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  1. I dont know if #1 is giving me hope or is sending me into a deeper depression.
  2. Immediately better distance, dispersion, and turf interaction. Much more enjoyable to practice and play.
  3. sometimes really bad gouges can be hammered out a bit.
  4. The best spot to hit on the driver isnt exactly in the middle of the clubface.
  5. Whys that? Now it is small batch? The trick has always been making the same looking shaft but have the real one marked in some fashion. Maybe it has a logo in a certain spot ala handcrafted or velocore, or it has a pattern run wider or further up the shaft. always tricks to fool the uniformed consumer.
  6. Fowler no doubt. He has already carried a company on his back and has shown he can move clubs and apparel, even balls now. If Koepka brought some personality he could be huge for a company. Finau is another guy that with a few majors could be really attractive for marketing.
  7. Alot of companies are doing this right now. Look at the success of the SIM and the cough.cough Ventus wink, wink. Some manufactures still get it right. Look at the 785 driver, which is an absolute beast by the way, with a handcrafted hzrdus black. You see alot of those hzrdus shafts as stock offerings, but not many OEMs offering the handcrafted version.
  8. Well, continuing to hear nothing but good things about sub 70. Really important to have service like this. I'm really happy with my current iron set but am looking for a fun backup set to play and to have ready for guests. I have alot of friends and family out of town. Anyway, always been attracted to the smaller companies, yet that still make high level products. That has been Srixon / Bridgestone type companies in the past. But with this next set I am definitely looking at somebody smaller like sub 70, new level, maltby. I'm sure I am not the only one, so getting the good word out is great for the companies. And companies, keep the word good like Sub 70 is currently doing.
  9. Awesome! I'm a total putter-liner-upper. So I am all over this one. Location and HC: Gilbert, AZ and HC: 7-8 Current line method: Use the manufacturer line since I've learned I can't draw good with a sharpie. Ball choice and personalization: Srixon Z Star XV. "Good. Good."
  10. Just cleaned my bag out so it is not too bad right now. 6-8 balls, 20 tees or so, 1 divot tool, 2 extra ball markers, 1 rangefinder, 1 glove, 1 pencil, sun screen, bug spray.
  11. Yes. I don't get along too well with most Callaway heads. Too light for me. Just hit the longest drive of my life with my 410+ last weekend. Drove the green on a 349 yar par 4. My apologies to the foursome that was still putting, but I was not expecting that. Usually a big hit from me is 280 and I've seen a couple 300 yarders, but this a solid 330 on the front of the green by a few yards. Granted, there was a ton of roll out on dry fairways here in Phoenix, but still. I am impressed. Staying in the bag for a while for sure.
  12. man. that would be interesting on the UDI. would certainly look different. I have no idea what the thermal properties of speed foam are, but if you torched the club I'm willing to bet it melts or at least shrinks, and when it cools its probably does not refill the cavity in the exact same way. Not sure if that matters though. Does this magic foam really do something or just dampen sound and feel?
  13. Wow. Thanks for the write up and honest review. Lot of details here. First, I agree with you that communication is key. And you shouldn't have to hunt someone down or go about all methods of communication. Sounds like emails worked just fine when you were ordering, so no excuse not to answer them later. Glad IG messages worked, but that wouldn't work that well for me. For that price, I am expecting responses to emails. Even if they are just, "view my IG for progress pics." Second, the condition the putter shipped in is inexcusable. Don't care who put it together, before it goes in the box it needs to meet certain criteria, especially if you are putting your name on the putter and company. That grip is ruined. And you shouldnt be the one polishing the head and shaft. I'm expecting better quality control from a one off custom anything. Of course, blemishes will happen with practice and gaming the putter, but you should earn those war wounds. Finally, I will say the actual putter head looks great. The milling and stamping look really nice. The welding looks great. Some of the paint fill is an A+, other spots are a B+, but all in all is a great looking putter. If you had just showed the finished, cleaned, regripped putter without the backstory we would all drooling over it. Well done. I like your Hideki idea, and it did come to life. It's one of a kind, it's you, it's a story to tell.
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