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  1. The easiest way to make the head lighter is to remove the adapter weight.... And when you move that weight around to not exceed CT on the sweet spot, but widen the sweet spot, you are increasing MOI.
  2. There are manufacture tolerances when building clubs. 1 degree off is not uncommon. Imagine buying a perfectly 4 degree gapped set, only to find that your 6 iron is +1 and your 7 iron is minus 1 degree. Now you have a 2 degree gap. And probably not a decent 10-15 yardage gap. Thus, yes. Ideally your irons would be appropriately gapped based on distances.
  3. Do they pay the fitter? Never head of not being able to have your specs. That's the main point of being fit. The clubs are secondary.
  4. I have to double post here. I am jazzed about these irons. Maybe an excuse to go the TPI and get a real fit? Wife would kill be but its on the bucket list.
  5. Yeah, haven't been playing that long and just been unlucky I guess. I had 2 eagles in scrambles where I hit the drive, approach, and putt, but I just don't count those because of the format. Anyway, now the hunt focuses on the first hole in one.
  6. Shot a 75. My first eagle ever. Only hit 1/13 fairways but the course is pretty open. Only had to really scramble twice and took bogey both times. Otherwise 9/18 GIR.
  7. Thats exactly my situation. I've only played the course twice because it is not great, but the putting green and chipping areas are above average. And theres a range. I've got an hour lunch, so easy to get a 45 minute session in.
  8. The Pros and Cons are simple like you stated. More control, less ball speed. On a quality hit, you will lose height and distance. But if the gained control brings your smash factor up and helps close the gap on ball speeds then it might not be an issue. Could be a good straight low bullet club off the tee. Look at the dataset from the 2019 most wanted utility. Cobra One Length. Extreme example, but one of the lowest launchest, one of the lowest ball speed, one of the lowest apexes, but one of the best shot areas. https://mygolfspy.com/2019-most-wanted-utility-iron/
  9. I was going 5 times a week for the last 2 years. But recently started working out at the gym at work. So I have been hitting that at lunch and only golfing one time a week. Eventually I hope to balance them out more but I have some major lbs to lose first. Plus I'm hoping the weight lifting will help out the golf game some.
  10. Would be pissed. Especially on a putter. Looks like the manager at least did the right thing even if they didnt exhibit any good customer service along the way. Live and learn. Probably time to find a different golf shop.
  11. sounds like the "Twistys"? I usually just shorten the swing. I'll even play that way if I have to. Think punch shots. Very body connected. Less hands. My version of Tommy Fleetwood.
  12. I've got 3 girls now. I'm lucky to work right next to a golf course so I can get my practice is during lunch breaks. As far as playing, I try to either go super early in the morning or bring my oldest out with me. Not always to pull off. I certainly do not play anywhere near as much as I'd like to, but such is life. Got to have priorities.
  13. Heard there were a few from the college days. Shouldnt be difficult to source.
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