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  1. Talk about an up and down round first hole of my golf league I end up in the bunker and couldn't get out to save my life ended up taking a triple bogey on the first hole. The next hole par 3 had a chance for birdie ended up with a par it. Literally three holes cost me a bunch of strokes and ended up with a 43 which I thought put me out of the money. On a good note I holed out a flop shot for a bird which allowed me to win a skin in my golf league so greens fees are paid for next week at least! The game is rounding out nicely and hopefully it will continue when I play in the league championships... MDGolfHacker
  2. Sorry to hear that @silver & black. Thoughts and prayers for you! MDGolfHacker
  3. @RichL85 playing with better players can be a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that you can pick up a lot of tips on how they approach the game and incorporate that into your own game and a curse in that you start comparing yourself in terms of hitting a eight iron for you which might be a pitching wedge or sandwich for them. The key is play your game and think of it not as you against those other players but you against the course. I played with guys that literally hit the ball 20 or 30 yards past me which is fine because that's their game so I sharpened up my approach shots, shots around the green and putting because in the end that's the big equalizer. As others have said course management is key to playing to your strengths and maximizing it on a golf course. I used to be of the mindset the closer to the green the better but I found that if I laid up to about a 100 yard s more times than not I would put the ball a lot closer than I would with a 75 yard approach or using a half wedge into the green. And the best advice I can give you is to enjoy the game. Sometimes we get so focused on trying to get better that we lose the fact that you're out there playing in nature and enjoying the camaraderie that comes with the game. MDGolfHacker
  4. I also went to a 56* wedge too. The 56* is truly a scoring club for me around the greens and approaches now where before it was a club that added strokes... MDGolfHacker
  5. Rick, I had a 52*, 58* wedge setup but the 58* was a low bounce wedge that cost me more strokes than not. Switched it out for a higher bounce loft and haven't looked back. I can understand that switch. MDGolfHacker
  6. Dare I say, since putting in the Mizuno MP-20s in the bag, my wandering eye has well stopped wandering...for irons that is. Looking to replace the top end, driver, fairway woods and hybrid. Currently gaming the F8 in driver, 3w and 5w and a Titleist hybrid. Kicking around the idea of going all Titleist at the top but need to try it first before making the plunge. Heard the Sim2 was pretty awesome too.. MDGolfHacker
  7. What bounce did you get on the 54*? MDGolfHacker
  8. Congrats to the testers selected! MDGolfHacker
  9. Not today but yesterday. I've been focusing on chipping and putting the past few weeks more so than before. It was costing me a heck of a lot of strokes and it needed to be fixed. Was able to save a few shots out there during my 9 hole league yesterday and missed out on three birdie putts that glazed the hole. Overall, I'm happy on the trend up on that side of the game. Of course the driver decided to not play nice...lol MDGolfHacker
  10. <whispers> I'm thinking about replacing all the woods in my bag (F8 driver, 3W and 5w for something younger). If they hear these thoughts though, I'm gonna get punished hard on the course MDGolfHacker
  11. Congratulations on the sobriety! Callaway does have a lot to offer from ball to putters to drivers one of the few companies that can cover it all. MDGolfHacker
  12. What a great opportunity! Good luck to all who are applying! MDGolfHacker
  13. I might do that as I may be playing two or three rounds this week. MDGolfHacker
  14. Okay guys and gals I thought I would give a little update after using the watch for the last two weeks since upgrading it to the latest system version. I've never had a problem with the watch working but since the upgrade, I've had it locked up on me twice. First time, I thought it was because it was pretty hot out. That was the only thing that I could figure maybe cause the watch to overheat?? I had to force a reboot. The second time though was this week and it wasn't that hot. I was in the middle of entering a score when it locked up on me. I'm not sure what caused it but right now I would hold off on doing the upgrade unless you really need the features in the new version. I'll let you know when I play again throughout this week if there any other hiccups. MDGolfHacker
  15. Put it on the buy sell trade section. I don't have a problem with it's size as it's light enough to not be noticable during the swing for me. MDGolfHacker
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