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  1. @hartrick11, thanks! I know we all put in the time to give our most honest assessment of the Titleist T-series irons. They are fantastic irons that cover the gamut from hi-handicappers to single digit golfers. Definitely worth putting it on your list to try! MDGolfHacker
  2. Interesting, I knew the lofts were mirrored but thought the draw would also be mirrored and would still be a draw setting. Thanks for the clarification. MDGolfHacker
  3. @Nolan220 - take care of yourself! MDGolfHacker
  4. Any other updates on the T series? I've been slammed at work and scouts for my son so I haven't even practiced with the T200s... something I hope to rectify this week. MDGolfHacker
  5. @zsmithku, glad you enjoyed the review! You'll have to post your thoughts on your experiences with the T200s. They are a fantastic set of irons! MDGolfHacker
  6. @Nolan220 - I don't think anything will ever feel like a Mizuno! The T200's have a bit firmer feel but not harsh. All the other aspects of the T200s just outweighed putting the MP-20S back in so the T200's will be my irons for the foreseeable future! MDGolfHacker
  7. I agree. The Titleist T-series is that good! I'm in the same boat, love the T-200s, very solid feeling club and very playable too. I would suggest everyone try them at least once. You won't be disappointed! MDGolfHacker
  8. That's the beauty of forum testing, not everyone will play,feel, see the equipment in the same light. For me, it was definitely a boost to my game. I'm not one to change equipment at a whim like I used to when I was younger, so when I do change it's for something that will help my game. MDGolfHacker
  9. Ok folks, my final review is up! You can find it here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/tests/19-test-in-progress-titleist-t-series-irons/?do=findReview&review=38 Because of this testing, I will have to change my avatar to reflect that I no longer will be playing the MP-20's as the T200's have earned a permanent spot in my bag! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Thanks! MDGolfHacker
  10. My Mercedes C320 fits a bag nicely width-wise. Don't think the trunk will carry a pullcart and a bag. The trunk will also fit 6 bags of black mulch and four 12*12 pavers...don't ask on how I know .... My 2019 Honda Odyssey can fit a whole golf team, lol. MDGolfHacker
  11. @tony@CIC, I did my own install and used these. They basically glue into the underside of the granite and then the tabs from the dishwasher screws in to the brackets...held up pretty well but then the dang dishwasher heating element broke after a few years so I had to break the glue bond to the granite. Had to buy new brackets. Smart Choice Granite Countertop Dishwasher Installation Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0052EDYFC/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_X7KD1BD43B5JFNB4ZYGB MDGolfHacker
  12. I don't have any launch monitor numbers but the landing trajectory and spin has made for some great approach shots into the greens. For example, I've taken an 8 iron into a particular par 3 with a pin that's on the down slope of the backside of the green. With the MP-20's, I would have to try and land it into the up slope and pray the ball releases over the hump down the slope to the pin. If I landed on the down slope with the MP-20's, it would definitely end up on the back fringe of the green. With the T200's, it's just aim and shoot. The ball landed on the down slope and maybe rolled out a foot or two, usually pin high. The T200's have given me a greater chance for birdies on that hole much more often than with the MP-20's. In general, I've noticed the T200's on approach shots tend to hold the greens better. MDGolfHacker
  13. I'm more of the WTF kind of moments...alot of those lately...... MDGolfHacker
  14. Alright guys and gals. As promised, I'm going to throw up a few photos to compare the T200's and my previous gamers, the Mizuno MP-20's. As a surprise guest, I also included a blast from the past - My Tommy Armour Silver Scot Blades circa 1995 from my backup, of the backup of my backup setup from Florida As you can see, the rear profile of the Tommy Armour and Mizuno are very clean as both are forged as a single piece. The Titleist is also clean looking but has a different look to it. This is due to the tungsten material incorporated into the head to give more mass to the head itself. Titleist did an awesome job as the head feels very, very solid at impact but not harsh. Tommy Armour(L), Mizuno(M), Titleist(R) - If you saw the T200's by themselves, you would think that it was a bigger head than it is. As you can see, the Tommy Armour looks to be the biggest out of the three with the T200's matching the MP20 in face size overall. Tommy Armour(L), Mizuno(M), Titleist(R) - This is where the T200's shows most of it's size. You can obviously see the longer head profile and thicker sole. It doesn't play that way though. I've been very impressed with the T200's ability to play out of every great and not so great lie (and believe me, I've been on almost every imaginable lie except for the cart path - not going to damage the clubs to test that though ). Titleist(L), Mizuno(M), Tommy Armour(R), - From this head on view you can see the differences with the Mizuno and Tommt Armours. There's definitely more mass behind the T200's. Ok folks, that's all I have for today. If you have any other questions, post them here and I'll answer them along with my other testers. I can definitely say Titleist hit it out of the ballpark this year with their lineup and the T200's are fantastic. I've been very impressed with the performance of the T200's. More thoughts after my next round with them. MDGolfHacker
  15. Rob, Thanks for answering these questions. Which one iron brand have you found that caters the best to higher handicappers? Same for woods. Is there a one stop for all manufacturer? What one piece of advice would you give to a beginner golfer in terms of fitting and equipment? How many iron/fww/driver sets have you "tested" MDGolfHacker
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