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  1. Currently gaming ping i230 irons 5-pw. Was fitted for them and working well for me. I have mg4 54 and 58 degree wedges also fitted for. Looking for a 50 degree gap wedge. This will be a full swing club almost 100% of the time for me. The mg4 didn’t seem forgiving enough for me at full swing speed and distance was short so left a big gap between that and pw. Any thoughts on if I should just get an i230 uw or a glide 4.0 50? I’m looking for something to go 120-125 yards with some forgiveness
  2. Most of my golfing life I’ve been a 16-20 hdcp. Last year I was a 17. Decided to put some more time and effort into golf so I got fitted for irons this spring. Went there expecting to get fitted into g425s or jpx hot metal or something game improvementish but was surprised when the i230s ended up being the winner. I had been gaming rocketbladez from 10 years ago so anything would be an upgrade but the i230s have been great for me. I’ve played a ton of golf this summer and a lot of work on the range but I still occasionally use the entire face of the club and I definitely notice my poor strikes don’t end up as terrible a result as I probably deserve. I’m fairly steep with my irons and these don’t dig unless I completely chunk one. I’m confident in the i230s hitting my number when I make a decent swing and rarely hit a flier or fall short. I’m still not as strong in my approach game as my driving and chipping but that’s a me thing not a club issue. Played at a 10-11 hdcp since early summer and will definitely be keeping the i230s in the bag next year
  3. I don’t own a single pair of shoes with laces and hopefully never will again. I love the feel of my foot joys with boa. Better fit with the boa and quicker and easier to put on and take off. I have about 100 rounds on my current pair and about once or twice a round they loosen a tiny bit and I give them one more click but I prefer my shoes to be extremely tight.
  4. I do the exact same thing and I’ve always wondered why. I noticed it for the first time last year and couldn’t get it out of my head and developed the yips. It got so bad I experimented with putting right handed instead of left. This spring I was able to get back to normal and I still drop inside but I’m back to square at impact so I’ve accepted it and won’t be trying to change again
  5. Rapsodo_MLM_Kevin_Best_27080712.mov I think it sounds the same as mine. Could be wrong but to my ear it’s similar
  6. Thanks @Alfred DuPuy I will look into those and hopefully find a winner. I definitely think I’d prefer a pistol grip. Glad to know they worked for you
  7. I got the putting yips last year and switched to claw putting this year and have been much better but I don’t love how my superstroke 3.0 grip feels now that I’ve switched from putting normally. I’ve seen some grips advertised as being made for the claw but was curious if anyone has tried them and if they’re worth trying. Or any other grips that you think I should consider
  8. I had an odyssey mallet the last two years and midway through last summer I got the putting yips worse than I’ve ever seen anyone have. Obviously not the putter’s fault but mentally I wanted to reset with something completely different so I got the sub 70 007 and from the first round this year I’m putting better than I have in my 20 years of golfing. I don’t see me taking that out of the bag anytime soon
  9. I have the 949x 6H and I love it. Easy to get the ball in the air and good ball speed/distance and forgiving enough on Mishits. I really like that it comes with 3 different weights that are easily swapped out. Originally I was hitting it longer than expected and my gapping was a mess so I put the heavy weight in and I’m hitting it higher and around the 190yard number I want
  10. I got a couple red rooster gloves this spring and they are definitely my go to glove now. Fit well feel great and seem to be holding up well even playing 5 rounds a week
  11. 1. I’ve been playing for about 20 years but have gotten more into it and more serious the last 5 years. I’m currently a 15 handicap but I broke 80 for the first time already this year in the 3rd round of the spring and am hoping to get down to a 10 handicap this summer 2. I love that golf is the most frustrating and enjoyable activity often times during the same round. 3. I happened upon MGS randomly through a google search about a year ago and have been a devoted follower ever since 4. I’m from Wisconsin and my home course is little River cc 5. Best part of golf in this area is its affordable and tee times are easy to come by. The worst part is the season is short and there are plenty of 50 degree mornings on the course 6 I work at a pulp mill 7. Because laces are clearly for suckers
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