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  1. @Rickp, That was the initial approach I took the first few weeks. I didn't hit any driver or irons but practiced the heck out of chipping and putting. The first few weeks looked promising as the driver and irons were working great where I didn't get too many penalties off the tee and the approach shots were landing on the green. Putting was a lot better and only some misplaced chips caused me to score poorly. This past week there were no wheels on the wagon to fall off..I done left those wheels at home locked up somewhere, LOL. The range session and the chipping and putting session after the round did wonders to boost my morale and have me looking forward to next week. MDGolfHacker
  2. Beat me to it! Happy Birthday @Golfspy_CG2!! MDGolfHacker
  3. Well, what a trainwreck of a round for my 9 hole golf league. Driver wasn't working, irons weren't working,wedges weren't working and the putter...you guessed it...wasn't working. Needless to say, jumped out of the cart coming back to the club house and spent an hour chipping, putting and hitting the entire bag at the range to work out the issues. Apparently my body forgot some of the basics....We'll see how it goes next week. MDGolfHacker
  4. I tested the Cobra F8 one lengths. It felt strange to hit a one length wedge out of a bunker and more times than not I didn't make it out (I'm a terrible bunker player to begin with but having a longer club to hit I think messed with my mind more so). I've since switched back to standard length wedges (still terrible out of bunkers but only less so, ). Now from the fairway it's wasn't such a big deal hitting a full one length wedge. MDGolfHacker
  5. Not going to say much as I believe a few already said a combo of lessons and from there move to upgrade the equipment if needed and thank you for your service! MDGolfHacker
  6. I wish I had that level of accuracy! MDGolfHacker
  7. Good luck on the knee replacement surgery! MDGolfHacker
  8. Having fun balances out days where you just aren't as good as you want to be. Sometimes we forget it's just a game....a frustrating and exhilarating game at times, but just a game MDGolfHacker
  9. Because you're a club connoisseur...in proper golf speak MDGolfHacker
  10. Played my league round this past Wednesday. Practiced putting throughout the week up to the round...what I should of done is actually hit the driver and irons more as well While the driver didn't go too wonky on me, the irons were just all over the place. Oh, and the putting wasn't sharp either which contributed to a less than stellar round. I will admit, our closing two holes, a par 5 and par 4 I kind of gave up on especially the par 5 which I went for the green in two out of frustration (which I never do since water comes into play) and ended up with a bad lie a little short of the green, contributing to a bogey and the last hole I was 4' away on a left to right breaking putt for par. Burned the left edge of the cup (did that a lot during this round - I should of just aimed at the center of the dang cup!) Oh well, there's always next week! MDGolfHacker
  11. After my last round, I'm in! MDGolfHacker
  12. Interesting. Again, hope they make it right for you. Still, having control issues you would think they want to fix whatever the underlying cause is because it could literally sink consumer demand if a product is flawed. Word is going to get out and nobody will want to buy it. MDGolfHacker
  13. Well, went out yesterday afternoon to a very busy putting/chipping green to practice chipping. Strange day, I would hit 5-6 chip shots well then shank one. Could of been because I was worried about blading one and hitting one of the other 6 guys also chipping but who knows. I'll have to get out again today when the green is hopefully less busy to figure out what went wrong. Also practiced putting and that was off too. MDGolfHacker
  14. @dlow206, Sorry to hear about your troubles with Stewart Q-Follow. Hopefully they will make it right for you. did you contact them and tell them the issues you were having? MDGolfHacker
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