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  1. Thanks to my daughter joining the high school golf team, I've been spending a lot of time at the courses she's been playing at practicing. Lots of putting, chipping and range time. Spent 2 1/2 hours yesterday putting and another hour or so hitting the range. My range game is probably at a + level right now
  2. Had this happen to me two weeks ago. As a fellow lefty I felt your pain! Part of the issue for what was causing snap hooks for me was that my arms and hands started the swing instead of rotating my body around my spine. This caused the club to become stuck behind me. On the downswing, my hand were forced to compensate causing some major duckhooks off the tee. I also had the ball a bit further up in my stance but moving it back only helped a little. Another thing to watch out for is if you sway off the ball. Check your grip too - too strong a grip can shut the driver face down.
  3. Congratulations @Golfspy_Lukes and @Golfspy_TCB!
  4. We've been talking to my daughter about becoming a nurse anesthetist as we had a good friend's niece just finish the program, another one in the middle of the program and our neighbor also being one in the military. We'll see if she budges from still wanting to be a bar tender or personal shopper I told her if she has caviar tastes you need to back it up with a job that will support it. At least she understood that part of the conversation...lol MDGolfHacker
  5. my journey on this path is coming shortly. My daughter will be driving in a year or so. I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet, LOL....I'm not sure Maryland is ready for that yet She's been talking about colleges and for years when she was fairly young always wanted to go to JMU in virginia. Now she wants to go to the University of Florida or FSU...but it gets better. Again when she was young she wanted to go into pediatric neurology...then this past year she decided she wanted to be a personal shopper or bartender . Let's just say I had a few drinks after that conversation... MDGolfHacker
  6. I was so traumatized by my league round, it's taken me 4 days to write about it. Had the case of the hooks..not just any hooks, they were power hooks so bad it was almost boomerang like. Not the greatest feeling struggling through 9 holes which was supposed to be a warm up for my top 32 bracket play this week coming up. Luckily I was high enough in the bracket to still survive through this week. Now I've got to figure out what the hee-haw went wrong as I was on cruise control with the swing and feeling I could easily reach the finals. The only excuse I had was that I really hadn't played much in two weeks. MDGolfHacker
  7. Or you can be like me - I have the skycaddie LX-5 watch but still find comfort using a laser to give me a better picture of pin location, and arccos for stat tracking... it's a wonder I even play well for being so wired in, lol.
  8. I would agree that hitting more greens forces putts you normally wouldn't hit. Best way to fix this is to go practice long and medium distance lag putting. When I putt, I vary where I put from and what direction to get a feel for distance and line. Once you get that ingrained, you'll find your putting stats will improve! MdGolfHacker
  9. I have a bagboy pull cart. Nothing fancy with just two wheels. I don't walk that often so I didn't need anything fancier than a base model pull cart. Currently have an sun mountain 5 bag. Gave the bagboy to my daughter who uses it in conjunction with a Cobra bag for her high school golf tournaments. Still need to figure out how to prevent the bag from twisting while in the pull cart. If I tighten the straps anymore, I'm going to ginsu the bag in half MdGolfHacker
  10. Agree with a lot of the comments previously made. Distance might be ok, but I wouldn't trust the rollout on those pinnacle range balls compared to your gamers (unless your gamers are pinnacles ). I always work on the swing mechanics with range balls but verify with the balls I actually golf with at a local course that allows pitching and putting. Let us know what you end up doing and how it goes! MdGolfHacker
  11. Let's put it this way, when I see Rob, I don't greet him with "Hi", I greet him with "so what have you purchased/traded for now?" MdGolfHacker
  12. I don't know about naming irons...here's a conversation I imagine would get me in trouble: Me (to a buddy on the phone): man, I put Jessica in my hands on the course yesterday and she hit my ball great! Wife: who did what?! Me: Jessica, she hit my ball great, although she could of gone a little longer but she helped me get it closer to the hole! Me (wakes up two days later in the hospital)
  13. You sir are dead to me. Seriously, congrats on the new irons whatever they may be! I'm thinking the Cobras...
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