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  1. Wishing all the Mother's out there a happy Mother's Day! MDGolfHacker
  2. Ouch! I've been eyeing some of the 2016 Used Audi's (S8, A8, S6 or the Q7). I'm just not sure with the higher costs associated with German car maintenance Current daily driver is a Mercedes C320 4matic and stuff on it just keeps breaking to the point I'm ready to get rid of it. Previously, I drove a Lexus and it was bullet proof...except when a car pulls out in front of you . A Porsche 911 is my dream car. New though even the base car is right almost 90k MDGolfHacker
  3. I'm envious. I need my haircut bad.. MDGolfHacker
  4. Maryland just opened up as of today...let me rephrase that. The governor has now made it so that outdoor recreational activities are no longer restricted so golfing, boating, fishing etc...are open. Doesn't mean that every course is open today (I heard the Governor didn't let any of the municipalities know that was what he was doing so a lot of places had the deer in the headlight effect). Some are open, some are closed, some say they are open but are really closed...Me...I'm just sitting back watching the fireworks go off as people complain etc...LOL,. MDGolfHacker
  5. My oldest wants to be a pediatric Doctor and wants to go to JMU...I might have to sell organs on the black market to fund these aspirations, lol Sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery! MDGolfHacker
  6. ...just had a similar thought when I was...ahem...in my office looking at the off-brand I had to use. Can't believe I'm saying this but actually miss my Charmin and Costco branded TP...lol... MDGolfHacker
  7. My daughter has been wanting to go to James Madison University since she was 9. I guess it didn't help that we would vacation at the Massenutten Resort during twice a year. So she thinks we should move to the resort and visit her down the road at JMU, LOL. If she's serious about JMU, I'm gonna need to donate organs to a chop shop because that school's out of state rates are $$$$$$$$$ Helped setup my parents for a call with my dad's oncologist. Lots of telemedicine happening and not all of it secure. I always cringe when I hear they medical field is trying to use Zoom Meetings for their stop gap telemedicine conferences... Congratulations!!
  8. I've been asking my wife to just shave it all off but she won't. I have so much hair that I had to go to the next hole up for adjustment strap for my hats...lol Looks like a black snake to me. Had one curled up in my hose bib a few years ago...my hose is also black..almost grabbed the snake...my pants almost had some brown streaks, Weeds have flowers..they are called dandelions...
  9. Some good stuff. If you want to post your files, do it at thingiverse. Great site for 3-D printed models. I pulled the mask extenders down from there and printed a bunch for the first responders and the area doctors. MDGolfHacker
  10. Congratulations guys! Looking forward to your review of this driver! MDGolfHacker
  11. Sure did. I knew I was living on borrowed time . Plumber is coming out tomorrow to replace it. Found out I should be purging the water heater once a year..Never heard of that, lol Balance the bad with the good MDGolfHacker
  12. My condolences to you and your wife's family. MDGolfHacker
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