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  1. MDGolfHacker

    Merry Christmas MGS Forum

    Merry Christmas all!
  2. MDGolfHacker

    Happy birthday @Fozcycle

    Happy Birthday!!
  3. MDGolfHacker

    Meet Your New Moderators!

    Congratulations to you both! MDGolfHacker
  4. MDGolfHacker

    Hello from San Diego

    Welcome! MDGolfHacker
  5. MDGolfHacker

    Do you “really” enjoy Golf??????

    Golf for me is a fickle mistress. Some days I enjoy her, other days, I wonder why I even bother. While I like the challenge, I have felt that I've been in neutral and maybe even gone backwards in aspects of my game. Not what I want to have happen. I laid off golf earlier this year earlier than I have in years past just so that feeling of excitement for the game can return....I'm still waiting... MDGolfHacker
  6. I'm going with Ariya...just a gut feeling... MDGolfHacker
  7. MDGolfHacker

    A conference call- in real life...

    LOL...due to some office reshuffling, I was moved from an office to a cubicle. Tried to have a conference call and that was a disaster as the other three guys around me were on all on different conference calls. It literally sounds like talk noise the hollywood studios use in movie tracks . Lesson learned...now, if I have a scheduled call in conference call, I'll telework that day MDGolfHacker
  8. MDGolfHacker

    Hello from Kennesaw, Ga

    Welcome! MDGolfHacker
  9. MDGolfHacker

    Describe some of your Worst Shots of all time

    I can't even...too many to choose from...there was this one summer where I went through 10 DOZEN balls in a month! Couldn't get off the tee...driver could be a slice or a duck hook. Stepped down to a fairway wood, same deal. Stepped down to an iron - could be in the left rough or right rough always almost OB. If by chance I got it somewhere in the fairway (I'd already have lost a few balls at this point), I would somehow shank the next shot or flub the shot. I even stepped down to wedges off the tee if I thought I could reach the fairway. It wasn't unusual for me to have gone through a dozen+ balls a round during this dark time in my golf life.. MDGolfHacker
  10. MDGolfHacker

    Question #1

    What Season ? Spring/Summer: Golf the first day, Fish the second day Spend time with the wife and kids the third day and the four day, Golf in the morning and fish in the afternoon. Fall: Fish the first day Golf the second day Spend time with the wife and kids the third day and the four day, fish in the morning and Golf in the afternoon Winter: Spend time with the wife and kids the first day Fish the second day Fish the third day Golf the Fourth day MDGolfHacker
  11. MDGolfHacker

    Got Problems?

    Congratulations on your upcoming son's wedding. Sucks when stuff hits all at once. Our gas fireplace was acting wonky as we turned it on for the first time this season - pilot wouldn't stay on. Wife called the local fireplace company we use every year to service the fireplace. Potential parts and labor will set us back $300. MDGolfHacker
  12. MDGolfHacker

    End of season achievements?

    Looking back, I had some high hopes this year, but it just didn't pan out. The one bright spot, I got to go to Pinehurst on a buddy's trip! MDGolfHacker
  13. MDGolfHacker

    878 Rounds of Golf in One Year!

    Two and a half rounds every day 365 days a year ? I'm assuming he's not married! I can't even get out twice a month between the wife and kids, LOL.... Cool he's doing it though. MDGolfHacker
  14. MDGolfHacker

    How Many Perfect Shots/Round?

    I'd probably say a few, but never enough It's those "perfect shots" that pull you back into the game though. MDGolfHacker
  15. MDGolfHacker

    What's happened to Netflix content?

    Orphan Black is a series I'd recommend. It has 5 seasons so a pretty decent run. I hate getting into a show only to find out it lasted 1 season... MDGolfHacker