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  1. Congratulations!! Great set of testers! MDGolfHacker
  2. Ball placement was the hardest thing to adjust to for me with the one lengths, that and the one length wedges out of a bunker. MDGolfHacker
  3. Got to hit this driver during a demo day yesterday and it was pretty freakin' awesome! I'd really have to get on a launch monitor to see which of the two, the F8 or this was giving me better numbers...but it was definitely a rocket off the tee! The Cobra bag might be in trouble... MDGolfHacker
  4. Ok...then stepped on grapes it is.. MDGolfHacker
  5. How are the mishits on the toe and heel? Distance/directional loss? MDGolfHacker
  6. Just catching up on all these threads. Great job on the stage one's! I'm intrigued by this putter as I tend to break my wrists on putts. Looking forward to your stage 2's! MDGolfHacker
  7. I'm undecided for now but you do make a compelling argument ...took the F8s out for league a few weeks ago and all that was missing from last year's challenge showed up..increased distance, accuracy etc..a year late..could also be because of the 6 month golf hiatus I took too...lol MDGolfHacker
  8. I believe he's thinking of the definition that relates to the disgusting digestive action of having food that really disagrees with you - while on a pontoon boat...you know, you have to pontificate over the side..the act of pontification... MDGolfHacker
  9. ha ha ha...you had me at "pontificating..." MDGolfHacker
  10. I would throw my support behind Bardle as well...but Nunfa0 is a lefty as is Palvord....decisions decisions MDGolfHacker
  11. Interesting....Not sure I would do it though. There's already a ton of demo days from the different manufacturers around me so I don't see where the value would be for my area. Maybe golfers where there are areas that have less retail presence and less demo day availability? MDGolfHacker
  12. Congrats to all the testers! Looking forward to your reviews! MDGolfHacker
  13. Just got caught up on this thread. Great start to the reviews guys! I'm wondering if the sound is dependent on your swing speed? How easy is it to work the ball seeing that it wants to go more straight? MDGolfHacker
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