard so I planned a fade (not that I can shape shots on command but every once in a while I can pull it off). The ball was above me feet and the brain should of said stop, don't do it...but it didn't. Hit it clean and went totally straight right into the right side of the woodline (deep too so no chance of recovery). Ended up making a 7 on the hole - if I layed up at worse maybe a 6. Those strokes add up!
  5. Another league round and another unsatisfying ending. Swing is coming into form but I need to learn to not keep on trying hero shots which ultimately just add strokes to my round. I also need to NOT over-think my way around the course, lol.
  6. Practiced at the range while my daughter took golf lessons. Worked on the take-away to break my habit of rolling my wrists and getting the club stuck behind me. Finally back to hitting some solid shots.
  7. Confidence in a club is half the battle! Good luck and let us know how it turns out for you!
  8. If you hit the woods better, then go with a 7 wood if not, go with a utility iron.
  9. I'm having the same problem - having the swing more connected on the take-away. I'm finding that I'm rolling my wrists which has the club going too inside on the take-away causing me to have an over the top downswing to compensate. Went to the range on Saturday to work on getting a more connected take-away and checking half way on club position. I probably need more reps to ingrain the correct feeling on the take-away.
  10. I don't think anybody will catch up to you in the ho'ing department
  11. Congratulations! Looking forward to your thoughts on Callaway AI smoke!
  12. I have always been a fairway wood guy and long iron guy. I finally gave up the 3-iron 3 or so years ago and now only go down to a 4 iron. I have a 18* hybrid in the bag but need to find the gapping distances to fill out the top of the bag. Not sure if it will be a 3w and 5w or another suggestion given, a 16* hybrid in lieu of the 3w and 5w. I do love swinging the fairway woods though!
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