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  1. Boonie Hat.....Let's start making some noise so they begin making them available to everyone..........
  2. I carry a Ping G400 driver; a G400 17.5 5 wood and the best club in my bag ..... a Ping G400 20.5 7 wood. You will never get the 7 wood out of my bag. Just my adjusting my grip, I have found a club that can be used as a 5 wood all the way down to a 4/5 iron. Get yourself a 7 wood and find out how versatile it is.
  3. Ping---Mizuno--Cleveland--Callaway--Rife
  4. Ping; Callaway; Cleveland; Mizuno, Rife Only 5; not bad
  5. I carry a 5 wood and 7 wood. They work fine............
  6. On iron sets that are off the shelf, the serial number is on the 6 iron and on custom ordered sets, the serial number is on all irons.
  7. Ping.....driver, 5w, 7w Callaway.....9 wood Mizuno.....6-PW Cleveland....50,54,58 wedges Rife.....Putter
  8. Mark Crossfield ......a lot of great info in the article...helpful. Thanks for sharing.
  9. All of these comments/tips are great except that many golf courses don't have short game practice areas where you can use regular golf balls and for sure, you can't go out on the golf course and hit to real greens with regular golf balls. I understand all this and still don't have a way to really practice this shot....
  10. Ping Woods; Mizuno Irons; Cleveland wedges:
  11. I have used Golf Pride for many years on each of my clubs. They are most reasonably priced...wear the best...have a large assortment of product.
  12. A 1995 Chevrolet Camaro......a big hatchback space with the back seat down. It has been perfect for over 25 years!!
  13. I am not so sure everyone would agree that if we are hurting that we should swing as hard as we can!! My back hurt just reading it!!
  14. Still using Pro V1. A great all around golf ball for all handicaps.
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