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  1. +1 for dish soap..maybe leave it on there for a few minutes to break down the sunblock then use a soft bristled toothbrush to "scrub" the remaining sunblock on the face. That's what i would try... MDGolfHacker
  2. I haven't experienced any significant power drain during use. I could probably get two rounds in with the watch. On a display note, the watch is easily viewable in sunlight so no issues work there. MDGolfHacker
  3. Incognito for a while as I've had a forced role change at the office that netted me MORE work for the same pay. Anyway, I was able to take the LX-5 out for it's inaugural use three weeks and two ago. I purposely didn't read the directions as I think most users just power devices up like this and take it on the course. I'm already a skycaddie.com user so this isn't taken into account the syncing of the LX-5 to the skycaddie account. I also work in the IT industry so I tend to be technically inclined on electronic devices like the LX-5. In the course parking lot, I wen through the options to find the course and the 18 we were planning to play (there are four 9's on this course). The LX-5 found the 18 very quickly, and showed me the first hole. It was a pretty humid day and I found that the touch screen at first didn't work with the glove on, but as the glove got a bit more wet from use, having the glove on and using the touch screen started to worked (albeit with a bit more force on the screen). As a previous user of Arccos and a current user of The Precision Pro NX-7 Pro, I found that the yardages were within a yard or two of the Arccos (You can never get an exact yardage compared to laser based NX-7 Pro, only an approximation). There was one time on a Par 3 that the distances didn't match a few GPS devices AND SkyCaddie's Own SX500 being used on the same hole. I couldn't figure it out as I was standing right next to the SX500. That was the only hickup I experienced with the watch. It was awesome to get front, middle back distances. The only caveat is that those distances are as the crow flies, so it doesn't take into account any elevation changes. As for keeping score, as others have mentioned, there were times the LX-5 asked me if I had completed the hole on the way to the green, or I somehow had put in scores for the proceeding hole. I'm pretty certain that was user error Score keeping is straight forward, but don't expect stats like Arccos on the watch. Fairways hit, missed (left, right or OB), GIR and putts are all the stats you can generate from the LX-5. Anyway, I'm hoping to get out this week to test it some more. One last thing, I have been wearing the watch out off the course and it doesn't look bad as an every day watch. If you have any questions, let me know! I have photos (no unboxing as I'm sure others have already or will post those) that I'll share once the official review is started! MDGolfHacker
  4. Sorry to hear about your issues work Bushnell. Surprised they didn't take care of you. I've flown several times with a Bushnell 1500 and never had any issues that I would have to do this. Thanks though for the info! As a previous tester of the NX-7 Pro, I have to say that I've been very impressed my my nx-7 prep. Still going strong after several years of user. They took care of the battery a year ago for free MDGolfHacker
  5. Hopefully, home insurance can take care of it for you. MDGolfHacker
  6. Have you been practicing flop shots over the house?? ... seriously, sorry that happened. They might be able to replace the glass so it could save you some $$$... MDGolfHacker
  7. Second for the RTX 4. I tested these last year and they were just awesome! They earned a permanent place in my bag! I came from Titleist SM wedges. MDGolfHacker
  8. Condolences on your father in law passing away. Hope your mom recovers quickly... thought and prayers for you and your family! MDGolfHacker
  9. Sorry to hear this. Hope you find something soon! MDGolfHacker
  10. That's awesome!! MDGolfHacker
  11. Whoo hoo!! Congratulations !!
  12. It was more of a general statement for my fellow lefties. The Mizuno MP-20'S will be with me until the day I die... MDGolfHacker
  13. I use whatever is on sale I'm not too picky about gloves as long as they fit. I usually try and buy gloves in bulk off of eBay so I haven't purchased new gloves in four years (I only go through 3-4 a season as I haven't been playing as much as I used to). MDGolfHacker
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