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  1. Its a fine balance. Alot of people fail with lessons because the new move or positions feel weird, the ball flight is not ideal, the contact is not consistent, and so they go back to their comfortable old swing. How many people have been a 18-14 handicap for 12 years? Swinging your swing isnt working. Sometimes you need to put in the time and work without worrying about ball flight, and slowly build your swing building good habits. I would think if you had dropped 10 strokes in 15 lessons with the same instructor that you would have some confidence to continue with their methods.
  2. One of the big takeaways from these 'behind the scenes' looks, whether it be these Taylormade series or social media, is just how uber skilled these players are. Whether for fun to break up the monotony of focused practice, or to hone skills, these guys can do all sorts of things that they would never try on a golf course. On one hand, whats the point or working on it if you are not going to take it to the course? But on the other hand, if you can execute shots that are even more difficult than what you are likely to see, that has to give you confidence out there. Not much different than Steph Currys pre game warm up. Yeah, he wont be shooting from 20 feet out of bounds once the whistle blows, but if you can make it from a terrible angle over the backboard from the entrance to the locker room, how easy is the baseline 3 going to look?
  3. Nice score. I've seen the stand bag, but that staff bag before. Did not know such a thing existed. GLWS.
  4. Typically the driving iron is shorter and more controlled. If you are finding a hybrid easier to hit with a smaller miss, then your work is done. Hybrid all the way.
  5. What was the original damage? If it was just the head, cant you just swap the old shaft onto the new head?
  6. @azstu324 The guy sort of asked in a way, so totally not out of line. The real question is what course were you on? Springfield?
  7. Frank Stranahan if we could go old school. Otherwise Graham Deleat sort of has the look and he has a hockey background so has to have been in a few fights. Obligatory Bryson mention. Surprised it took this long. Yes he gives off rich, never been in a fight, frat boy vibes, but I'm sure he has highest best bench and curl on the tour and that has to be worth something.
  8. The golfer is a unique spot as he is both coach and player. If you separate the two mindsets, there really is no tension with playing smart and confident. Thats inherently how a coach and player work. Imagine a football team driving the ball in opponents territory with only a few minutes on the clock and down 1 point. The modern coaching staff is familiar with analytics. At some point they are close enough that going for a field goal has less risk than trying to drive in for a touchdown, so the coach makes the decision to run down the clock, set up the correct hash, and bring in the kicker. The coach is playing smart. The kicker did not choose this game plan. The decision has been made for him, he just needs to execute. There is no room to question why we didnt keep passing it. There's nothing beneficial coming from remembering the last missed kick. Its purely time to execute and thus you want the kicker to be completely confident over this kick. There's no debate that you want the kicker feeling like he is going to win the game. That he is going to split the uprights with ease and walk off a hero. No nerves, no negativity. Not tentative. Aggressive. Drill it. The kicker is playing aggressive to hit his target to win the game. These are too different mindsets. 1 - choosing the absolute best plan. 2 - executing the plan presented. Too often the golfer is the QB is this analogy, either thinking that he is going to pay no attention to the directions from the coach in his headset and throw a touchdown himself because he is feeling it, or the QB sitting on the sidelines with a towel over his head doubting that the kicker is going to do his job. How do you bring this to the course? We all have or own ways, but my best golf usually comes from talking out loud to myself. Like I am the caddy convincing the player of the shot. Like I am two people. Decision maker and executer. Once the shot has been established, you start your preshot routine and its a full go from there. Like the kicker taking his steps into position. Complete confidence in getting the ball to the target.
  9. Are you seeing these shots from the fairway or from the rough?
  10. Feeling like my game is really close. Had some recent rounds scoring 75 and 73, but followed up with an 82. The sole issue being the swing just didnt feel right. Still trying to add more rotation and getting more athletic, but I need to hone in that feel and get more consistent with it. More and more practice. I suppose the goal being to own my swing, and on the course to not shoot over 80.
  11. Not really. Its certainly possible that you find a modern hybrid that fits your game better at generates better turf interaction or launch conditions. Some of the Nike hybrids had more weight forward which reduces spin and can increase distance for someone with club head speed. But you might need a deeper COG to elevate the ball. Depends on your swing. But in terms of tech, theres not a huge difference. Some of the Adams models are still the best hybrids out there. I think Callaway's best hybrid is the 2016 Apex. I like the 818 Titleist offerings just as much as the t series. Despite trying to replace it with newer offerings, I'm still gaming a Cobra F7 from 2016.
  12. That is generally true, but there are lighter weight jumbo grips. JumboMax UltraLites are 35-50 grams depending on size, which is lighter or on par with a standard grip.
  13. Number 10 at Las Colinas in AZ. Long Par 4. I usually try to drive this at the trees on the right, but I hit a weak push that never got much elevation and run out a bit into the left rough. Really unfortunate because the hole plays long and there a ridge at about 250-260 where if your ball goes over it will run down the hill some. Not uncommon for me to hit 280-290 drives here. You want to be close for a controlled approach because this green has an elevated upper tier, and if you are on it putting down the hill there is no way to stop your ball. Its 3 putt city. Of course the pin is front center, so I'm trying to underclub a hair to not go long, and I just absolutely flush an 8 iron. Its right at the pin. I mean right at it like it going to land in the hole. Lands on the green and takes a couple of bounces. Flier. No good. The ball keeps rolling to the peak of the tier. Im yelling at it, no no no no no no!! The other people in my group are so confused because I just drilled this shot to 15 feet. But I've had that nightmare putt before and didnt want it again. Your ball is going to run 8 feet past down the hill unless you hit it the cup. The ball stops for a few seconds. I'm using a bright @Yellow Ball so everyone can see it sitting there on the peak, and then it moves. Wait, did it? Am I dehydrated? Drunk? I thought it wiggled. And then again. WTF. And then for sure its rolling back in slow motion. We all start screaming. Come back! Back! Yes! Go go go go go go!. It picks up some steam and rolls right by the hole and luckily stop about 3 feet short of it. Tap in bird. But the excitement from the group was the fun part.
  14. Feel like broke 75 or even 72 would be a worthwhile badge. Afraid I'm never going to break 70.
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