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  1. Now that my daughter is playing high school golf, I've been getting a lot of practice in, LOL. Today it was an hour putting while waiting for her to finish her 9. Her team practiced Wednesday night at the local driving range so I went and hit a bucket of balls. She played in a tourney last Friday and spent an hour chipping and putting...all the while running home and finishing up work, LOL. Swing is feeling good...which is the great news, but with the new job and her golf schedule, no time to play and see if the swing will hold up on the course. At the range I can be a plus handicap...on the course...not so much
  2. What I think my swing is doing versus what it is really doing is an issue so watching a youtube video isn't going to give me feedback, only possible general solutions that I can try (which may end up messing my swing up more than fixing it). A good pro can watch you swing and make those adjustments. Having said that, it's been a long while since I've seen a pro to tune up my swing.
  3. Played the inside 9 at NorthWest Golf course with the family and another family that we'd been trying to get out with. On a par 4 slight dog leg right (the dogleg has a small creek at the dogleg) so you either have to hit a long drive to get over the creek (I don't have that shot) or lay up. The dogleg is also framed by trees with trees coming in on the right side and the fairway after the dogleg slopes up to a slightly elevated green. Well I hit a lay up shot but pulled it slightly and ended up blocked by a few trees on the right. I had two options, to hit a wedge over the creek and be on the left side of the fairway in rough with trees coming into play or hit a low stinger shot between four trees at ~189 yards to the pin. It looked like there was plenty of room to hit the stinger so I took the 4 irons and executed it perfectly. On the green and had a makeable 15' putt that burned the edge of the hole. My buddy couldn't believe that I pulled the shot off, LOL...neither could I ha ha ha...
  4. With the new job, I haven't had much time to practice but while my daughter was playing to qualify for her high school golf team, I spent some quality time at the range and putting surface to iron out issues that I have been having. Felt so much better after that practice session that now I'm looking forward to my next league play, not dreading it as I have been for the last month.
  5. I played in league last Wednesday and walked away disappointed again. My game just isn't as sharp as I want it to be. Week in and week out I'm consistently shooting 41-43 for 9 holes (not terrible but not great either). Problem is, it's just enough of a miss that I'm not moving up in rankings and it's getting frustrating. Went to the range and hopefully worked out the hitch in putting and also in consistency for approach shots. We'll see what this Wednesday brings.
  6. I currently have Titleist T200's and Cleveland RTX wedges (52*/56*) I choose a club mainly on feel and performance with looks following up as a 3rd criteria. I tend not to switch clubs at a drop of a hat as I feel the best way to drop the scores is with me - hitting the clubs more consistent what ever the club may be (limiting OB tee shots, closer approach shots, making make-able putts). As I'm getting older, my specs are changing too so I will most likely change out the driver/fww/hybrid as my swing has slowed a bit and I don't think I'm getting the max out of the stiffer shafted woods. I was fitted for the irons and will also get fitted to the woods when I make the change.
  7. Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing about your experiences with the S70!
  8. Congratulations testers! Looking forward to your reviews!
  9. A bit late, but played in my League Wednesday. Was feeling really good with the swing and putting. Course was a little wet from the rain the previous day but was in fantastic condition. Had a birdie chance on the opening hole, a Par 5. Stuck the approach to 4'. Missed the dang putt. The next hole I hit a pretty solid drive which hit the cart path on the left side of the fairway and for once bounced forward leaving me ~65 yards to the pin. Proceeded to chunk the approach shot . Pin placement was in the back middle on a slope and I didn't come close. Ended up 3 putting and taking a double bogey. Needless to say the putter was just dull enough to miss a few more birdie and par saves the rest of the 9 hole round. A few highlights: - uphill par 3 stuck the approach to 3', actually made the putt, lol (won me a CTP and a skin) -Drive on hole 5 was absolutely crushed so I had that ~65-70 yard pitch shot -recovery chip shots (still had chances to make par) - A downhill putt from ~13' to save bogey which I drained Lowlights: -bulky putter - 65-70 yard pitch shots on wet fairways were not my friend (cost me two+ strokes) -a few wayward approach shots put me in some awkward chip situations The last hole actually cost me from placing. The only bad drive I hit all day and it went OB. Had a low probability shot that I tried and didn't quite pull off. Deep down I knew my chances had faded since I needed to hole out for par. Approach went a bit wider than I wanted and left me a long downhill putt. Best feeling bogey in a while when I drained the 13'! Shot a 41. Maybe a new putter is needed, lol.
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