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  1. Hello, Live in Manhattan and play 1-2x a week but really want to join a mens league not only for some competition, but also to meet some new people. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey Guys. So I’ve been dying to play Yale for quite some time so just the other day, I went and applied for approval/access to their online tee time booking website. Just two days later, I got an email from the GM of athletics granting me approval. I almost fell over as I applied thinking I might have at best, a 1/100 shot but it’s legit and my account is registered. That said, last thing I want to do is invite a coworker or even my boss for that matter, show up and their be an issue in not getting on. I’ve read everything on their website and I can’t find anything, but all I’ve heard by word of mouth is that it’s extremely difficult to get off on as it’s private and extremely exclusive. I live in Manhattan so while I don’t mind the 1hr 1/2 drive, would suck if I invited someone for a business outing and then get carried out the club house before I could even see the first tee box. Anyone played it and can help maybe put my mind at ease? Would rather not risk, calling the head pro directly only to have him revoke my access. thanks
  3. Bag What's in my PING L8 Navy Stand bag? Driver: TM SIM Max 10.5 (Seamus Grey Plaid Headcover) 3WD: TM M6 (Dormie Workshop Ninja Headcover) 2I - TM UDI 3-PW - TM M4 Irons GW - TM Hi-Toe Custom Black Finish (50) SW - TM Hi-Toe Custom Black Finish (54) LW - TM Hi-Toe Custom Black Finish (58) Putter - Scotty Cameron Del Mar Special Select Balls - ProV1 Glove - FJ Pure Touch
  4. Great pointers and really appreciate your perspective. Def gonna use some of your tactics.
  5. Hey all! Brock Davison here from NYC. Born and raised SoCal but moved out East 12 years ago for work. How long have you been playing golf? Caught the bug at the early age of 9 but really started focusing on my game about 7-8 years ago (38). Currently sit with a 8.1 handicap. What do you love about golf? I mean, just pretty much everything about it. Allows me to keep my sanity from the everyday. Very rare to find something you enjoy doing in life so often and for as long all while growing more in love with it as time goes by. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Been on this blog for a couple years now just don’t think I ever introduced myself. Hands down one of if not thee best blogs out there as the dedication you guys put into making the best content out there, is second to none Where are you from? What is your home course? Live in NYC with my home track being Ferry Point but grew up in SoCal where I was a member at PGA West for the majority of my young adult life. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Love the selection and variety of courses all within an hours drive. Wish there were more golf leagues and club memberships tailored towards young adults. Everything is either public or super private. What do you do for a living? Sell digital audio advertising for the company who’s logo is represented by a little green dot. How’d you pick your user name? First middle last Look forward to sharing my personal knowledge and opinions while soaking up your expertise as well.
  6. So I’m the guy who plans each trip out from the minute we land to the minute we leave. Don’t mind it though as the golf + travel aspect of this obsession is what gave me the bug in the first place. Plus, most educated and never half assed. Any who, I’ve never been one to book through golf traveling websites as I find their quotes A) outrageous and B) we typically rent a house close by vs staying on property. Staying at or on the property are saved for those we deem bucket list worthy. So my question is, when taking all aspects (most responsive, cost efficient, quality of service, ease of execution, etc..) what’s your “go-to” travel website(s) that you find yourself using most when planning your groups next trip and why? Appreciate your response in advance..
  7. Maybe a little too outside your radius, but you should def check out Orange County National (Panther Lake & Crooked Cat https://www.ocngolf.com/) Totally different than your typical Florida Golf track (which I love), but they pride themselves on pristine conditions and it shows. Practice facilities are unreal and super accommodating staff. Another one in the Orlando area you should def check out is The Celebration Club. Very Charleston SC vide with a ton of charm.
  8. Hey All, Looking to re-shaft my M6 3W and a buddy offered to give me his Callaway hybrid with an Oban Revenge 65 shaft in it. I’m not big on hybrids but I absolutely love the shaft on it. Curious to know the pros and cons in putting a hybrid shaft on a 3W and if anyone has tried it? Advice and/or suggestions appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Play “Banker” - easily best golf gambling created.. https://thefriedegg.com/banker-golf-betting-game/ Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Looking for this bag in white or black. Preferably new but used in good condition would be ok. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Just got back from our Arcadia Bluffs / Forest Dunes trip and thought I’d share this quick video I made as its was truly 1st class from start to finish starting with such great hospitality and pure beauty. Hope you enjoy https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h_oT_ie29UIvqYLNARn1gSiGynVCzIVG/view?usp=drive_web&usp=embed_facebook&usp=embed_facebook Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Haven’t road tripped it from your whereabouts but I’ve played quite a few in SC. The Ocean course is of course just special, but the one i enjoyed the most (and that’s from looking at all aspects) still stands with Heritage Golf Club. And again, I’ve played quite a few times in SC and like to think I have a very good sense and taste as to what separates raw beauty and experience from your other top notch courses. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. PM is for sure my go too but couple others that are not far behind. Stitch Golf Dunning (hands down best golf shorts) Strait Down Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Currently and have been loaded with the EvenFlow Hzrd Black on my M6 driver for the past two years and absolutely love it.. I haven't experienced that much of a variety in Driver shafts over my years as I was always comfortable with the stock ones that came with them, however the performance is and was noticeable the minute i got fitted and took it to the course.
  15. Appreciate the detail and thought put into your response.. Bottom line is that I just need to educate myself more on shafts.. Right now I choke down on my 4 and 5 pretty much every single shot. A buddy of mine just got fitted for his irons, which I would normally just do but given the current climate we are in, its just not possible. Any who, I loved the short length he had on his longer clubs. Felt I had way more control of my shot like I do on my 7-9. I wouldn't make my 4 & 5 any shorter than my 6 as I would keep them at length or longer than any other iron in my bag. Really just want 1/2-1 inch knocked off. I also have read a lot on these particular Nippon shafts and the feedback appears to be tremendous in turns of feel, control, and accuracy. Right now it's just the stock KBS max 85 R which just like anything stock, don't really offer that much up. Could also just say screw and buy a new set of irons but I love my M4's and have kept them in great condition so don't feel the need to part ways yet. Brock
  16. Hey Guys, Bout ready to swap in a new set of shafts on my TM M4's and was going to install them myself however had a couple of questions hopefully some of you can help answer before I get to work.. Shafts I'd be installing are the Nippon N.S. Prod Modus 3 Tour 120 .370 Tip Iron Shafts. 1. Want to shorten the length of both my 4 and 5 iron's to what currently is the stand length on my 8 however is it better to buy the longer 4&5 iron shaft and trim it or can I simply put an 8 iron shaft on my 4 and 5? 2. When installing the new shafts, is there anything I need to make sure of when installing them in terms of the spine and alignment of the shaft? PUREing each individual iron gets quite pricey but I may bite the bullet unless I can avoid it.. Any suggestions and/or tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. I basically flip them when I want a new one so the most I'm ever holding is two bags at once.. Given the condition of the bag being fairly new when being sold, I don't take to much of a ding in terms of $.. - Sincerely The Bag Ho
  18. Sup my fellow Spy's, Ok, so I think I have a problem in that I can't hold on to a golf bag for longer than 2-3 months without wanting to buy a new one. I intertwined 7 bags last season as I don't know what it is, but I love changing it up. I'm getting the itch again and while I won't part ways with the one I have at the moment (Taylormade Litetech 3.0 Navy and Blood Orange), I'm curious to know if there are others out there like me or am I out on this island by myself? What should my new shoulder candy be? Have always been a PING guy at heart, but the color coordination these past two Hoofer seasons have been god awful. Great bags, but Green/Grey? Really? Here's a list of my bags from last season in order from Favorite to Never Even Saw the course.. 1. Ping LTD Mascot Stand Bag (White/black trim) - Should have never let you go... 2. Taylormade Litetech 3.0 (Navy/Orange) - Current bag and loving it for now :0 3. Ping LTD Mascot Stand Bag (Black/White Trim) - Stunning 4. Ping Hoofer 2019 Camo - Loved but Camo got old quick. 5. Titleist Players 4 Dry Stand Bag (White/Black/Red) - Great bag but Titleist Bag material just doesn't hold up well IMO 6. Taylormade 2019 Flextech Golf Stand Bag (Blood Orange/Navy) - Just wasn't a fan and I still can't put my finger on it. 7. Callaway HyperLite Zero (Red/White) - Started distancing myself from Callaway clubs couple years ago and this was the last bag I will own from them. My next one may surprise you as even I can't believe I may pull the trigger on the new Bridgestone Lightweight Stand Bag in all white and red! Thing is gorgeous. Thanks for listening guys and maybe there's another bag freak out there like me.. Later
  19. Simple. I just love new irons. Nothing better than looking down at a new iron in my hand. Surprisingly it helps me more mentally than with actual forgiveness. Nobody works on their mental game anymore yet it reflects 80% of your golf score.
  20. Pound ridge is in CT but only like 45 min drive from queens. For sure play. Harbor Links is closer but their fun plays and worth it.
  21. Love PINGs but TM M4’s are still my go too...
  22. Can’t go wrong with both the black and the red. I actually fancy the red over the black and that’s just from a pure beauty stand point. Montauk Downs is a great course and if you can make it up north just a bit, Pete Dye’s Pound Ridge is beautiful and for sure challenging. Also check out the championship course at Harbor Links.
  23. Thanks guys! The Bluffs has been a bucket list of mine for awhile but the more I read and hear, Forrest Dunes and The Loop is actually what I’m excited more for now. Don’t get me wrong excited for both and very curious how The South turns out. If you guys haven’t, Erik Anders just did an interview with Doak on his podcast in which he discusses how the The Loop cane about and his vision behind it. Def worth the listen (see below). Thanks gents https://open.spotify.com/episode/5divfj5FxHsup2pJF93jYr?si=4vW4qiMZTvaixokm8UfEsg
  24. Set to go in May and right now playing the Bluffs & South Course, then heading over to play Forrest Dunes and The Loop. Was torn on a number of places in Michigan so was curious if there are any recommendations you'd choose over either of these..
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