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  1. Ive made several purchases. The last round was 2 putters in good condition and they both had new stickers all over them. Looked shop worn new at worst. Been very pleased with them.
  2. That's true when are talking about playing. I'm talking about fitting strategy. I could easily add 8-10 yards to my driver by lofting down and using a low spin head. At 2k spin I am hitting the longest shots of my live. I've done it on a sim. Done it on the course. The problem is it's too easy to mishit for me and get a sub 1.6k ball that drop outs of the air or dives down and left and runs out of play. Can't have that. So I will gladly trade a few yards for something that is in play. I won't trade even more yards for something that is marginally straighter.
  3. I agree that longer in the rough is better, but longer OB is not. I'm all about forgiveness. I game a G400 Max at 44.5 length. Average drive is 270-280. I'm not swinging for fairways, but swinging to keep the ball in play. Its important to know you average distance as well. If 220 is a good strike and 210 is bad but you hit 7/10 good, your average is 217. If 230 is good and 210 is bad but you hit 3/10 good, your average is 216. In that case the forgiving driver is longer and is putting you in better spots more often.
  4. No worries. Very minor but prevalent. Mine looks good for the time being though
  5. Lets see. I have 3 drivers. 3 different woods lofted 14-17. 4 hybrids lofted 17-22. 3 sets of irons. 3 sets of wedges. 4 putters. 3 bags. And I've got a beautiful set of J15CBs, AMT Whites, BB&F ferrules, Iomic grips that I need to build. But what really irks the wife is the 20 long, skinny cardboard boxes in the corner of the garage.
  6. This is the hardest spot in the bag to fill and is the most prone to rotation. There will never be consensus here. Completely depends on the conditions you are playing in, your swing, especially in terms of speed and attack angle, and the ball flight you prefer to see. Often home course is a consideration as some courses you maybe hitting 200 yards into several greens on long par 3s or shortish par 5s where height and spin are needed. And other courses, 200 yards might be a tee shot on tight par 4s, or as a safe advancement club on a long par 5. Just so many different needs here. For myself, I've opted to generally play a hybrid as my 210 club. Warm air, little wind, and hard, dry greens in Arizona lends well to height and spin. I've experimented with 7 wood as well, but the hybrid is just more versatile from a variety of lies. Fair amount of desert shots, hardpan, dry fairway bunkers out here. I tend to be more consistent with the shorter shaft as well, so my misses are less severe. I do keep a utility iron in the backup bag though, and am actually testing several more for a Scotland trip. In the past I've been killed at Spanish Bay and Pacific Dunes on windy days when I realized my game, my ball, my clubs are not conditioned well for it. I'll be better prepared this time.
  7. Possible commotio cordis from the impact.
  8. This is the real problem with strong lofts. Personally I don't care if your 7 iron is 28 degrees or 33 degrees. But in order to achieve 28, it means your wedge gapping is likely too large. PW to AW in the stealths is 6 degrees. 9 iron to PW is again 6 degrees. That's not helping most people in the scoring clubs. And theres an even bigger problem on the other end of the bag. OP has speed, but most mid and high cappers these clubs are targeting don't have the speed to launch a 21 degree 5 iron. Even a 24 degree 6 is questionable. If you end up replacing these with hybrids you payed alot of money for a mini iron set. If you keep them you have clubs with limited gapping. Or you've committed yourself to buying new hybrids and 5 woods to try to fit in.
  9. Yeah. Brysons contract with Bridgestone is over. I'm sure he is heavily involved in the development of this ball.
  10. Very cool to set this all up. I've got my money and vacation time in a Scotland trip at the end of may and beginning of june otherwise I would be all over this. Maybe a west coast swing next year?
  11. Can we get a colon and a space after the Location? Should match the Instagram and Handicap lines. Seems like it could be an easy fix.
  12. I wish I had the answer for you. 44s are clearly not made by people that wear 44s. A little more crotch seam and a little less ankle cuff. Cant be that hard to figure out.
  13. Just dropping off a positive review for Jason at Sub70. I had email some questions about a very specific driving iron build that I had in mind, and he called me back same day on the cell phone. Talked to me for 20 minutes, answered every question I had, and ultimately had me going in a different direction as they couldnt achieve the specs I was going for. He pretty much knew that when he called, but wanted to take the time to explain everything. I appreciate that honesty and service. I was trying to give him some business, but I'll be back.
  14. Got a Scotland trip booked up for next year and am looking at add a utility iron to the bag as a secondary tee club. Testing has begun with the Ping G425 crossover, Cleveland UHX, and Tour Edge EXS TI, but I'll add a few other I'm sure.
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