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  1. First Name and Location: Kevin in Gilbert, AZ How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? There is no winter in AZ so I'm on the course putting greens Current/Past Experience with putting mats. Pretty terrible. I've owned several. I still have one at the office, but honestly putting a coffee mug sideways on my carpet in the living room is better. Can highly related to the 'competitor's product' image with the lumps and bumps in it. So frustrating. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test. Medium 10-11 Stimp.
  2. Depends on what your are using. Alot of GPS is to center of the green and can easily be off my 10 yards. Does your rangefinder have a slope feature as well? That's going to change the actual yardage as well versus GPS. And of course some courses could just be mapped incorrectly.
  3. Broke 100 after 5 or so rounds. Within several months. But had spent some time at the range, and played some par 3 courses. Broke 90 after 9 months or so. Broke 80 after 2 years. Looking for 70 now.
  4. Really falling more in love with the 410+ everyday, but how can you resist the 425. Going to have to try it at least.
  5. scooterhd2

    PING G425

    I don't know why, but I just get along with Ping drivers. Ping K15 was one of my favorite drivers of all time. The 400 max was incredible. I am gaming the 410 now and love it. I'm not sure what the 425 can improve on. Just don't take a step back.
  6. I struggle to shape shot with GI clubs. I can play a GI long iron, but when you want to attack pins, it is brutal. Very difficult to control side spin. The other one that is a nightmare is the low draw around the corner. Maybe under some trees, when you get in the left rough off the tee on a dogleg left. As a fader, that is already an exaggerated shot for me. Have to start it way right, keep it low and snap it. With the GI it doesnt stay line, and often stays straight putting me back in the trees on the right side now. no thanks.
  7. Were you already trending downward? I also dropped my handicap during the testing period, but it has been dropping consistently over the past year. I'm trying to figure out the impossible, to know how much if any is due to the alignment aid, or maybe just my increased putting practice. Even though my on course stats, show 0 gains in putting. But I am definitely driving the ball better.
  8. Played another round today. Put 72 holes now on one ball and it is starting to show some wear. Will add to the review, but usually will pull a ball before that because of some scuffs that might affect the flight or roll. 34 putts today, so just cant seem to shake that number. But hit 10/14 fairways as I am really liking the alignment aid off the tee. Thinking that might stick with me in the future more than anything.
  9. Working on some final data analysis against Triple Track. No matter what the numbers show, one thing that is obviously great is that AlignXL can go on just about any ball. Really struggling with distance control with the Chrome Soft. Not my preferred ball at all. If I had one complaint about my EVNROLL putter that I absolutely love, its that it doesnt have the best feel in the world. It's dull and muted and when you hit a marshmellow like the Chrome Soft you hardly feel a thing. Hard hint that lag putting is much better with my Srixon XV and AlignXL. But the numbers from 6 feet could tell a different story.
  10. At the practice green yesterday and going through my normal routine that I outlined earlier. I also frequently play a game where I hit two putts from 15 feet. A make is worth -1 and a 2 putt is worth 0. Then I hit two putts from 6 feet, where a make is worth 0 and a 2 putt is +1. I plays 9 holes and try to be under par, and with the Align I was having one of my best practice sessions yet. 18/18 on 6 footers. 6/18 from 15 feet. 0 3 putts. 6 under par in my game where 1 under is a good score for me. However, I am not seeing a great roll on the ball. I'll revisit this with some video. At first I thought my putting stroke just wasn't that great, because I know that's an area I need to continue to work on, but yesterday I was making everything. I don't know how well this comes across in photos, but the alignment aid by itself looks great. I have had 0 issues with it on the course or in practice.Early testing numbers are favorable. When you mark you line well, there is confidence standing over the putt. But as you can see in the bottom photos, the AlignXL does not exactly line up with the manufacture markings. Which naturally means one of them is not completely centered. I don't know how much that matters exactly, but when you roll the ball it looks wobbly. And I'm thinking now its more the differing markings than my actual poor putting. Any others testers notice this? Could just be the Srixon ball. Either the markings on it already, or the way its printed on it. The other 11 are the same as well.
  11. Nope, when I had the chance to place the ball, either on the green or teebox, my placement was with the line on top which kinda of unintentionally safeguards the line. For other shots, I just played the ball as it lies just like any other round of golf. If I notice any abnormalities, than I may try a test more like you are doing, but so far the durability has been solid. We'll see what happens when I hit a tree or cart path.
  12. Got out Saturday to the local course - Trilogy Golf Club at Power Ranch. Played in the afternoon when it was scorching, but I a nice breeze kept it enjoyable. First time putting the AlignXL in play, after several practice sessions, so I was excited. I don't normally worry about placement of the ball when I tee up, but I found the AlignXL to be "potentially" distracting. What I mean is, when it's placed randomly on the tee at some point the line will be visible and be pointing in the wrong direction. When there is trouble to the left or right, I find my OCD wont let me swing when the ball is pointed that way, so I need to move it. I'm not sure if that means I need to aim it where I want it, or just place it underneath the ball or more around the equator where the visual doesn't mean anything, but there is some sorting out to be done. Could be a positive as when the line is set up correctly it's a good reference for setup. This is number 10 where my line was right over the right bunker. I made sure the AlignXL matched my target and hit a beautiful drive. Not my best putting round. Shot 78, with 34 putts. 0 birdies despite hitting 10 GIR. Was automatic from 5-6 feet, but besides one 10 footer to save par on #6, I didn't make anything memorable. That's putting though. Most of my misses were more speed related than line related if that is possible. Here's a downhill birdie putt that I felt I had a pretty good read and was lined up, but left 2 feet short. Definitely more testing to be done. Will start collecting data soon, along with some comparisons to other alignment aids. No early durability concerns, Used the same ball for 18 holes, 78 shots. 2 bunker shots. 2 hardpan/desert shots. I generally find the Srixon Z star XV to be very durable, and even more so in yellow, and the AlignXL is holding up very well. Maybe a slight scuff on the text but overall not noticing a difference from the manufacture text.
  13. Definitely look forward to the reviews on this one. Been looking hard at Sub70 and NL for the next iron set. Handicap and Location. 7HDCP Gilbert, Arizona Current Irons and 8-iron distance: Srixon 785. 8 iron is 153 yards. What do you know about Sub70? DTC company that has really been making alot of noise lately on the golf forums I follow. Lots of praise for the product and service. Been to the website many times to check them out and look at specs. They certainly make some great looking clubs. I know there is also some sort of affiliation with Hurricane Golf which I have used many times over and always been satisfied with.
  14. Shipment arrived last night! I have been practicing putting 2 or 3 times a week during my lunch break and tried to get out today, but they just sanded and punched the greens. Just my luck! Anyway, took the opportunity to take a few photos. First thoughts are that the alignment aid looks great. I love the 180 degree look, and the text is very well done. Very minor imperfections that are no where near noticeable from even a foot away. After worked I stopped my my home course where the greens are in decent shape. Got a really good practice session in. I normally use the manufacture alignment aid, and I can already tell the AlignXL is so much easier to set up with. Seems to mirror the alignment aid on my putter. And when standing over it trying to place your aim point, it is so much easier to get a sense of where it is actually aimed and how you need to adjust it. Remains to be seen if that ends up increasing accuracy and made putts, but right now it is confidence inspiring.
  15. Nice that they are coming in! Looks good! Got 2 Fedex packages on Monday but no golf balls. Nothing on the ring cam this morning either. Hopefully there is something waiting for me tonight!
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